Teratozoospermia - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Man's Health

Teratozoospermia - is a form of male infertility, which is the direct cause of a large number of abnormal cells in the semen analysis.As the latter may make sperm with abnormal structure of the tail, head or neck.Normally, the number of altered sperm should not exceed half of the total, while at teratozoospermia such cells could be much more, which affects the function of fertilization.

reasons teratozoospermia

first reason, which causes Teratozoospermia believe hormonal disorders .Most often they occur in patients receiving hormonal therapy.The latter can act as a therapeutic or any other purpose.It has become quite popular to take hormonal substances for the muscle recruitment or to improve performance in any sport.

However, it should be noted that hormonal disturbances are observed not so often.In any case no more than viral infections of the genitourinary system.The most common viral invasion of the genital organs is considered to be the herpes, which gives rise to the above-mentioned disease


theratozoospermia Quite often develops on the background of any of the inflammatory diseases of the genital organs.Most often, this may be prostatitis, epididymitis or orchitis.Also one of the factors predisposing to teratozoospermia can serve testicular varicose veins - varicoceles.

These factors are the main, due to which developing theratozoospermia.In addition to these, there is a whole list of reasons that can contribute to the development of this pathology.First of all, this is the wrong way of life and bad habits.Particularly negative impact on spermogramme drinking large amounts of alcohol and smoking.In addition, such adverse effects of the environment as heat, radiation, and constant nervous stress can also cause the development of teratozoospermia.

probability of fertilization during teratozoospermia

likely to become pregnant with sperm in this analysis depends on the qualitative composition of the ejaculate.For example, if the biological fluid has a male about 80% of sperm pathology, it means that the probability of successful fertilization will be 20%.In other words, the more pronounced this pathology in the clinical analysis of sperm, the less likely to become pregnant.

tactics when teratozoospermia

Naturally, in order to make a diagnosis of complete or partial infertility, one sperm will not be enough.For this purpose, at least two of these is necessary to conduct the study.But on their own to wait four days and repeat analysis silly.There is pathology, for example, infectious diseases, which over time only and are progressing in their treatment in the account is every minute.That's why during teratozoospermia do not hesitate, and you need to immediately run to the urologist, who can determine the correct tactics.

Treatment teratozoospermia

therapy this problem depends on its cause.For example, if the primary is inflammation, it must have an adequate anti-inflammatory therapy.If theratozoospermia developed as a result of prolonged stress, in this situation simply can not do without the advice of a therapist.But there are medications that must be taken regardless of the cause of the disease.Among such drugs include folic acid, selenium, spermaktin, zinc, Tribulus, Verona and others.All of them are nothing more than a complex of vitamins and minerals to improve the secretion of sperm.

With the right, and most importantly, time begun treatment, semen analysis at teratozoospermia almost always returns to normal.The exceptions are those running the state as chronic atrophic orchitis, crippling injury testicular atrophy and testicular parenchyma due to a long reception of hormonal agents.In such situations, it is recommended to carry out in vitro fertilization in the laboratory, which greatly increases the chances of pregnancy.

Ed.urologist, sexologist-andrologist Plotnikov AN