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epididymitis - an acute or chronic inflammation of the epididymis.In order to better understand the nature of the disease epididymitis, it is necessary to define what is presents the anatomical organ.Appendage testis - is part of the ejaculatory duct, in which sperm is transported out of the egg.

Anatomy epididymitis

Causes of epididymitis

There are several major reasons that can give rise to inflammation in testicular appendages.Firstly, it urethra infections that can be caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses of different origin.Most often, the primary process is localized in the testicle, which is anatomically in the neighborhood, although there are times when infection occurs even from the urethra or bladder.

Another reason is the use of urinary catheter.It is used very often in preparation for the operation, as well as the difficulty of outflow of urine from the bladder.Quite often, the medical staff does not adhere to the required sterility and together with the catheter into the cavity of

the bladder entered hospital flora, which later spread to the epididymis.

diseases such as urethritis and prostatitis, during acute period may be extended to the scrotum, which affect the testicles or epididymis, causing, in fact, acute orchitis or epididymitis.

difficulty urinating, in particular due to enlarged prostate, can lead to epididymitis.In this situation, the immediate cause of the urine becomes, which, lingering for a long time in the bladder, can reverse the current fall in the epididymis.

All these reasons are most often the factors that cause acute epididymitis.As for the chronic form of the disease, it may appear on the background of repeated epididymitis disease or ill treatment of acute disease.

Symptoms of epididymitis

first symptom that may indicate epididymitis disease is the presence of blood in urine.Although only on this basis can not put such a diagnosis.Still, as a minimum, the patient should disturb pains in the lower abdomen, discomfort during urination or bowel movements, as well as fever and painful swelling of the scrotum.The complex of these symptoms gives grounds to assume the existence of a patient of acute epididymitis.In this situation, you need an urgent appeal to the urologist, otherwise the disease can be quite serious consequences.

As for the chronic form of epididymitis, it runs much smoother.The patient can be confusing for minor pain during intercourse ejaculation, and not abundant discharge from the opening of the urethra that are bloody or purulent character.A small clinical symptoms does not necessarily mean that a chronic epididymitis dangerous less acute.With minor symptoms should also immediately contact a urologist.

diagnosis of epididymitis

Despite the abundance of clinical symptoms, the diagnosis of epididymitis is difficult.The fact that almost all signs of the disease are repeated at orchitis.Therefore, it is important to differentiate the two pathology data.In addition, orchitis and epidimit can proceed in parallel, a disease called orhoepidimit.

After treatment in hospital the patient will have to take, as a minimum, a complete blood count.The results it can be seen an increase in the number of leukocytes, which indicates the presence of inflammation in the body.

order to somehow locate the diagnosis, it is necessary to use ultrasound in the Doppler mode, which allows you to determine the blood flow to the affected organ.

ultrasound Doppler mode (indicated by red inflamed tissue)

In addition, quite a widely used urine culture on the flora and tests for chlamydia.This allows you to exclude or confirm the infection of the urogenital system and start treatment immediately revealed pathology.

Treatment of epididymitis

main group of drugs that are used to treat acute and chronic epididymitis are antibiotics.At the same time, as a rule, used antibiotics from the group of fluoroquinolones.They have a very broad spectrum of activity and, compared with other drugs that are not so expensive.These drugs can be used only if your diagnosis officially certified urologist.

addition to antibiotics, with epididymitis used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are outstanding representatives of paracetamol and ibuprofen.These funds are not only lower the body temperature, but also have strong anti-inflammatory, analgesic and immunomodulatory effects.

In addition, chronic epididymitis regionally applied physiotherapy.It has a positive effect on the healing process and recovery of function of the affected organ.

Feeding habits and lifestyle with epidimitom

While the disease is very important to adhere to a special regime, which can significantly reduce the time spent in the hospital or spent on outpatient treatment.In the early period of the disease, when expressed in a fever, it is recommended to comply with bed rest exclusively.After normalization of body temperature regime is expanding, but not on the ward, as even the slightest hypothermia can lead to re-exacerbation of the disease.In addition, the recommended daily toilet of external genitals with warm water.

rehabilitation after illness

As a rule, after recovering the body still remains a pathogen, which can be activated at any time.Therefore it is extremely important after the recovery as much as possible to strengthen its own immunity.It is recommended to take vitamin and mineral complexes, attend physical therapy sessions and at least once every two years to pass a course of rehabilitation healing mud in one of the specialized health centers.

epidimita Treatment folk remedies

Whatever herbs are not used during epididymitis, they will not be able to destroy the body of microbes and inflammatory foci.Therefore, the use of antibiotics is a mandatory procedure in the treatment of acute and chronic epididymitis.Diuretic drugs are based on herbs can be used only in the chronic form of the disease between acute inflammation that prevents the backflow of urine and profilaktiruet getting an infection in the epididymis of the testes.

Complications epididymitis

If we talk about chronic epididymitis as such, it is already a complication of acute forms of the disease.

In addition, due to acute inflammation of the epididymis can be formed focus of purulent inflammation in the scrotum, which is called an abscess.In such a situation can not be dispensed with antibiotics alone.Here we need a radical surgical measures, the consequences of which could become even removal of the testicle.Therefore, the whole process of treatment of epididymitis is aimed at preventing this complication.

If the abscess is not open on time, then the skin of the scrotum can be formed passage leading into the center of the most purulent inflammation.This situation must also be sufficiently serious interference in the scrotum with carved such a move and the skin plasty.

Against inflammation in the scrotum can damage the tissues of the spermatic cord or even suppressed the secretion of epithelial inner lining of the testicles.In any given situation, it leads the development of infertility.

addition, infertility can develop on the background of scarring and adhesions in the spermatic cord and the tissues that are located around it.This creates a simple mechanical obstruction of the outflow of sperm and egg occurrence of infertility.

To reduce the risk of developing some form of infertility, it is important to prevent the spread of epididymitis on the other side.This can only be done in time obratitvshis qualified assistance to the urologist.

prevention of acute and chronic epididymitis

first point in the prevention of epididymitis is early diagnosis and treatment of this disease.If we define the pathology in its debut, then talk about the consequences do not have to, because the slightest course of antibacterial therapy completely removes all the questions.

second point in the prevention of epididymitis is to control sexuality.Clinical trials and medical practice make it possible to say that this disorder often suffer from patients who engage in casual sex and do not have regular partners.This leads to infection of venereal diseases and the emergence of epididymitis as complications.Therefore, to prevent it is very important to limit the scope of sexual partners and to ensure optimal hygiene intercourse, which provided condoms and other hygiene products.

Another direct cause of epididymitis is a common multiple ejaculation.At the same time it can be the cause of not only intercourse but also long-term masturbation.After the fifth ejaculation a man begins to feel a light pain in the scrotum, which is complemented by an increased risk of inflammation of the epididymis.Therefore urologists advise ejaculate no more than four times in one sexual act.

Another significant factor, which accounts for almost half of all epididymitis is hypothermia, and it can be both local and general.In the case of local supercooling activated pathogenic microorganisms, which is in the lumen of the urethra.Thus it is moved not only in the bladder causing cystitis, but in the scrotum, where it can cause testis inflammation or appendages.Therefore, to prevent epididymitis is recommended to wear warm clothes in the winter.

If the body will affect the general hypothermia, it can cause a weakening of the immune system and the generalization of the flora, which is even very far from the urogenital system.For example, carious teeth, chronic tonsillitis are the two most common causes that lead to inflammation of the epididymis.It is important to realize that the infection itself which is in the blood, can not stay in the testes.This, at least, must be preceded by this disease the body portion.For those men who had been ill with cystitis or urethritis, automatically enter the risk zone for the disease epididymitis.

Ed.urologist, sexologist-andrologist Plotnikov AN