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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Man's Health

Erectile dysfunction - is a functional disorder, which is the inability to carry out male sexual intercourse, due to insufficient hardness and directness of the penis during sexual arousal.

It is worth noting that earlier in the literature there are few other name for this disease - impotence.Today it is considered obsolete and is officially excluded from the general medical disease registry.The main difference between these two conditions is that the erectile dysfunction in men lost opportunity to engage in sexual intercourse only, while still falling impotence and ejaculation process.

Causes erectile dysfunction

There are many reasons that lead to the loss of male power, but doctors have not identified the primary today.It is believed that in its origin, erectile dysfunction may be organic, psychological and mixed.

now completely refuted by the fact that the loss of men's health related to age.As practice shows, a lot more harm erection brings smoking, alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle with a fix

ed job.In addition, bad for the genitourinary system such somatic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, hormonal disorders and pelvic injuries.All of these reasons, and even some of the effects of operations on the genitals and lead to erectile dysfunction, which is considered organic.

Much more patients suffering from so-called psychological or psychogenic dysfunction.As you might guess from the name, it is associated with the impact on human consciousness of those or other traumatic factors.As a rule, psychogenic dysfunction - the lot of young people.According to a recent sociological research, the most common psychological trauma, resulting in disorders of sexual functions of the device, is a bad first sexual experience, which causes psychological stress.

Well, the most numerous group of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, a history of the disease, and those and other reasons.As a rule, the effect of summation occurs closer to old age, although a direct link between the year of birth and sex is no system.Quite often described cases of men without burdened somatic pathologies keeps sexual activity to 80 years.


probably not necessary to speak about the symptoms, because it is only one.Although the inability to perform the sexual act has not yet been said about the need for immediate treatment to the doctor.If such excess took place, first of all necessary to analyze the previous day and focus on the facts, which can detract from the direct execution of marital debt.In that case, if the situation persists, it is best to consult a doctor.Skilled in the art is a sex therapist, but if in your city there is no doctor, you will be able to assist and urologist.

diagnosis of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is not a rare problem in today's time, because of her diagnosis developed so many ways.At the first stage it is necessary to mention ultrasound .It will assess the state of blood flow in the cavernous bodies of the penis, and will point to the reserves of its functional readiness.Special test with the introduction of prostaglandin lead to an erection of the penis.It is necessary to evaluate blood flow to the penis and neeregirovannom active states.

ultrasound penis

should be noted that the deterioration of blood flow is not the only problem of sexual dysfunction.It often happens that the problem lies in the body of the nerve apparatus.It is therefore important to test innervation penis .This simple manipulation can immediately indicate the underlying cause of the disease.The test is conducted as follows: the doctor clicks on the glans penis, and watch or palpates contraction of the anal sphincter.Normally should be sharp and rapid decline in the anal sphincter to mechanical stimulation of the penis head.If it is determined diminished reflexes, conducted other tests aimed directly at finding the nerve function.

Another reliable method for the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is count nocturnal erections .Normally, per night in a healthy man comes up to six excitation of the penis.To count them, to fix the body of a small sensor.This allows you to make a differential diagnosis between organic and psychological dysfunction.In the event that sat nocturnal erections of the patient is normal, and in the afternoon there are no excitement, it may indicate that the pathology of the reason lies in psychology.And if no erections day and night, then most likely it is the result of some organic defect.

Counting nocturnal erections

In addition to these classical methods, there are modern methods for determining the erectile ability of the penis. Bioteziometriya penis one of them.With this method assesses the impact of vibration on the penis.If the reflexes are absent, it may indicate a violation of innervation, which is most often observed during diabetes or polyneuropathy.


As mentioned above, erectile dysfunction can be a primary disease, but rather a consequence of some other disease process.This suggests that it may be necessary diagnostics and other research, applied, for example, for the diagnosis and during treatment of diabetes or heart disease.So do not be alarmed if instead deal directly with the hearth of your dissatisfaction, your doctor will refer you to a cardiac ultrasound, or offer to write a cardiogram.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

Whatever the volume was not a list of diagnostic measures, in any case, he made for the appointment of adequate treatment of the pathological process that led to erectile dysfunction.

Speaking of symptomatic treatment, but nowadays the drugs of choice are PDE5 inhibitors.This group, in addition to the well-known Viagra, Levitra also belongs, Cialis and speakers.The mechanism of action of these drugs is to increase the blood flow to the genitals.The effect on their reception lightning, but unfortunately, these drugs do not eliminate the root cause of the disease.That is, by taking Viagra, a man can not be cured, but only regaining sexual force for the duration of drug action.

Usually, reception of powerful medicines recommended in the later stage and running when other treatment methods are just powerless.If the disease is detected at an early stage, you can try to recover the man the power and self-confidence.For this purpose, herbal drugs , such as Evrikoma and Ginseng.

In recent years become very popular invasive methods for the treatment of reproductive system dysfunction, during which apply injection of drugs into the urethra and the cavernous body of the penis.In addition, actively used massage and psychotherapy .

And only in very severe cases apply implants and vacuum devices for penis.Their action is hardly therapeutic, because these drugs are returning only the ability to perform sexual intercourse without ejaculation and subsequent sexual gratification.

about rehabilitation not speak after the treatment of erectile dysfunction, as there is no clear dividing line, when we can talk about that the disease stopped.Moreover, most treatments that are used during the violation of sexual intercourse, in themselves are the rehabilitation measures.

lifestyle changes

Erektialnaya dysfunction - one of the few diseases where lifestyle and nutrition are more important than the treatment itself.Those spotted at even the slightest symptoms of this disease, or, conversely, does not want to see them in the near future, should lead a healthy lifestyle, do not abuse alcohol and do not smoke.Any drugs, be they from the head, should be made strictly according to the doctor's recommendations.This is due to the fact that many of the current medications is extremely adversely affect potency.

No less important role is played by regular sexual life, lack or excess of which leads to the unavoidable disruption of the regulation of sexual desire.In addition, all high blood pressure or diabetes, and those who have received even the slightest injury to the pelvic area, should immediately consult a urologist.

Traditional methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction

If despite all the warnings, you can not save your virility and noticed at the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, this problem should not be shy, especially to resort to folk treatments.Of course, nothing wrong with the fact that you drink a bucket of tea diuretic, is not going to happen, but nothing good can not be expected from this treatment.On the contrary, lingering with the campaign to the doctor, you are even more aggravate your problem, then it may lead to irreparable consequences.

Also some healers offer to "strengthen" the penis with the help of wax, which is introduced into the syringe body of the corpora cavernosa or just below the skin.But probably no one man would not have agreed to such an operation, knowing all its consequences.In principle, they are not to speak for a long time.Suffice it to say that will not work and two years, you will forget about the sex life forever.

herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction can be used, and often necessary, but they should only appoint a doctor after finding out the causes of your disease.Complications of the disease

As such, most complications of erectile dysfunction there.Probably the worst outcome should be considered as a complete loss of the ability to have sexual intercourse, which can develop as a result of a long time without any treatment.This refers to those forms, even when intake of Viagra does not cause any therapeutic effect.

Prevention of erectile dysfunction

As already mentioned, prevent erectile dysfunction is much easier than its cure.That this should be guided by a man at a young age.It is important to remember all the consequences that may result from unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, alcohol abuse, passive sexuality, masturbation sessions and the presence of chronic diseases.

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