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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Pregnancy And Childbirth

Preparation couple to conceive a baby, that is planning to become pregnant - is, first of all, a conscious decision to have a child.But not only.Planning for pregnancy - it is also a medical examination of the expectant parents, detection and treatment of dangerous for both mother and baby diseases.Dreaming of an heir, should be aware of physiological changes in the mother's body.Best of all, if you start preparing for pregnancy for 2-3 months before the alleged conception.Ideally before conception a woman should consult in advance as a gynecologist and to specialists for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.In addition, it is desirable that future mom passed the necessary tests and get vaccinated (against rubella and hepatitis B).Therefore, proper and timely planning pregnancy provide a painless course of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby.Those who wish to have a child before conception is recommended not to use drugs, do not smoke, do not drink alcohol, reduce the consumption of coffee, do

not go to the baths and saunas.It is best to increase in your diet the amount of fruits and vegetables.The period required for conception, varies from a few months to a year.There is no reason to be upset, if pregnancy has not come in the first month.A gynecologist should contact in the event that if did not happen during the year of conception.

Usually by the time a woman first visited the idea that perhaps she was pregnant, already held about two weeks after conception.

The easiest and most affordable way to diagnose pregnancy at home - a pregnancy test.You used the test and got the long-awaited two strips - the pregnancy and the child will be welcome.From this point usually begins during abrupt mood swings.Causeless joy, then suddenly depressed, irritability, tears - all of it is typical for the first three months of pregnancy.Constantly there are new questions: to be a mother - and this I really want to, but if I can?What place will the child in family life?As he was born?Will he be healthy?Whether spacious apartment Enough?

In the first weeks and months of pregnancy is not evident.Many women like it.They do not want to see someone they are worried, you ought to tune into their own life changes.They enjoy the state of pregnancy.Some simply bursting pride, they can not wait to become noticeable belly.

At first pregnancy often depressed mood arises.My husband almost never speaks about the future of the child, surely he is not happy?Just be patient, your husband, too, need time to sort out their feelings.

In the first three months of pregnancy, rather, felt psychologically than you feel its physiological manifestations.

Nature took care that the female body can be adjusted optimally for pregnancy.But despite this, many women in the early months of pregnancy feel tired and sleep poorly at night.Increased sensitivity to odors and nausea are also among the most common and the first complaints.Increasing the amount of fluid in the body, so pregnant women often "run" in the toilet, and they have to get up in the night.Mucous membranes actively supplied with blood and swell, so it can lay the nose and ears.

To the child was comfortable and he was getting the required amount of nutrients and oxygen, it is necessary to conduct a correct way of life.At night you need to sleep 8-10 hours, go early and have a rest day.More to be outdoors, well, if it is possible to walk before going to sleep with her husband.If nausea occurs in the morning, try before you get out of bed, eat a cookie or an apple.

At the beginning of pregnancy (when nothing you do not want or "pulls on salty") do not limit yourself in choosing the food: you can eat all you want, but not very much.Try to keep to your diet included more dairy products, meats, juices, fruits and vegetables.The desire to eat "specific" products - such as ash, clay, lime, starch means that the body lacks vitamins and trace elements such as iron and calcium.The main thing is to pay attention to the doctor!

In fact, what is happening in the soul of a pregnant woman, it is much more difficult.Women themselves are committed to look satisfied and happy, in spite of the morning sickness, anxiety about the future of the child, and future challenges.Often women are afraid that if they say something negative about their feelings may think that they are bad mothers or their child unwelcome.While it is clear that no one can not only experience positive emotions for nine consecutive months, and even in a period when the whole of life must change.

Just most responsible women are prone to stress and anxiety.This is a completely normal phenomenon: fear and anxiety to help prepare for future complex duties, all perechuvstvovat change your mind and, while there is time.

take pregnancy as a reality - this is the first psychological barrier to be overcome women.On the one hand, it's just a biological miracle - from almost anything there is a new life, a new man.

On the other hand, very soon there will be a doubt whether we are ready to be parents?Can we afford a child yourself?How to cope with such changes in your life?

  • If you have mixed feelings about the future of maternity, remind yourself that this is a normal reaction.For a child to become more real to you, look at photos depicting fetal development at different stages of pregnancy.These pictures and photos are now available, they have been widely published in magazines.Is aware that you are likely and will continue to experience mixed feelings, even if the pregnancy was planned and long awaited.No one can be happy without interruption.

For many women, the news of the ensuing pregnancy too great news that they could keep it a secret for over an hour.Others prefer not to advertise this fact until they feel more confident.They want to wait out the first three months - the most dangerous - partly from superstition, partly just to not raise quietly and did not disturb prematurely (especially at work).

  • do what seems best to you in the first weeks of pregnancy.If you are of those people who do not mind that others are aware of your problems, you can share the news of the pregnancy immediately.Uchityvaytei likely reaction of others.Perhaps your mom is alarmed and immediately come to support you at first.Perhaps your boss is in a panic.Are you ready for such a development, or prefer to gather strength and to think about their future behavior?

Whatever you decide, open at least one friend or co-worker is better - having a child that was with whom to discuss any problems or in case of sudden need did not have much time to explain that to you.

Do not keep your worries to yourself, consult frequently with their doctor or loved ones.If you are concerned, if not cause your old bad habits abortion or birth defects in the baby, tell yourself that with the past is nothing you can do.Of course, in each case, you should consult with your doctor to minimize the risk of having a baby with certain health problems.So try to go right after confirmation of pregnancy.And find a balance between concerns about the future of the child and take care of themselves.

Just when you typed determined to do everything well, a new problem arises: the complete loss of control over what's happening.From the first weeks and even days of pregnancy you belong not only themselves, but also the baby that is growing and is formed in your uterus.We'll have to get used to a new lifestyle, buy a new, healthy habits, re-prioritize your life.

  • Slightly loosen the reins, for example, repeating the procedure every day, such as walking, taking vitamins or relaxation turn in moments of relaxation.Take a deep breath and say to yourself words that you usually calm.And in general, ease your life: make a comfortable hairstyle, do not use the crowded transport, wear comfortable shoes.And most importantly - learn to ask for help.Even if you used anyone for anything not ask - do it now in the interests of the child.

Unfortunately, childbearing is not always successful.In the first trimester of pregnancy missed abortion may occur.This medical term means the condition of women in which the fetus stops growing and dies.The main reasons for the death of a child is referred action infections:. Influenza, chlamydia, toxoplasmosis, herpes, etc. By the death of the fetus can cause genetic abnormalities of the fetus.In addition, hormonal changes in the mother, autoimmune diseases can disrupt food and baby's breath.Missed abortion as a consequence of a wrong way of life of the mother.Excessive smoking and drinking (and especially drugs) can lead to the loss of a child.Missed abortion invisible, takes place without pain and bleeding.The absence of fetal movements, fetal size mismatch the expected term of pregnancy, lack of heartbeat - these bright signs of premature death of a child.

after missed abortion need to be surveyed both spouses to determine the cause of death of the embryo and of its elimination.During the prescribed treatment should be protected.After 6 months, during which a woman's body is resting, possibly plan another pregnancy.Importantly, do not forget to get rid of bad habits.Improve the body can good nutrition and lifestyle.

Symptoms of pregnancy

need only complain girlfriend or husband that you want horror as herring and pickles as immediately followed by a rhetorical question zapravskogo gynecologist tone: "Why would you suddenly pulled on solёnenkoe?How long have you got "And here, in the kitchen, while you may not have time to deal with the coveted crunchy cucumber, expose and confirm the diagnosis:" You - pregnant. "

Ah, if all was so simply and clearly with that pregnancy itself and its diagnosis, then what could be easier: Bank of pickles and oily herring instead of all sorts of examinations gynecologist, indiscreet questions, complex analyzes and tests - and the diagnosis is ready ... However,so pregnancy is not always possible to determine.

In fact, is not always a change of taste and preferences in food - a sign of pregnancy.How many future moms did not feel anything like that, expecting their first child or the youngest nurturing ... "Of course - some would say - it's not necessarily the main thing in this business - month delay!".But even this most notorious delay menstruation can not absolutely determine pregnancy in the early stages!

Let's try to understand what is actually the symptoms of pregnancy, and how true each of them indicates that a certain woman is expecting a baby ...

So, whether the pregnancy to determine in the very first days after conception, to delay menstruation?

Conventionally, all signs of pregnancy are divided medicine into three smaller groups, depending on how well they indicate the birth of new life inside a woman.

  1. Doubtful (or tentative) signs:

This category includes those symptoms that can only lead one to think about the possibility of pregnancy in this case.And some women are pregnant, they are very pronounced and appear almost from the first weeks of pregnancy.Others not only pregnancy in the early stages, but also the entire period of gestation of the child is not characterized by any of the above symptoms.These include:

  • Nausea.Most often it occurs in the morning and lasts for several hours.Sometimes joins vomiting - also in the morning on an empty stomach or after a meal.In some cases where nausea and vomiting are particularly pronounced may require some changes in diet and diet, and sometimes aid.There may be gastrointestinal disorders that begin in 4-6 weeks of pregnancy and ends with a 8-12 week.

  • Change of taste, smell, tastes in food, etc.It is here, and should include the legendary "cravings for salty" ... Sometimes it happens that before pregnancy, a woman simply did not like this or that product or dish, and during this time he became one of the most coveted in her diet.On the other pregnant women from the first weeks literally falls whole range of latter-day odors that they simply did not notice before pregnancy.And at each future mommy their special new sensations, not typical and not necessarily for everyone else ...

  • Emotional lability.Pregnancy in the early stages is sometimes accompanied by frequent changes of mood, which can often be the case for even a single day.Mom becomes very sensitive to the words and actions of others, in response to a situation completely different than before pregnancy, way.A woman previously hardly noticed the neighbor's child, can now long and tenderly watch his antics.She may cry and suffer because of unrequited love for Dona Maria, together with Don Pedro in the 546 series series, 545 of the previous series that never in my life did not look ...

It is not all the questionable signs of pregnancy.But we will not dwell on them too much detail, as they are the only "subsidiary" in the diagnosis, their presence implies only the fact of pregnancy.Since it is not always the same nausea indicates pregnancy and not every pregnancy, as you know, is accompanied by nausea ...

  1. Possible symptoms:

These symptoms are more likely than doubtful, indicate pregnancy.Intensity of each pregnant woman is different.Still, they can occur in other various diseases and conditions outside of pregnancy.

  • Cessation of menstruation ( "delay").The lack of regular menses in women of child-bearing period (18-45 years) gives reason to assume pregnancy.The delay of menstruation for 10 days can be considered as a relatively reliable indication of pregnancy provided previously regular menstrual cycle.

  • changes of mammary glands, which often begins in the time of 8-12 weeks.It is during pregnancy and lactation the breasts reach their maximum development.They increase in size and become more sensitive (breast engorgement), increased pigmentation (coloring) nipples and areola.Over time, the light discharge from the nipple may appear even during pregnancy.

  • pigmentation (darkening) of the middle line of the abdomen, of the labia majora, inner thighs, and sometimes frontal hillocks, brow, chin and cheekbones.

  • dysuria.Most often it is frequent urination, which appears already in the early stages.This is because the growing uterus puts pressure on your "neighbor" - on the bladder.In the later stages of the uterus several changes its position, and this is not very nice feature is eliminated, appearing again at the end of pregnancy.Now the head of the fetus begins to put pressure on the bladder, causing more frequent urination.

  • Increasing the size of the uterus.First, even the most inconspicuous woman, and then - an obvious fact for all others.Each term of pregnancy corresponds to a certain size of the uterus.

  • Fever.High temperatures can accompany pregnancy, since there is a change in hormonal levels of women and accelerated metabolic processes during this period.During pregnancy, because of the production of progesterone increases the overall body temperature.Heat affects pregnancy: it is poorly tolerated by the mother and is potentially dangerous for children.Fever accompanying mother pregnancy causes an increase in the child's temperature and the surrounding fluid.All this may damage the fabric and cause defects in the central nervous system of the fetus.During gestation to prevent the high temperature helps properly chosen warm clothes, cool atmosphere at home, drinking plenty of fluids and food.Analgesics and antipyretics, especially aspirin, should be taken only after consulting a doctor.Measuring basal body temperature is an informative way to determine pregnancy.

  • positive laboratory tests and pregnancy tests.

As you can imagine, all of these features yet it is not always indicate pregnancy.Even laboratory tests and various tests, which only indicate the presence of certain hormones in a woman's body in varying concentrations can occur in some "female" diseases.

delay menstruation, changes in mammary glands, increased pigmentation, and even change the size and shape of the uterus may be symptoms of various gynecological diseases, endocrine pathology;frequent urination - at overcooling and inflammation of the bladder.But on the other hand, pregnancy without the presence of probable signs, almost casuistry (this is the difference between them and doubtful).For example, it is difficult to imagine childbearing without increasing the uterus, where it grows ...

  1. Reliable pregnancy symptoms:

So we got up to the small but very fine group of symptoms that in 100% of cases indicatethat inside a woman grows and develops new life.

  • Register ploda.Eto work of developing heart can be done in various ways.In the early stages - with the help of uterine ultrasound (US);the later - listening to the heart of the unborn child with a stethoscope ( "wooden tube"), applied to the mother's belly.For this same have been invented, and other methods: fetal ECG, and phonocardiography cardiotachograph.

  • Determining head, backrest, handles, legs and yagodichek fetus, which carries a gynecologist with your hands through the abdominal wall of the pregnant woman.Put simply, just "feels" the baby, putting both hands on my mother's belly.

  • Determination of fetal movements through the mother's abdominal wall, which also provides the doctor during the examination.Of course, the definition of these signs, especially the last two, it is possible only in the later stages of pregnancy, but certainly in this case, hardly anyone can doubt the fact of pregnancy.

other words, an accurate diagnosis of pregnancy can be delivered early.Already in the period of 4-5 weeks, usually during an ultrasound study of the uterus is clearly visible the work of a small heart.At a later date it is sufficient inspection and auscultation of the fetal heart, to establish the fact of pregnancy.

The same signs are observed, of course, and young mothers aged 15-17 years.Unfortunately, early pregnancy girls, is not yet ready either physically or psychologically for the birth of a child leads to serious complications in childbirth.Despite the emerging new progressive methods of treatment each year, the girls pregnancy can result in death of the newborn.Born also have a low weight and die 2 times more likely than children of older mothers.In developing countries, teenage pregnancy and childbirth - is one of the causes of mortality of young girls.Early pregnancy among girls 13-16 years is associated with a high risk for health, because at an early age the frequency of miscarriage is 2.5 times higher than that of older women.Teen pregnancy often characterized by placental insufficiency, threatened miscarriage, toxemia, and anemia.As a result of early pregnancy may be impaired bone structure.The body of a young mother as a child, still uses calcium for bone growth.The most common early pregnancy is a tragedy for both the young mother and for her parents.It is best to avoid pregnancy at an early age.According to statistics, 100 teenage pregnancies, more than half end in abortion, which often is one of the causes of infertility.

pregnancy test at home

In order to make sure that you are pregnant, get a pregnancy test.To use it, use the first morning urine.Carefully read the instructions for the test to perform correctly.Tests offered in pharmacies, it is easy to do if you strictly follow the instructions.In very rare cases, the test gives an incorrect result.

In any case, none of the above symptoms or test results can not give you an absolute guarantee that you are pregnant.Symptoms can be caused by a chronic illness, or everyday stress.

If menstrual delay of three weeks, consult a doctor.The only way you can make sure that you are pregnant, and get all the necessary guidance and instructions to the pregnancy proceeded without complications and in order to have a healthy and beautiful baby.

See your doctor as soon as possible.It is very important that the first doctor's visit occurred in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.