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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Pregnancy And Childbirth

Indications for surgery cesarean section

Caesarean section - a surgical procedure used to extract the baby through an incision in the abdominal wall and uterus, if childbirth through natural ways considered too difficult and dangerous for the mother and / or child.

Prior to the birth of independent women doing cesarean section:

  • with anatomically narrow pelvis or swelling of his bones;
  • if found bleeding with placenta previa or if the normally located placenta became prematurely flake;
  • if in poor condition postoperative scar on the uterus;
  • if the fetus is experiencing an acute shortage of oxygen (hypoxia);
  • if the mother suffers from severe toxemia, not treatable (late preeclampsia);
  • if a woman has a heart disease, severe hypertension, asthma, kidney infection;
  • if the expectant mother a high degree of myopia (more than 5 diopters) and there is a risk of serious complications - retinal detachment and blindness (in this case, it is important to rule out attempts).

Very often elective caesarea

n section is performed by the so-called the combined indications.What does it mean?

Suppose first childbirth are coming "old" by the canons of obstetric women (28 years and older).The very age - is not yet a reason: many of the "age nulliparous" cope on their own, although it is not as easy as it happens in 20-25 years.And if the pregnancy also still stand, the fruit is large, then in the appendage to the age it is likely to cause trouble at birth.Childbirth can be protracted, the child will not have enough oxygen, and it is likely that he may die.In addition, many of the age of 30 has already been done several abortions, other long treated for infertility or have acquired any chronic disease.What if the pregnancy - the only one able to save and to communicate to the end?Then the question, to be or not to be the woman's mother, is entirely dependent on the method of delivery ...

way, cesarean section is almost always inevitable in view of numerous abortions.Once they are formed in the womb, and dystrophic scarring, inflammatory processes occur - and chain stretch during the investigation pregnancy abortion: placental insufficiency, uterine inertia, fetal hypoxia ...

duration of operation cesarean section

operation usually lasts about an hour, re -longer.Even 10-15 minutes from the beginning of the operation the fruit is removed and he is out of danger.

How to behave after the operation

If the operation has no complications, a few hours can turn in bed, move your feet, and the next day - to sit down and walk around the room.Feed the baby can be 2 hours after surgery.In the 6-7-th day from the abdominal wall sutures will be removed and the mother with the child discharged home under the supervision of a doctor antenatal clinic.However, the healing of sutures on the uterus and the abdominal wall is still ongoing, and will have to be careful.Do not remove a child from a low crib or stroller (you can take with changing table and keep on hand).In the first 2-3 months, do not lift anything heavier than 5 kg.

Maybe in a month or even more, will feel a slight pulling pain in the abdomen.It is linked to uterine contraction and scar healing.

If you suddenly feel a sharp pain, if there are abundant again bloody, pus-like discharge from the vagina, if the temperature rises - immediately contact the antenatal clinic.It is possible that developed endometritis - inflammation of the lining of the uterus, and requires immediate treatment.

seam Healing on the anterior abdominal wall is held, as a rule, smooth and painless.Only in very rare cases, it becomes inflamed, it starts to fester.Then urgently to a surgeon - it is impossible to inflammation went deep into the belly, on the underlying tissue.

When can I give birth after caesarean section operation

Over the next 2-3 years, undesirable or childbirth or abortion.In the first case, the scar on increasing the uterus can not completely formed, and complications arise again;and abortion is a danger of perforation of the uterus, where the former is cut.

So soon after surgery should be solved with the gynecologist, which contraceptive method is best applied.

Almost all women who have had a caesarean section, and may be for safety reasons, to continue to give birth naturally, if there are no contraindications to it.However, when the indications for surgery rodorazreshayuschey persist, the possibility of two or more cesarean sections with a high percentage of successful outcomes.

analgesia during caesarean section

For anesthesia, as with any abdominal surgery, pregnant woman receives anesthesia.

Epiduralny anesthesia: an anesthetic agent is administered in so-called epidural space of the spinal cord in the lumbar region.The pain is removed in the lower part of the body, with giving birth can even talk.

Epidural anesthesia for caesarean section

Usually anesthesia during caesarean section is performed epidural anesthesia.Epidural anesthesia is usually performed when a woman in labor sitting or lying on the right side, curled up to the anesthesiologist to optimize access to the spine.If the test is successful dose, the epidural space normally leave the catheter through which is added as necessary medication dose which varies as required.The very procedure describe a wide variety of epithets from the "unpleasant" to "very painful."

often due to contractions giving birth it is very difficult to bend.Local anesthesia is more painful than the introduction of the epidural needle, because at the time of insertion of the needle woman in labor no longer feel anything.Most women feel in this moment "a push and tingling."In rare cases, the needle may catch a nerve that causes leg cramps or sudden "shooting" pain.This is normal and does not mean that you threatened paralysis.

Sensations mothers after anesthesia depends on the combination of medications, stage of labor and many other factors.Some women feel the contractions but do not feel their pain.Others recall that absolutely did not feel anything - from the nipples to the knees of their body numb.Be sure to discuss with your anesthetist possible feeling that they were not a surprise to you.

When the light on the kid removed the catheter and fixing it with tape.However, even after this mother for a few hours can feel numb feet.In rare cases, a period of numbness can last for a longer time.Not excluded soreness at the injection needle.

much less likely to use intubation (endotrahealny) anesthesia: the windpipe introduced the tube through which oxygen is supplied with nitrous oxide.Before extracting the fetus a woman is carried sparing anesthesia most minimal doses.Only when the child is separated, give deep anesthesia - yet to close the surgical field.Currently doing cross-stitch suprapubic about 12 cm long, this joint heals better and looks great in cosmetic terms.When emergency surgery incision can be made from the navel down vertically.