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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy - the most exciting and moving state in a woman's life.But along with the joys of discovery and wonder waiting for you there are particular problems.In particular, changes in the skin such as stretch marks.It is necessary to take care of themselves in advance to postpartum you feel is still attractive.We'll tell you, from what appear stretch marks, and what can be done during pregnancy and after delivery.

Stretch marks (striae) - are internal scarring of the skin, they arise from the stretching of the skin, outer layer of skin (epithelium) does not keep pace with the growth of the stomach, elastin fibers are torn and are replaced by scar tissue.Predicting the appearance of stretch marks and the view is difficult.

skin consists of three layers: the epidermis (top, constantly renewed layer), dermis (dense connective tissue framework, a sort of "grid", which provides elasticity, skin elasticity) - in it and there are stretch marks, subcutaneous fat (adipose tissue, expressedall to varying degre


reasons for the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy

1. Quick belly growth.

Quick abdomen growth may be physiological changes, or evidence of excessive weight gain, polyhydramnios, the formation of a large fetus.How are natural changes in the body, you tell your doctor, do not hesitate to ask troubling questions.

2. The change in hormonal levels.

During pregnancy a woman's body must maintain a high level of progesterone as a hormone that preserves the pregnancy.Progesterone relaxing effect on smooth muscle, preventing the uterus come in tone.But along with the relaxation of the myometrium, decreases the tone of weakened muscles and connective tissue of the dermis.Growing belly often outstrips the ability to skin to stretch, and tears formed in the middle layer of the skin.

3. Improper diet before and during pregnancy.

Unbalanced diet - is inadequate intake of minerals, vitamins, protein and vegetable fats and excess carbohydrates and salt.In addition to the risk of overweight, meals which are often present in soft drinks, chips, convenience foods, excess sugar, alcohol and fast food has a direct damaging effect on the skin.Above all suffer new collagen synthesis in the dermis.

4. Heredity.

Genetic predisposition traced very often the case here in the inheritance of skin type (density, the level of production of sebum, the ability to regenerate).It happens that a woman with a big belly during pregnancy, after the birth of a large baby or twins has almost no changes in the skin.And my mother, the entire pregnancy wore little tummy upset due to multiple bright extensions.Please note these changes have close relatives (mother, sister, aunt), ask.This is likely to help anticipate these changes.

5. Smoking.

Women who smoke collagen and elastin synthesis is disturbed, the skin more "delicate" and increases the risk of stretch marks.

6. Age.

primigravidas after the age of 30 and up to 18 years longer at risk to get unpleasant skin changes, as in the first case, the synthesis of collagen has slowed somewhat, but in the first exchange of female hormones may not yet be stable.

7. Parity delivery.

In multiparous women abdominal skin changes, of course, more pronounced.Also it has a value of the interval between births.With many products, optimal interval period is 2 years.During this time, hormone balance is restored, replenished stocks of iron, calcium and other nutrients.

8. Associated diseases.

Obesity - a chronic metabolic disorder.A manifestation of the disease is not only overweight, but also a violation of skin nutrition.

also a higher risk of women who have had stretch marks before pregnancy, childhood, or adolescence (eg due to hypothalamic syndrome).

Diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2 is also a metabolic diseases.Due to the high level of blood sugar is a violation of the synthesis of collagen, the skin becomes thin, dry, and it is much easier to damage.Also reduced regenerative (recovery) of the skin's ability.

Systemic diseases (systemic scleroderma, systemic lupus erythematosus, etc.), dermatitis, psoriasis cause specific changes in the skin and reduce its elasticity and resilience.

9. Engine mode.

sedentary lifestyle reduces the delivery of oxygen to all tissues of the body.Also, physical inactivity threatens excessive weight gain and fetal hypoxia.

10. The weakness of the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall.

not enough trained muscles did not create a "muscular corset" and increases the pressure on the skin from the inside.

11. Lactation.

We talk a lot about stretch marks on the skin of the abdomen and thighs and forget about the chest, and meanwhile, the active lactation can cause such changes on the skin and mammary glands.Especially in the first weeks after birth, when the milk arrives, the breast skin is experiencing considerable stress.

How manifest themselves stretch marks in pregnant

Location extensions in the incidence of: abdomen, chest (breast enlargement during pregnancy and lactation individually), thigh and buttocks (physiological increase in body fat nature intended for normal metabolism of female hormones, particularly estrogen,but weight gain is not always and not at all adapted to the needs of the body), eggs (here streamers are formed very rarely, mostly in women with severe edema, the long-term treatable).

Stretch marks can be pink, dark and light purple, red, and vary in width and length.From small and narrow light pink slips in the lower abdomen or chest to the wide dark purple stripes across the front of the abdominal wall and thighs.The critical period for the appearance of stretch marks on the abdomen and thighs is the third or fourth month of pregnancy, on the chest - during lactation, on the shins - postpartum period, when the swelling reduced.

After childbirth stretch marks gradually fade, put denser in texture and become light silver, white.These changes are not completely disappear, but with proper care, and skin tone is restored stretch marks become less visible.Stretch marks do not tan, as represented by scar tissue, and they do not produce the pigment melanin.

prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy stretch marks

prevention should begin before pregnancy.Elastic, moisturized skin is much less susceptible to damage and has a great ability to regenerate.

1. Normalization of weight.

weight control, you should carry out independent and regular, it is not recommended during pregnancy to gain more than 14 kilograms, also increases the risk of stretch marks with a sharp jump in weight.

2. Nutrition.

addition to weight control, proper diet is designed to saturate the body with sufficient amount of protein and vitamins.This protein helps the skin update and maintain its elasticity.

recommended to include: vegetable oil, cottage cheese, chicken, turkey, eggs, cheese, beef, nuts, bobovye.Takzhe useful foods rich in potassium (raisins, dried apricots, banana, pear) and the optimum drinking regime (non-carbonated mineral water, natural fruit drinksgreen tea up to 2 liters a day, if you do not recommend fluid restriction).

But flour, sweets and fizzy drinks should be eliminated or significantly restricted.

should also take a multivitamin complexes for pregnant women, they provide an optimal combination of vitamins and minerals and are easily digested.

3. Regular physical activity dosage.

Of all the types of exercise are most suitable for pregnant women walking and swimming.There is also a special area - fitness for pregnant women, it includes a lightweight version of sports complexes, but, nevertheless, effective for strengthening the muscular system.Check with your doctor and if there are no contraindications, begin their studies.Classes may be held on the basis of women's clinics.

If you want to study at home, use the following set, but the pre-show them to your doctor.Classes are shown after 12 weeks, the load should be minimized in the first months.

begin classes better accompanied by a spouse, who will be able to insure you.

positional exercises of stretching

- cats pose: standing on all fours, slowly round up the back and lower his head down, and then flexes back and raise your head, repeat 10-12 times for the well-being

- Butterfly pose: sit on the floor, reduce foot soles to each other and slide them as close as possible to him, his hands gently press down on your knees and sway, as if making a movement of "butterfly wings»

- twist: sitting or standing perform torso turns from side to side to a comfortablecorner basin in this case remains fixed

Exercises with fitball (exercise ball)

- sit cross-legged and take the ball in his hands, raises the level of the face and hands begin to rhythmically compress, repeat 10-15 times (strengthens the chest and arm muscles)

- lie down on your back, legs bent, right hand rests on the floor, and his left hand is on the ball, "laminating" the ball left foot and return to starting position.For each leg 6-10 repetitions.

- lying on his back, bent legs rest on the floor, then raises his left foot and rotate foot to the right and left turns, then repeat with the right leg

4. Wearing anatomic underwear for pregnant and lactating, bandages.

Special clothing creates a soft but dense uniform compression, not allowing the tissues to sag and over-stretched, not cut into the skin and should be made of hypoallergenic, natural materials.Think about wearing such clothes should have from 12-14 weeks of pregnancy.

also shown wearing prenatal bandages.The bandage should be bought in pharmacies and orthopedic pre-measure abdominal circumference.Belly growth depends on many factors and the bandage every woman may need a different period, but the average is shown wearing the 21 weeks.

5. Massage.

Daily gentle massage profilaktiruet appearance of stretch marks and general strengthening effect on the body.It consists of two stages:

- massage shower, the jet must make a circular motion on the skin of the abdomen, chest and thighs should be alternated cool (not cold !!) with warm water, the period of exposure to hot water to be three times larger,than cool, also used a circular massage loofah mitt, made of natural materials (loofah, sisal).

- massage using a variety of creams and oils permitted for pregnant women, is done on wet skin with gentle circular movements.

cosmetic products that you use should be bought at the pharmacy, be labeled "hypoallergenic" or "tested for allergens" and be approved for use in pregnant and breast-feeding, and no harm will require a health certificate and a certificate of quality.

can use creams for stretch marks MamaKomfort brands, Vichy, Avent, Sanosan, ChiccoMammaDonna, Clarins, Bioterm, Vitex for mom, World of Childhood, GreenMama.

If you do not want to use the cosmetics industry, can do massage with warm olive, peach, almond oil or jojoba oil, cocoa, grape seed.

If you use butter, cream, gel or emulsion for the first time, then perform an allergic test, a small amount of money put on the elbow bend and watch about 2 hours if redness, swelling, itching, you can safely use.

Massage is contraindicated in women, pregnancy which takes place against the background of the threat of interruption, as an additional stimulation of the muscles.

6. Breathing exercises.

As a result, regular breathing exercises the body is saturated with oxygen, which has a positive effect not only on the skin.You can alternate gymnastic exercises and breathing.Talk to your doctor before you start using this method.

stretch marks after pregnancy Treatment

If pale stripes still prevent you live and feel attractive, you can use the services of a cosmetologist.The most effective fight against stretch marks "age" up to 1 year, then the fight is difficult.Most methods can be used during breastfeeding, but still check with your gynecologist.Used methods are:

1. Laser.

With the help of a laser beam is produced grinding the upper layers of the skin and the alignment of color and texture, the procedure is performed under anesthesia.

2. Mesotherapy.

essence of the procedure that is performed Injecting different drugs into the skin in the area around stretch.Use a very fine needle and the solution is introduced to a depth of 3-5 mm.Most of the reviews are positive.

3. Microdermabrasion.

Dermabrasion using a special apparatus, the effect will be evident pretty quickly, but the trauma of the skin in this method is significant.

4. Microcurrent therapy.

Exposure of the skin currents up to 1000 mA power increases blood flow and helps the skin to renew.In addition to stretching, this method is used to treat acne and age spots, complicate pregnancy.Treatment, of course, after delivery.

5. Chemical peeling.

Application of the chemical composition on the skin (usually including fruit acids), which causes the peeling of the top layer, and thereby the alignment tone and structure.After the procedure, forms the surface of the skin burns and required recovery period.The method is not applicable in the sunny season, as the irradiation of developing persistent dark spots.

6. Ozone.

In the affected area there are many injectable with oxygen-ozone mixture.It improves metabolism and stimulates the production of new cells.

7. Abdominoplasty.

most radical method is to remove the damaged skin and suturing the defect.

addition to salon procedures you continue to self-massage and the use of special creams and oils.


Streamers - a minor detail that does not threaten you and your child, so if you already have purchased these changes (like most women), then do not worry and do not dwell on it.Over time, stretch marks and much blackness will not be evident.Maintain a healthy weight, use our advice, because at any stage, you can improve the skin condition.

And remember "the most beautiful of women - a woman with a baby!"

Doctor Petrov AV