Consultation of the neurologist .At the reception at the neurologist - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | The Doctor's Consultation

In the primary the doctor neurologist will tell you that you are concerned about how long ago there were complaints.Then the doctor will conduct a neurological examination, which will check the functioning of your nervous system.After that prescribe the necessary tests to confirm the diagnosis.The treatment of any neurological diseases requires, first of all, to establish the correct diagnosis.If the diagnosis is clear, then the treatment will be scheduled immediately.According to a survey on the re-consultation, the doctor, if necessary, adjust the treatment, and will monitor you during the treatment, if necessary, appoint other consulting physicians (ophthalmologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, etc.).Neurologist should give you information about modern methods of diagnostics, where they can go, to orient you on prices and quality.You are in possession of this information, choose the most suitable option for you survey.

According to a survey the doctor will appoint an individual course of treatment

tailored to your individual characteristics and existing problems.Well, if the doctor is a neurologist specialized in regenerative medicine, and can assign complex treatment that combines both medicated and non-medicated forms of influence.If necessary, the doctor will select for you the necessary physiotherapy treatment that will reduce the pill burden on the body and reduce the rehabilitation period.

When pain syndromes sometimes directly at the reception the doctor can make a blockade, to reduce the pain.

Sometimes a variety of neurological problems, or after injury, when the neuropathy develops, requires electrical stimulation of muscles.

If you are interested in sanatorium-resort treatment, the doctor must inform the details about the most suitable resort, taking into account comorbidities.

doctor may recommend a course of treatment of physical exercise, can be consulted on this issue at the expert in physical therapy (physiotherapy).

attending neurologist paints you an individual treatment program and monitors your condition during the medical treatment and rehabilitation.

nature of neurological disorders, whether a headache, autonomic disorders, pain in the spine, anything - provides active position as a doctor and the patient.Only this joint cooperation will achieve results.

Asked for you and your health condition, the doctor is waiting to turn you from a full and clearly defined information that you are concerned about what the history of your disease.We are particularly interested in whether or not you have intolerance or hypersensitivity to any form of drug and non-drug treatment, allergic reactions, concomitant diseases (some of them exclude the use of certain forms and methods of therapeutic effects).Is there a neurological disease in your close relatives and some.Why

necessary internal consultations neurologist.

It is important not to pick up medication on their own.Do not drink that registered a neighbor or a friend with similar complaints.Because, may require different treatment.All the nuances of your problem, and your condition will only be able to evaluate the doctor on internal consultation.In addition, medicines market is constantly updated with all new modern facilities.It is not always cost determines the quality of the drug, and the more - the need for you to receive.Only the doctor can choose the optimal dosage of the drug that ensures the lowest possible risk of side effects and maximum efficiency it is in your case.Only a specialist can use the comprehensive medical therapy, where the simultaneous use of several drugs mutually enhances the action of each, allowing you to reduce the dosage, and hence the risk of side effects.Remember that the risk of side effects listed in the instruction, different.To determine the probability of each of them in individual requires experience with the drug and research fellow data.