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Almost any insect bite when allocates poisons that the human body are often allergens.But the dire consequences of an insect bite a person develops only in the case if bitten on the substance allergy, that is, when antibodies are produced to the poison.Allergies can occur at any bites, usually stinging insects (bee, wasp, hornet ...) and rare - blood-sucking insects (fleas, mosquitoes ...).

Causes of allergies to insect bites

main reason - it is a genetic predisposition to allergies, and even the appearance of sensitization, ie the expression and activation of the allergic nastroennosi contribute to poor environment, eating disorders (dyes, fragrances, carcinogens ...), some internaldisease.

Symptoms of allergies to insect bites

allergic reaction to an insect bite appears most immediately, at least - within minutes and hours.Normally, that is, in the absence of allergies, insect bite at the site may occur swelling, redness, stings cause itching, but these symptoms soon pass on their own.These symp

toms are explained by the impact of insect venom, and the fact that the body is fighting with him without giving poison to penetrate further into the blood, but not allergic to the poison.If you have an allergy the body's reaction to a sting is much more violent and is not limited to the local features.

mosquito bites an adult with an allergy to mosquito manifest small swelling of the sting, itch, which are already on the following day.In children, it is often much more violent reaction - redness of the bite extensive, severe swelling that does not subside for a long time - up to several days, itchy, leading to scratching and the appearance of the accession of infection.In adulthood allergy often persists, but the defeat is less extensive.

allergy to mosquito bites a child

allergy to mosquito bites in an adult

addition to local reactions at the site of the bite in the form of swelling, swelling, redness, may occur general reaction - hives, weakness, increased body temperature, rapid but weak pulse, people may complain that it lacks air, breathing becomes frequent and intermittent blood pressure may fall.Typically, symptoms increase in severity quickly and so it is very important to promptly provide the victim first aid.Development of allergy can cause angioedema (swelling of the throat and lungs spasm) and anaphylactic shock, and, as a consequence, no emergency medical assistance to death.


bite several large insects can cause severe toxic effect, even if a person is allergic to the venom.

Attention, blood-sucking insects, such as mosquitoes, can be carriers of some infectious diseases: West Nile fever, Karelian fever and so on.Do not confuse their symptoms with allergy, it can be deadly.

Diagnosis of allergy to insect stings

Often the man himself says, he was bitten by some insect and whose poison was the cause of an allergic reaction, but sometimes it is necessary to understand the doctor.Thus, when a bee sting in the center of the lesion is usually seen sting, wasps and hornets do not leave a sting.With the development of allergy to ant or mosquito bites are often multiple.Allergen confirmed by skin-allergic test.

First aid and treatment of allergies to insect bites

first aid is necessary to provide immediately after the bite and seek medical advice immediately.When a bee sting stinger need to pull out with tweezers, it is connected with a poison gland bees and throws poison in the blood even when most bees are gone.

The bite is administered epinephrine in a dose of 10 mcg / kg (maximum - up to 0.3 mg) to slow down the spread of venom through the body.To the place of the bite apply cold (ice pack and water).Prednisolone is administered intramuscularly at a dose of 2 mg / kg body weight.Prednisolone reduces the manifestation of allergy, as counteracts histamine, which is the main cause of all allergy symptoms.If the bite is on a limb (arm or leg), and necessary medications on hand not applied a tourniquet to reduce blood flow to the limbs and to prevent the poison spreading through the body.However, this should be done with caution, as if a tourniquet applied incorrectly, it can cause problems with food limb tissue and lead to the death of these tissues.Wiring must be completely blocks blood flow from both the limbs, and in it, so if you have not done this before, it is not necessary to experiment.It should immediately call the ambulance.

use drugs, have a calming effect in the lung manifestations of allergy (for example, when the mosquito bites) - fenistil gel, or any sprays and ointments containing panthenol (panthenol spray depantenol, plus panthenol and others).Hormonal ointment type Advantan only on prescription, since these ointments have serious contraindications and restrictions for use.

After the relief of acute process may conduct allergen-specific immunotherapy is the only treatment for allergies, rather than its symptoms.

Prevention of allergies to insect bites

As with any allergy treatment, in this case it is important to protect the person from threatening him allergen, that is to avoid contact with the insect.If the allergy is confirmed, and avoid contact just will not succeed, it is necessary beforehand to pass prophylactic treatment with antihistamines, which will select for you the doctor allergist.

At itself is always necessary to have a first aid kit protivoshokovym.In antishock kit should contain several syringes, epinephrine, and prednisone.

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