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The "people" are called dislocation of any damage to the cords, as a result of exposing the limb.However, dislocation is the displacement of the articular surface of one bone relative to the other, offset part of the articular bones (in this case the head of the humerus) is outside the joint and can damage the passing passing next to her nerves and blood vessels.

Symptoms of shoulder dislocation

Of all the joints of the human body is the shoulder joint sprains often.Shoulder dislocation refers to the number of serious injuries and is fraught with the development of complications.The most common complication after dislocation include: contracture (restriction of movement) of the shoulder joint, nerve damage and paralysis of the arm.

main symptoms in dislocation of the shoulder are:

pain in the shoulder joint, which is quite a strong character and is accompanied by a feeling expressed discomfort in the joint.
visible deformation .Because of the humeral head offset, flattened shoulder join

t, shoulder head is detectable in the uncharacteristic position check is possible, probing a healthy joint and comparing it with a sprained.
Restriction of movements of the shoulder joint.Active movements are severely limited when trying to withdraw his hand with help there is a "symptom of the spring resistance."
swelling at the shoulder dislocation may extend to
brushes • If damaged nerves can be hand or arm paralysis in general , as well as violations of skin sensitivity.

In repeated (habitual) dislocated shoulder all the symptoms may be less pronounced. habitual dislocation of the shoulder can reduce a spontaneous and repeated at a frequency of once a month or more, delivering a lot of indignation.

First aid for a dislocated shoulder

shoulder joint is necessary to immobilize, this is achieved by the suspension arms on the headscarf.You can not attempt to reduce a dislocation, as well as deal with the diagnosis and ask the patient to move his hand.When expressed pain syndrome can be given obezbolivayusche, but we must remember that the tablets with some liquid, you will delay the time of anesthesia cottages for reduction of dislocation.

Diagnostics shoulder dislocation

For diagnosis using X-rays, which are administered before and after the reduction of dislocation, to control the state of bones in a joint.In order to determine the presence of breaks in the capsule and the muscles of the shoulder joint is performed ultrasound or MRI.When nerve damage used elekromiografiyu.

Snapshot dislocation of the shoulder joint

Treatment of shoulder dislocation

Treatment begins with the reduction of dislocation under general anesthesia.Reduction of dislocation is allowed under local anesthesia with habitual dislocation of the shoulder and in the elderly.After reposition applied plaster or bandage replacing immobilize the shoulder joint for a period of 3-4 weeks.In old and stale dislocation reduction may be due to difficulties in this case, eliminate the dislocation of the operational method, passing Hemming capsular ligamentous apparatus shoulder.

Gypsum with a dislocated shoulder

When habitual dislocation, on the plastic capsule and ligaments of the shoulder joint surgery is done in a planned way, after the operation the joint is immobilized plaster cast or special outlet bus.

dislocation of the shoulder joint can be accompanied by damage and rupture of the rotator cuff of the shoulder joint, which is also often requires surgery and plastic stitching and muscle surrounding the shoulder joint.

Rehabilitation after dislocation of the shoulder joint

From the first days of the reposition of dislocation proceed to active movement in his good hand and fingers sore hand.

C 7-10 days You can do isometric muscle contractions under the plaster cast.Also during this time frame can be assigned to physical therapy: magnetic therapy (to relieve pain and inflammation), ultraviolet irradiation at a healthy shoulder joint (in this case, there is a reflex action), procedures are prescribed a course of 8-10 sessions.

After removing plaster range of physiotherapy expands appointed: ultrasound, including hydrocortisone, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, electrophoresis, etc. All physiotherapy aimed at reducing pain and inflammation, as well as to improve the nutrition of tissues, which accelerates the rapid development of movement and.It promotes healing.

By developing motion in the shoulder joint start after removal of plaster, do exercises for 10-15 repetitions, 3-4 times a day.Exercises can be duplicated in the pool or sea water.

Sample exercises for the development of motion in the shoulder joint:

• position - standing, with lowered arms at your sides.Both shoulder raises and lowers with the elbows straighten arms.
• Position - too.Circular motion in the shoulder joint.
• Position - too.Vaults and breed on the back of the blade.
• Position - brush should be laid on the shoulder joints.Performs rotational movement in the shoulder joints.
• Try to close the brush into the lock on the back, alternately changing their places.
• Putting hands in "lock", palms forward.Try as high as possible to raise their hands.
• Position - too.Dilute hand in hand.

With significant difficulties need to use the help of a second hand.And develop diverting motion in the shoulder joint by moving the fingers on the wall.With an increase in pain do break and (or) use anti-inflammatory ointment (Fastum gel ultrafastin etc.) and salt baths.

After a month or more after the injury can begin to massage.The massage area, in addition to the shoulder joint, you can include all the collar zone.

General terms of treatment of dislocation from 1.5 to 3 months.

forecast after shoulder dislocation

forecast quite favorable, but can be quite serious when damaged nerves and muscles of the rotator cuff.Among the unpleasant consequences relates habitual dislocation of the shoulder, which occurs some time after the first dislocation in the future, in the absence of appropriate treatment can be repeated more and more often.

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