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Burns - a fairly common form of dermatitis that occurs as a result of the direct effect of high temperatures on the human skin.The high temperatures cause burns can result from exposure to liquid, solid and gaseous substances.Most often it is the flame, steam, red-hot bodies and hot liquids.To determine the tactics of the victim with burns it is first necessary to know the factors that caused the defeat.

Signs burn

signs of burns can be redness, blisters and blisters with serous content, erosive and ulcerative surface, as well as more serious damage in the form of necrosis (destruction, necrosis) of tissue.The proper and timely administration of burns treatment were divided into superficial and deep.For superficial burns burns include 1, 2 and 3 and degrees.A profound and 4stepeni 3b.

most light burns, lesions of 1 degree, characterized by the appearance of redness, slight swelling and pain.These burns are often on their own, without consequences, in 2-4 days.Recovery may occur peeling of damaged ce

lls.Such burns usually occur as a result of exposure to steam and minor liquids.

Signs 1 degree burns

II degree burns manifest not only the appearance of redness, but also various sizes of bubbles with serous contents.Because these lesions are not damaged sprout layer of the skin recovery is entirely possible in 1-2 weeks.

Signs 2 degree burns

most severe of the surface - it burns 3 and degree.Amazed have all layers of the epidermis, the bottom of the wounds presented intact part of the dermis and partially preserved follicles, sebaceous and sweat glands.Clinically, these manifest burns bubbles of various sizes with a sero-hemorrhagic content.Such lesions have brown or black.There is a danger of joining a secondary infection, resulting in the bottom of the wound can go deeper to defeat the deeper layers.

All deep burns (b-3 and grade 4) characterized by a total damage of the dermis, and therefore the loss of underlying tissue.

Pictured degree burns: 3a, 3b, 4

Depending on the factors that caused the damage, burns are particularly relevant.Damage from fires often cause II degree burns, but it has significant damage to the area.Charred tissue particles remaining in the wound when processing subsequently lead to secondary infection of wounds.It must be remembered that in such forms lesions priority is to stop the burning of clothing details.This can be done with water or covering the burning area of ​​dense tissue.

fluids often cause a small lesion area, but deeper: II-III degree.Skin contact incandescent material characterized by a clear boundary damage and considerable depth.

Treatment of burns

to choose the tactics of treatment and the prognosis is not enough to know the factors causing the loss, and its depth.It is necessary to define more damaged area.To do this, use different techniques.The most common: the rules of "9" and "palm".

In determining the area affected by the rule "9" of the adult human body is divided into 11 equal zones, each of which is 9% (1 head and neck, 2 chest, abdomen 3. 4-5. Rear surface of the body (2. zones) 6-7 each hand, each thigh 8-9, 10-11 each leg and foot (together) and the crotch vulva -.... 1% of the body surface

Rule "palm" is counting areadestruction follows. in this case, it is assumed that the human hand is about 1% of the area of ​​his body.

depth and damage area is determined in the first instance to determine the tactics of patients with burns. for example, the presence of surface burn area of ​​more than 30%natural development of the body's reaction This is the so-called:.. burn disease, developmental toxicity, infection and sepsis These conditions require emergency medical interventions and self in such cases is not allowed because the bubbles contain a large amount of serous content, it is a violation of rheological properties of blood..To assess the severity of the condition in a hospital necessarily estimated indicators of acid-base balance.

first aid for burns

first aid for burns should consist primarily in the termination of the effects of irritating factor increased skin temperature.If you only need to cool the redness of the skin under cold water for 15-20 minutes.Independently can be caused Burns preparation of home kits "olazol".If there is damage to the skin in the form of blisters, erosions, urgent need to seek specialized help.It must be made qualified primary debridement, with the imposition of anti-bacterial ointment.Bubbles burst, disinfected the wound and superimposed aseptic bandage.If heavily soiled wounds injected tetanus serum.Often the pain medication administered.In specialized preparations introduce multiple infusions with extensive and deep lesions.

When local treatment is necessary to use the following groups of drugs: for disinfection and treatment of the wounds are used: 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, an aqueous solution of potassium permanganate, nitrofurans (furatsillin, furagin), chlorohexidine, polymyxin, antibiotics (erythromycin and chloramphenicol), and antibacterialdrugs (sulfonamides).

for maximum effectiveness of the treatment is necessary to observe the regime corresponding to the vastness and depth of the lesion.Often recommended restriction of mobility of the damaged parts of the body.The diet of the patient should be taken into account the loss of fluid and protein in the defeat.

After recovery needs Guardian Skin mode, the exposed damaging factor.It is necessary to protect a skin from excessive exposure to UVR, protecting its special cosmetics with more factor SPF- 50.

Treatment of burns folk remedies

in the treatment of burns can use folk remedies.With little action on the skin, manifested by redness, blisters and bubbles, can be used wet-drying bandage with a decoction of herbs.The most suitable are: oak bark, chamomile, succession, celandine, cooked according to the instructions for the external use.In broth of herbs room temperature moistened gauze cloth, folded in 6-8 layers and for 15 minutes covered the damaged part of the skin.The procedure is repeated for one and a half hours, followed by 3 hours rest from the procedures.Thus wet-drying bandage during the day are performed 2-3 times, until the disappearance of symptoms of acute inflammation.At night, when it is necessary to put on the wound antibacterial cream "levomikol" under the cloth and mesh bandage.Do not use a decoction of herbs with signs of wound infection.Signs of infection is the appearance of bubbles in hemorrhagic content or just pus, redness as well as on the edges of the bubble.It requires expert advice for appropriate treatment.

victims with burns, excessive drinking (mineral water, fruit drinks, warm tea) to restore water balance in the body.When a large area of ​​destruction is possible chills.In this case, the victim must be protected.Inside need NSAIDs for the purpose of antipyretic and analgesic effect.You can use Analgin, Efferalgan in therapeutic dosages.

If reddening of the skin is possible to use moisturizing creams of many dermatological lines such as "Uriage" - "Ksemoz", "Avenue" - "Trikzera" up to 5-6 times a day, especially after contact with water.Skin Care, been exposed to irritating factors, must be very careful.When washing the tools must be used without damaging the hydro-lipid mantle of the skin.For this special gels and soaps from the series "Bioderma" and "Uriage" purchased in the pharmacy network: «Cu-Zn» or «H2O sensitized."

Doctor's consultation on a burn:

1. true that burns should do physician-Combustiology.
Yes, there really is a specialist dealing only burns, and all aspects associated with them.In its terms of reference are often a combination of large area and depth of defeat, as well as the appearance of the body's reaction to the burn surface.Treatment of superficial burns successfully conducts a dermatologist.

2. Can I burn a fresh grease the fatty ointments or fat-containing foods, such as sour cream or vegetable oil?
No.This behavior can exacerbate the severity of injury and will need an additional wound cleansing, this time from the oil.

3. known that in the Middle Ages used the torture of a hot iron.Why the test to die from such a strong influence?
Yes, incandescent material inflicted deep burns, but the damage to the area was not large, systemic reactions, not usually develop.

4. Can I burn when applied to the damaged surface ice?
can not, becauseThis can be caused by frostbite, which will contribute to additional damage to cells and tissues.

5. Can I apply to the wound burn the leaves of various plants, such as aloe, kalanchoe, and other golden mustache?
No.In the treatment of such wounds extraction plant residues will lead to additional trauma wounds.

6. Is it true that taking vitamins can accelerate the healing of burned skin?
Yes.When the burn wound surface to form scar tissue increases the formation of collagen - the main protein of fibrous tissue.This increases the body's need for vitamin C. Burn causes significant physical and emotional stress on the body, thereby increasing the body's need for vitamins of group B.

Dermatologist Tatiana Kuklin