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Collarbone fracture - is a very common injury and often occurs in young adults.Trauma occurs when falling on an outstretched hand or shoulder girdle and by compression of the torso, and a broken collarbone can occur from a direct blow to the collarbone.

Symptoms clavicle fracture

pain at the fracture site.The nature and intensity of the pain depends on the type of fracture, from subtle to severe unbearable.
Limited movement in shoulder girdle and the shoulder joint.
• The head of the patient inclined towards the damage and the shoulder girdle shortened .
• Also observed crunch of bone fragments at a palpation and visible deformation of the clavicle .
swelling in the fracture area (supraclavicular fossa smoothed).
• If there is damage to the subclavian artery, no pulse at the radial artery (above the wrist joint), necrosis and marked cooling of the upper limb.
• With an open fracture of the clavicle, there is a clear bleeding .

First aid for fractures of the clavicle

If you suspect a broken collarbone need to sit the patient and ensure the immobility of the shoulder joint and shoulder girdle region.This is achieved in two ways.The first - a bandage scarf.II - 8-shaped bandage or dressing of the two cloth rings.

methods of immobilization with a broken collarbone

Pain relieve pain medication, for this purpose, suitable - ketorol, nimesulide, aspirin, analgin.

In open fractures need to stop the bleeding by applying a compression bandage.

should be very careful in helping patients with a fractured collarbone, as any excess movement can lead to damage to the subclavian artery.

Diagnostics clavicle fracture

To diagnose fractures sufficient that X-rays.

Treatment of clavicle fracture

In most cases, the fracture of the clavicle is superimposed 8-shaped bandage or dressing Delbo (two cotton-gauze rings), for a period of 4-6 weeks.Creating backward thrust, this dressing at the same time reduce a, and holds the fragments in position.

bandage of cotton-gauze rings

bandage of cotton-gauze rings is not too comfortable, and can cause significant discomfort in the underarms, particularly in children, so it is better to prefer ready-made options dressings.

8-shaped bandage with a broken collarbone

The cast, currently applied only in the case of surgery.

often occurs secondary displacement of fragments, which requires repeated repositioning (reposition bone fragments).Therefore, in recent years, most experts are supporters of operative treatment of fractures of the clavicle, which is an outcrop of fragments, their open reduction and internal fixation.

When open and comminuted fractures, damage to the subclavian artery and nerves, as well as fractures with significant displacement reduction is always performed surgically, with fixing plate or spokes.After surgery, a plaster cast is applied for 4-6 weeks.Knitting needles are removed from the collarbone after 2-3 months, the plate can be up to 1 year or more.

fixation of bone fragments at a fracture of the clavicle, rengenografiya after surgery osteosynthesis

Rehabilitation after clavicle fracture

From the first days after injury proceed to active movement in his fingers and elbow, as well as in the joints of healthy hands.Movement of the shoulder joint is necessary to make with care and with the development of pain, focusing on the abduction of the shoulder backwards.

1-2 weeks after injury appointed physiotherapy, aimed at the removal of inflammation, reduce pain, improve bone fusion.
• Magnetic - 10 to 15 sessions;
• Ultrasound - 10-15 sessions;
• Laser;
• UHF with a variety of anti-inflammatory ointments.

From the third week, increase the range of motion in the shoulder joint, so far as the dressing.By active movements in this period, connect the shoulder girdle and commit a shrug, so stretching the two joint (joint) of the clavicle - with the sternum and scapula.

By the time the dressing movement in joints hands are not particularly limited, and the residual defects are eliminated quickly enough.For more efficient recovery functions are available with sea salt baths and massages.

total treatment period of 2-2.5 months.

forecast after a fracture of the clavicle

Treatment can be extended with open fractures and fractures with damage to the subclavian artery and nerves.Sometimes the fracture is not fused and formed "false joint", which is the cause of chronic pain and impaired physical activity.

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