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brush consists of 13 small bones (the bones of the fingers apart) - 5 metacarpal bones and 8 wrist bones.Fracture of the wrist bones occurs most often from falling or hitting a heavy object, or from a blow with his fist on a hard surface - a wall face of the enemy, etc.

brush Anatomy

Symptoms of bone fracture brush

Everyone knows the fracture occurring in the fight - it fractured metacarpal heads brush.At the turn of a head of metacarpal bone is marked swelling and pain at the fracture site, as is characteristic of the deformation in the pits on the back of the hand.

deserves special attention fractured scaphoid brush.The turning point occurs in the fall, with a focus on the hand.The pain is localized at a given turn by thumb from the brush base.The pain is constant aching in nature, but not intensive, which leads to late treatment of patients (after a few days, weeks or months), slight swelling, deformation was observed.

remaining bone brush damaged and rarely manifest symptoms common to

fracture: pain, swelling, deformity, sometimes crunching fragments.Differentiate fractures need to brush with injuries in which pain and swelling are also significant.

First aid for fractures of bones brush

necessity of splinting is damaged brush is rare.If the fracture is accompanied by severe pain, you can give the victim analgesic tablets or injections (ketorol, nimesulide, aspirin).

Diagnostics wrist fracture

Diagnosis is made by X-ray examination.If you suspect a fracture of the navicular bone, but no evidence of a fracture on X-ray, CT scan is performed.

fracture scaphoid

wrist fracture treatment

Fractures of the metacarpals without bias treated plaster splint on the middle third of the forearm, the immobilization time - 3-4 weeks.In the presence of bias reduction is performed under local anesthesia, if the reduction is not feasible, fix broken spokes, and also impose a plaster for 3-4 weeks, after removing the gypsum needles are removed.The total duration of treatment is rarely more than one month.

fracture scaphoid almost never moves, but very slowly heals.Therefore, the plaster should be worn from 10 to 18 weeks.In the absence of adhesions, as well as delays in seeking help (a few months after injury) produce surgery.The essence of the operation is to fix the bone fragments screw or piece of their own bone taken from the lower leg or pelvis, or the removal of one of the fracture fragments.The total duration of treatment from 2 months up to six months.

other hand bones practically accompanied the displacement and well enough to heal in a cast, imposed for a period of 4 to 8 weeks.To accelerate fracture healing can take calcium supplements (Calcemin, calcium-D3-Nycomed and others.).

Rehabilitation after

wrist fracture From the first day you must actively move his fingers, not trapped in a plaster cast, and the elbow and shoulder joints.2 weeks after injury magnetic appointed.After removing the plaster applied laser and UHF, long-term preservation of swelling appointed anti-inflammatory ointment (ultrafastin, Fastum gel dikloran et al.) And bath with sea salt.Movement of the fingers in fractures of bones of the hand, in contrast to the fractures of fingers, developed without much effort.

set of exercises for the development of movements in fractures of the wrist:

• Hands on the table, palm down.Raise your fingers on the table, individually and collectively;
• Too.Cramping and breeders finger movement;
• Too.The circular movements with your fingers and brush;
• Making "schelbany" and clicks his fingers;
• Compress your fingers into a fist, with the thumb and without it;
• Loop through small grains on the table, this can be mixed buckwheat and rice;
• assemble and disassemble the children's designer;
• Do exercises with expander;
• We make active movements at the wrist joint, even if it does not require development.

do exercises for 10-15 attempts, 3-4 times a day.

To accelerate the recovery can be carried out a course of massage and self-massage the muscles of the forearm wrist.

forecast after wrist fracture

prognosis of fractures of the hand-friendly, injury is rarely serious complications and dysfunction.

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