The turning point of the elbow joint ( elbow ) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

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elbow joint is formed by connecting the bones of the forearm and proximal (lower) humerus.For fractures in the elbow area include: olecranon fracture, fracture of the head and neck of the radius, as well as a fracture of the coronoid process of the ulna.

Symptoms of fractures of the elbow joint

fracture of the olecranon is frequent hand injury.At the turn of the olecranon have pain on the back side of the elbow joint, the pain may be given in the shoulder and upper arm.Swelling and bruising extend to the front surface of the elbow joint, which is associated with the outpouring of blood in the area of ​​the elbow joint.Also, fracture of the olecranon, violated an active extension of the elbow, asto the olecranon attached triceps muscle is responsible for the extension of the forearm.The rotational movement of the forearm (pronation and supination) are affected to a lesser degree.The crunch of bone fragments and visible deformation of the felt in the presence of displacement of bone fragments.

olecranon fracture: a) without the offset, b) offset

At the turn of the head and neck of the radius pain is felt on the front surface of the elbow joint can be given in the upper arm.Bruising and swelling are expressed slightly.Rarely heard the crunch of bone fragments, and visible deformation does not occur, even when the displacement of bone fragments.The distinctive feature of the fracture - is severely restricting the rotational movement of the forearm.

fracture of the coronoid process of the ulna accompanied by pain on the anterior surface of the elbow joint, the pain increases with palpation.Limited flexion and extension at the elbow.Noted a slight swelling of the elbow joint, deformation was observed.

First aid for fractures elbow

When fractures in the elbow joint first aid is the immobilization of the elbow bus improvised, but remember that if you can not own splint, not to experiment better, and tie a hand on the scarf.Pain persists any improvised analgesics: ketorol, nimesulide, analgin.Do not move the injured joint and attempt to straighten the fracture.

Diagnostics fracture elbow

for diagnostic X-ray examination is performed.In some cases, CT scans done to confirm the diagnosis.

elbow fracture treatment

olecranon fracture without displacement treated by applying a plaster cast from the upper third of the shoulder, with the capture of the elbow and wrist joints.Plaster must be worn for 6 weeks.

If displaced fracture , then do the operation and fix otlomok using metal wire and spokes.Reduction of displaced fractures rarely brings positive results, due to the tension of the triceps muscle fragments.Further applied plaster splint for 4-6 weeks.After removing the plaster start to rehabilitation, the total duration of treatment 2-3 months.Knitting needles are removed after a few months after the injury.

When neck and radial head fractures without displacement plaster immobilization lasts 2-3 weeks.If there is a bias, it trying to fix it, in case of failure is an operation to remove a broken piece of bone.The total duration of treatment 1-2 months.

fracture coronoid process requires plaster immobilization for a period of 3 to 4 weeks.The total duration of treatment with rehabilitation 1-2 months.

Rehabilitation fracture elbow

From the first days after injury to actively move the fingers affected arm and shoulder joint.
7-10 days proceed to isotonic contractions of muscles (muscle tension without performing movements) under the plaster.

After 2 weeks after injury appointed physiotherapy - magnetic.After removing the plaster expands range of treatments can be used ozokerite, UHF, electrophoresis, bath with sea salt and mud.

After removing the cast begin to develop the movements of the elbow affected arm.All exercises are done in conjunction with a healthy side of the elbow joint of 10-15 repetitions, with a gradually increasing load, 3-4 times a day.Part of the exercise is performed in a bath with sea salt, which improves the recovery of function and relieves pain.

exemplary set of exercises for the development of the elbow joint:

• Brushes are closed lock, doing exercises on the type of throwing rods, alternately setting the stage for the castle for the left and right ear;
• The same, but throwing hand behind his head;
• Try to close the hand on his back;
• Set up your hands behind your head, hands meet in the castle and stretch, straightening Castle palms up;
• Take children to brush machine and roll on the table, making the movement of the elbow;
• ball game;
• We perform a variety of exercises with gymnastic stick, the emphasis is on flexion and extension at the elbow;
• After sufficient pain reduction, proceed to the exercises with weights (weighing less than 2kg);
• Development of rotational movements in the forearm (pronation and supination) - bend the elbow to a 90 degree angle, then do a forearm movement around its axis, it is important to do rotational movements it is the forearm, not the shoulder.

It is worth remembering that the elbow is the most "capricious" for the development of movements.In some cases, it requires the use of special equipment for the development of a persistent movement disorders at the elbow.

From massage to the elbow region for the first time should be avoided, and the need to massage the muscles of the forearm and shoulder.Only after the removal of inflammation and pain can begin to massage sparing the elbow.

forecast at the turn of the elbow

Fractures of the elbow can result in a faster recovery and restoration of function and long-term, not bringing tangible results, the development of movements.These fractures are intra-articular lesions, and are fraught with the development of contractures (limit range of motion) of the elbow joint arthrosis or in a remote, a few years later, after a period of injury.

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