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The blade - bone, providing a compound of the humerus with the clavicle.Fracture occurs as a result of falling on the shoulder blade or direct blow to the shoulder area, sometimes fractured scapula can occur when falling on an outstretched hand.Depending on what part of the anatomy damaged share:
• fractures of the body and the blade angles;
• cervical scapular fracture;
• fracture of articular process of the scapula (shoulder blade, connecting with the head of the humerus, forms the shoulder joint);
• fractures acromion and the coracoid process of the blade.

Anatomy scapula and shoulder girdle

often fractured shoulder blade combined with other injuries, often collarbone or ribs.


scapula fracture • Pain and tenderness on palpation at the fracture site;
• Swelling in the area of ​​the fracture and the whole of the blade.At the turn of the articular process and the blade neck swelling occurs in the area of ​​the shoulder joint, which can be confused with damage to the latter;
• The crunch of bone fragments in the fracture;
• Deformation is observed only at displacement.More often than not, the shift occurs in fractures of the neck of the blade.In this case, the shoulder joint is omitted as compared with a healthy side;
• Restriction of movement in shoulder girdle and the shoulder joint.

First aid in cases of suspected fracture of the scapula

patient seated, the injured limb is fixed to the body bandage scarf, further consolidating its tours bandage.In severe pain, you can give the victim an anesthetic drug (aspirin, analgin, ketorol, diclofenac and others.).

First aid for fractures blades

Diagnostics scapula injuries

The diagnosis is confirmed by means of X-ray examination.Ingoda, with concomitant damage to the capsule of the shoulder joint or the presence of blood in the joint, is performed ultrasonography of the shoulder joint.

But, for all its simplicity, scapula fracture is often not diagnosed in time.Since the blade fractures occur in patients with polytrauma, when other organs are damaged, the attention of doctors can be more focused on the vital damage and scapular fracture is diagnosed later, when the danger to life is already over.Unfortunately, with the most severe injuries in the treatment of other life-threatening injuries and their complications as much time is spent (several weeks or even months), which fractured scapula time to grow together with the displacement.

Treatment scapula fracture

body fractures, angles, coracoid and acromion process of the blade treated conservatively, using a plaster cast desault or its modern equivalent, for a period of 3-4 weeks.

bandage desault and its modern equivalent

Fractures of the neck and the articular process immobilized outlet bus for 4-6 weeks.

abductor bus

neck scapular fracture with displacement treat skeletal traction of the olecranon (3-4 weeks), then applied a plaster cast for another 3 weeks.In the event of failure of skeletal traction perform surgical removal of displacement and fixation of fracture spokes, screws and plates.After the operation is superimposed gypsum 3-4 weeks.Screws and other metal structures are removed after a few months or years after surgery.

Rehabilitation after the fracture the scapula

2 days after the injury to actively move his fingers brush on the damaged side and perform exercises for healthy hands.

A week after the injury to begin isometric contraction of the shoulder muscles (without making appropriate movements).

physiotherapy treatment aimed at reducing pain and inflammation, may be carried out in the period of plaster immobilization.During this period, is appointed to the magnetic space injury and UFO on a healthy shoulder joint.

After removing plaster begin to develop the movements of the shoulder joint and shoulder blade isolated movements.All exercises are performed in conjunction with a healthy hand.

complex physical therapy exercises at the turn of the blade (repeat every 10-15 times, several times a day):

• In a standing position with his hands to raise and lower the shoulder girdle ( "shake" the shoulders);
• In the same position, are making a circular motion in the shoulders, arms does not separate from the body;
• Vaults and breed of the blade;
• raises and lowers the stretched arms to the side;
• Print the outstretched arms forward, then makes a circular motion;
• closes the hand on the back alternately;
• Exercises with arms outstretched repeat with gymnastic stick, a few weeks later with dumbbells (no more than 2-3 kg.).

Together with exercises assigned a second course of physiotherapy - magnetic therapy, laser, ultrasound, UHF, ozokerite applications.Also baths are used with sea salt and mud.If there is atrophy (weakness), muscle permissible conduct massages.Very good help in rehabilitation after a fracture of the scapula will perform exercises in the pool or sea water.

forecast after

scapula fracture With fracture of the body and the blade angles function is restored 4-6 weeks.Fracture of the neck of the blade requires a longer recovery period - from 2 to 3 months, which is associated with the need to develop the shoulder joint and the complexity of the treatment with the displacement of the fracture.

articular process fracture of the blade in the remote period (several years) may cause the development of osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint.

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