Fracture of thumb - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

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Each finger brush, except the first, consists of 3 x bones (phalanges) connected interphalangeal joints, first finger (large) has only two phalanges.

Anatomy thumbs

Symptoms finger fracture

Fractures of the phalanges of the fingers appear any pain, swelling, deformity and limitation of motion in the injured finger.For fractures of the phalanges may be damaged flexor or extensor tendons of the fingers, and the corresponding movements are severely limited or non-existent.

First aid for fractures finger

The first thing to do in case of damage of fingers - is to remove the ring from the finger of the patient hand.The ring finger on the damaged promotes edema, by displacement of vessels and necrosis of the finger.Then impose a makeshift bus to the damaged finger, or fix the damaged finger to the adjacent finger plaster or bandage.In severe pain can be given painkillers, located in the home medicine cabinet.

finger fracture diagnosis is carried out using X-ray diffraction.

finger fracture treatm
ent arms

fractures of fingers without bias treated in a cast from the middle third of the forearm to the tip of a damaged finger.Instead of gypsum used special tires that leave the rest of the hand joints moving, immobilizing only the damaged finger.

When fractures with displacement make reposition your finger under local anesthesia and is also applied gypsum or bus.The tire or gypsum are up to 3 weeks.Nevpravlennye fractures can be treated staging fixing spokes, which is removed after 3-4 weeks.Also, for the reduction and containment of fragments used for stretching the finger nail plate.

total duration of treatment of fracture phalanges - 3-5 weeks.

bus for fixation in fractures

finger At presence closed tendon damage finger achieve fracture healing, and then make the plastic damaged tendon.Terms of treatment, in which case, lengthen up to 2-3 months.

Rehabilitation after finger fracture

2-3 days after the injury begin to movements in the unaffected hand fingers damaged and healthy fingers brush.After removing the plaster additionally appointed physiotherapy: UHF, magnet, laser, electrophoresis.

By developing movements in the affected fingers need to be taken seriously, especially the 1st finger.Therapeutic exercise is to begin immediately after the removal of plaster.

Exercises to develop movement in her fingers brush (in conjunction with a healthy hand):

• Hands on the table, palms down.Torn off fingers on the table together and alternately;
• The position too.Vaults and breed fingers;
• The position too.Make circular movements with your fingers, sliding pads on the surface of the table;
• The position too.Pinching your fingers to pinch and simulate the movement of the type "pinch of salt";
• Make a ring, resulting in the 1st finger to the other;
• Bend 2-4 fingers, 1 finger produce diverting traffic;
• Alternately, do flips each finger;
• We reduce the palms of both hands together, do breeders movement;
• Bending the fingers into a fist and alternately together;
• To touch a handkerchief or a rosary in his fingers;
• Get enough sleep on the table are two different cereals (rice and buckwheat), mix and sort out;
• Putting children's designer;
• Working at the keyboard or play a musical instrument;
• Exercises with carpal expander;
• If persistent restrictions of movements actively mash fingers with the help of healthy hands.

All exercises are done at 10-15 times, 3-4 entering the day.Very good to repeat the exercise in a basin with a warm solution of sea salt.After exercise We perform self-massage brush and massaging anti-inflammatory ointments.

forecast after finger fracture

fractures of fingers, though not related to serious injuries, but can result in significant dysfunction of the hand and the nature of everyday life, especially for musicians, artists, etc.So the development of movement is the key to a successful recovery.

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