Rib Fracture - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Emergencies

most common damage to the breast - this fractured ribs, often results in damage to the internal organs of the chest (respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, the intercostal vessels).Therefore rib fracture - pretty heavy and painful trauma, which can sometimes lead to death.With this injury, it is not necessary to self-medicate, possible complications if not properly treated.

manifested broken ribs, as severe pain when breathing in and out in the field of breast lesions;bruising (bruises);bleeding through the upper respiratory system.

Treatment of the injury the following: In the first place, it is the blockade of the damaged part of the chest - pain relief.If necessary, perform a puncture, display the accumulated blood from the chest.Also is an important stage of treatment - rest.rehabilitation period takes four weeks or more.

The chest has two boundaries: the upper and lower.The upper boundary - a line passing through the top of the breastbone and the collarbone to the shoulder blades, and be

hind it is a process of the seventh cervical vertebra.The lower boundary - a line running along the edge of the costal arches and the edges of the front ends of the free lower edges, and the rear is the twelfth rib and the process of the twelfth thoracic vertebra.

The interior of the chest is covered with hilar fascia (connective tissue sheath covering the organs, blood vessels, nerves and the generator housings muscles) with the adjacent parietal pleura (the shell consisting of two sheets: one fits the lungs, the other covers the wall of the chest cavity and diaphragm).

Bone base of the chest in the outside covered with long pectoral muscles and back muscles.Also it is equipped with all sides vessels and nerves.

injuries of the chest are: open and closed:

  • Closed damage occurs on impact, which leads to compression of the chest.As a consequence there are: contusions, abrasions, hematomas (bruises), rib fractures, compression of the thorax.
  • Open injuries: there too, with the impact of the chest, as well as in the investigation of gunshot wounds, and not only.

Damage chest injury, and it may turn out not only fractured ribs, and damage to internal organs.Such as the respiratory tract, the cardiovascular system, as well as damage to the intercostal vessels.

In closed chest injuries the most common injury is a fracture of the ribs.The most common fractures occur in the back and middle axillary lines.Rib fracture during direct or indirect impact.

While the direct impact of the edge bends inwards, and the chip edges can damage internal organs.

Indirect exposure occurs squeezing the chest, broken in this case occurs around the site of compression.With such exposure are a greater number of fractures of the ribs.

Symptoms Rib fracture

  • Sharp pains in the chest, which intensified during inhalation and exhalation.
  • Breathing shallow - palpitations.There are conditions for stagnation and develop posttraumatic pneumonia.This is the most dangerous and the most frequent complication in patients with fractures of the ribs.
  • damaged part of the chest behind in breathing.
  • manifestation of respiratory disorders expressed little fractures When the rear sections of the ribs.
  • possible heavy bleeding into the chest, which not seldom fatal.Due to the delayed referral to a specialist.If this is damaged, you can not self-medicate.It is necessary to urgently address to the doctor and get tested to identify the severity of the injury.If necessary to resort to treatment prescribed by your doctor.
  • bleeding through the upper respiratory system, air and fluid in the chest.
  • Side and front fractures transferred very hard, accompanied by pulmonary ventilation disorders.Disturbed gas exchange in the body.

Methods impact on the edges:

Complications of rib fractures

fracture ribs often results in damage to the internal organs of the chest (respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, the intercostal vessels).

If breathing is shallow and rapid congestion may occur, and develop post-traumatic pneumonia.It's quite dangerous and the most frequent complication in patients with fractures of the ribs.


ribs fracture should make an X-ray, which will be seen there fractured ribs or not.

Treatment of fractures of the ribs

As mentioned above, if this is damaged, do not self-medicate.In place of the injury need to put a chill as soon as possible to see a specialist.

In severe pain, to avoid stagnation and posttraumatic pneumonia, the first few days after injury using novocaine blockade at the fracture site.

bandages are not applied because they restrict breathing movements, which badly affects the recovery period, whereby the possible complications of pneumonia and pleurisy.rehabilitation period in uncomplicated cases, takes 3-4 weeks.