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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Emergencies

Concussion - the most mild traumatic brain injury.

Classification cranio - brain injury:

• Concussion - 80 - 90%
• Brain Contusion - 5 - 12%
• Compression of the brain - 3 - 5%.

Adrift cranio - brain injury happens:

• Easy - concussion, contusion mild;
• Moderate - brain contusion moderate;
• Heavy - brain contusion to severe, and all kinds of compression - epidural, subdural, intracerebral, vnutrimozzhechkovye hematoma.

reasons concussion

Trauma can be obtained at home, in transit to and from work, at work, in traffic - traffic accidents, in sports, in the fall during icy conditions, with a height when working in the country and soFurther.

example, you can get a concussion, slipped and hit his head, or in household quarrel, accompanied by physical abuse, and to fight hard sports.

Concussion occurs when the direct blow or sudden deceleration of head movement.This leads to disruption of the brain (loss of consciousness, etc.)

Symptoms of concussion

As a result of concussion that

occurs when falling from a height, the fall of heavy objects from a height of a man, barotrauma wartime, there are significant disturbances in higher nervous activityin the form of limiting inhibition, extending to the lower crust and a number of the central nervous system.In the future, as the release of various departments of the central nervous system of braking, wearing protective in nature, there is a violation of normal dynamic relationship of the cortex and subcortical structures, often in the direction of time and a significant predominance of subcortical centers on inhibited the cerebral cortex: it causes the appearance of a variety of neurological symptoms,disturbance of the cortical regulation of autonomic functions.

for concussion is characterized by loss of consciousness and amnesia.

Mild observed short-term or partial shutdown of consciousness (somnolence), the average degree (stupor), accompanied by a loss of consciousness for a few hours, with severe (coma) there is a deep and prolonged loss of consciousness.After leaving the unconscious patients is often observed retrograde amnesia (the victim does not remember the events preceding the injury, trauma, and events immediately after the injury), headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting.

noted slowing heartbeat - bradycardia, may appear weak meningeal syndrome, fever, blood pressure instability.On examination neurologist will see scattered mikrosimptomatiku - the ability to easily nystagmus, slight asymmetry of tendon reflexes, sometimes pathological signs - often Adolph Strümpell (in the supine position by bending your knees against the applied force - unbent first toe and the rest disclosed "fan"), stagger in Romberg.

All these phenomena are not persistent.Longer held headache and autonomic dysfunction - increased sweating, loss of appetite, heart rate instability and pressure, asthenia, fatigue, drowsiness, mood lability - from irritability to the apathy.

survey with concussion

When a head injury, even slight, in your opinion, should see a doctor to rule out head - brain injury or early treatment in the presence of a brain injury.When loss of consciousness as a result of injury should immediately call an ambulance.Necessary inspections will be x-ray - X-rays of the skull and cervical spine to computed tomography (depending on the detected neurological symptoms), visit an ophthalmologist, electroencephalography, inspection neurosurgeon.

Treatment concussion

the treatment of concussion use neuroprotective - nootropil, piracetam 1200 mg twice daily, Cerebrolysin, somazinu intravenously, antioxidants - aktovegin, solkoseril, mildronat intravenously, dehydration - diakarb tablets, vascular therapy - cavinton, memoplant, B vitamins - Neurovitan, milgamma, neyrorubin, neurobeks, sedatives - dormiplant, afobazol, adaptol.Not engage in self-worth because of the possibility of "miss" more complicated injury, skull fracture, and have life threatening. Heavier than a concussion, head - brain injuries have in their clinical deferred period - "lucid interval" - and when you feel you do not want do not go bad, and the doctor, and after a while the condition worsens.Therefore, it is better to ask for help in a timely manner and be examined and treated.

Complications concussions

Complications concussions can be asthenic syndrome, disorder liquorodynamics and development of traumatic encephalopathy.After a concussion, regardless of the severity of the injury, possibly posttraumatic personality change or constitutional features.It - fatigue, sleep disturbances, emotional lability - mood swings, lack of balance, the development of neurosis, anxiety, fear, loss of memory, attention, distraction.Especially adverse effects are possible with repeated and (or) untreated concussion.It is necessary to know the athletes - boxing, wrestling - replete with loss of consciousness.Repeated head - brain injuries can lead to traumatic epilepsy.

Doctor's consultation on concussion

Question: Can there be a fracture of the nose bone and not be with a concussion?
answer can.When you are not strong enough (for cranio - brain injury) struck in the nose may suffer only nasal bone offset or no offset, will hematoma in the soft tissues of the face, swelling of the nose, the nose, difficulty in nasal breathing.Treated at the doctor otolaryngologist (ENT).

question: what is a "whiplash" injury?
answer this injury, obtained by sudden movement of the head "forward - backward".For example, if a very heavy braking in transport.This head - brain injury combined with possible trauma of the cervical vertebrae - the displacement, subluxation and dislocation to fractures.It is therefore necessary examination and head and cervical spine.

question: how long can last treatment concussion?
Answer: Depending on the severity - from 10 days to a month.Mild possible outpatient treatment, hospitalization in neurosurgical department with average to severe.

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