Skin and allergy tests - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Analysis Of Allergy

This is a special diagnostic research methods to identify the allergen that caused the disease.Available in a large number of a wide variety of allergen preparations for such trials.Among these various preparations of pollen of grasses, trees, and other plants of dandruff and pet hair and allergens made from specially treated house dust.Used drugs from different fungal species (found in upholstered furniture and other household items surrounding the person) from a plurality of so-called industrial allergens and food allergens and bacterial.

sample was conducted as follows: A solution of the allergen or to a pre-made nakapyvayut scratch on the hand, or using a syringe injected intradermally at the inner surface of the forearm.If hypersensitivity to any allergen is available, on the site of a scratch after 15 to 20 minutes there are redness and swelling of the local manifestations of allergic reactions.Normally, put the sample with 15-20 allergens simultaneously.


method performances of skin allergy tests has a number of contraindications.So this method of investigation can not be assigned the following patient groups:

- those who have a history has been marked by anaphylactic shock;

- patients with acute exacerbation of allergic diseases, as well as chronic diseases including mental and neurological disorders;

- pregnant and lactating women;

- patients who have undergone long-term hormone therapy.

As a method of skin allergy tests are not recommended for older people over the age of 60 years.

may be that at least one of them will give a severe allergic reaction in persons having skin allergy tests?

Of course, the introduction of allergens for diagnostic purposes can be developed almost any allergic reactions.Therefore, production of skin tests performed by medical staff only under conditions that allow, if necessary, to provide the necessary emergency medical help examinee.

I conducted allergic skin tests using different concentrations of the same allergen.What are the benefits for the diagnosis?

study of skin reactions in some cases is not limited to the establishment of an allergen to which the patient has sensitivity.It is often necessary to know the degree of sensitivity.Therefore, put allergy tests with different dilutions of allergens.It should be emphasized that in recent years the state of allergic antibodies to directly examine the patient's blood.