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August 12, 2017 17:52 | In Gynecology

Doppler - a method of ultrasound that measures the speed of blood flow in the uterine vessels, umbilical cord and fetal.In obstetric practice it is used only the last 10 years.

Outdoor scientists Doppler in 1842 physical effect today successfully used in medicine for measuring the blood flow velocity by using ultrasonic waves.This method allows us to estimate the speed and quality of blood flow in the uterine vessels, umbilical cord and fetal.A normal blood flow means that the baby is getting enough food and is protected from external influences.As a result, he grows and develops normally.With the improvement of diagnostic ultrasound equipment have the opportunity to assess blood flow in the majority of fetal vessels.Modern, advanced devices use pulse mode, which allows you to record the blood flow in the smallest blood vessels of the fetus and the chambers of his heart, as well as in the uterine arteries.

In some cases, it may help to Doppler?

Uterine artery

known that in the early stages of p

regnancy, usually do not develop a serious complication of pregnancy as preeclampsia (high blood pressure, edema, protein in the urine).And this show normal blood flow rates in the uterine arteries.However, if the Doppler data suggest the risk of developing preeclampsia, a woman in advance should carefully observe the water-salt regime (salt consumption is reduced to a minimum, the amount of fluid intake per day should not exceed 1.5 liters, nutritious diet includes foods rich in animal proteinmeat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese).In addition, the expectant mother is advised not to overwork, sleep more, to avoid stressful situations.If necessary, your doctor may prescribe medication.

It is important to monitor blood flow in the uterine arteries, if a woman suffers from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, rheumatism, diseases of the blood coagulation system, when all the vessels of the body it is initially not strong enough.It is important to understand that the reduction in "power" of the uterus gradually leads to "starvation" of the child.A Doppler helps to understand the mechanism of such violations and to select targeted treatment.

In the event of a threat of termination of pregnancy, when the uterus begins to contract prematurely often, and passing vessels in it are pressed, suffering and blood flow in the uterine arteries.Session Doppler helps to forestall negative developments.Rest, calming and antispasmodic therapy can quickly restore balance in the body of the pregnant woman.

umbilical artery

vessels of the umbilical cord - is the only way in which the growing fetus receives the necessary for life.It is important to know and monitor.The most common cause changes in blood flow in the vessels of the umbilical cord - placental disease.Among these inflammatory changes in the background of microbial and viral infections, placental edema caused by Rh-conflict mother and baby, mother's diabetes, congenital characteristics of the structure of the placenta and umbilical cord abnormalities development.Upon detection of the changed parameters of blood flow in the vessels of the umbilical cord tactics of the doctor depends on the condition of the fetus.If it corresponds to the term of pregnancy, the doctor realizes that the observed changes are recent and have the opportunity to fix it.Normally in this situation prescribe a preventive treatment, which aims - to improve the function of the placenta cells (aktovegin), restore microcirculation (trental, chimes, aspirin, hofitol).If fetal biometry reveals asymmetry sizes (head, abdomen, thigh length) or a mismatch of size gestational age, the need for more intensive treatment that is best carried out in a hospital by intravenous drip of relevant drugs.

fetal vessels

blood flow Changes in these vessels only occur some time after the loss of blood supply in the umbilical artery, and often indicate hypoxia.Hypoxia is lack of oxygen in the cells of the tissues, which is transported in the blood cells.Oxygen - an important element, which takes place with the participation of the "correct" the metabolism of the cell If the oxygen is not enough, the chemical reactions in the cell does not go "to the end", and the energy needed for the growth and functioning of tissues, is not enough..This situation requires intensive treatment in the hospital.