The study of the external genitalia - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | In Gynecology

study of the external genitalia begin with a tour of the pubis.Celebrating its form, condition of subcutaneous fat layer, the nature of hairiness (female, male or mixed type).

then inspect the inner thighs (redness, pigmentation, eczema, warts, varicose veins), large and small labia (the value, the presence of edema, ulcers, tumors, kondilomatoznyh growths, the degree of closing gender gaps, perineum), and finally,the area of ​​the anus (hemorrhoids, fissures, warts, sores, loss of the mucous membrane).

city's vestibule labia bred thumb and forefinger of his left hand.Pay attention to the color, condition of the mucous membrane, pigmentation, ulceration.It is necessary to examine the clitoris (shape, size, malformation), the external opening of the urethra (the state of the mucous membrane, the presence of polyps, the nature of discharge), lacunar strokes (the presence of inflammation, purulent plugs), the inner surface of the large and small labia (the state of the mucous membrane,pigmentation, prese

nce of ulcers), the hymen (the integrity, the form breaks, state scarring), posterior commissure (fractures, scars).In parallel, identify signs of infantilism (narrow gender gap labia do not cover small, high crotch).

On the eve of the vagina anteriorly and laterally from the hymen with both sides open ducts Bartholin glands.Looking around the area ductless holes, you must pay attention to the nature of the discharge, the presence of stains, swelling, redness.

cyanosis of the mucous membrane of the vestibule may indicate pregnancy or stagnation in the pelvis caused by the tumor, incorrect position of the uterus, and others. To determine whether the omission or loss of the vagina and the uterine wall, it is necessary to offer the patient to cough or tighter.

After inspecting the vagina examined the skin of the external genitalia: determine its color (pallor, depigmentation, hyperemia, cyanosis), the presence of signs of inflammation (swelling, redness, ulceration), warts, varicose veins.

In identifying a particular pathology of the external genitalia doctor produces material for bacteriological sampling, microscopy, cytological, histological studies (after pre-colposcopic, tservikoskopicheskogo Research).

After visual inspection of genitals begin to internal investigations.