Mammography - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | In Gynecology

Mammography - a highly efficient and secure method of research, which allows to identify the tumor mass is negligibly small size, which does not manifest clinically, ie, a woman makes no complaints, the formation of this size can not be detected by palpation (feeling) or by the woman herself or a doctor.

Early diagnosis plays an important role in the early treatment as a result of becoming a high probability of a full recovery, in most cases, while preserving the breast.

Given the low radiation dose and frequency of study patient is not exposed to any risk.The only contraindication is pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding).
Mammography provides qualified to install the special X-ray (mammography).

received mammograms described radiologist.As a rule, the study is to obtain two X-ray images of breast from two different angles.

In the picture should be visible the maximum possible volume of the prostate.However, sometimes due to some individual features of the structure or size of the breast there is

a need for additional projections.Additional images can provide more comprehensive information for the correct evaluation of the prostate tissue of individual features.

During a mammogram the breast is compressed between two plastic spoons mammography.Good grip, due to the spreading cancer greatly increases the ability to detect early, minor and sometimes invisible in the normal state, signs of cancer.

breast compression also reduces the radiation exposure in the study.

Such compression can be unpleasant, but it is a temporary phenomenon, but the result is very important.
Mammography painless.But this procedure is preferably carried out at the beginning of the menstrual cycle for 5 - 14 days from the beginning.

On other days, especially in the premenstrual, regular changes occur in the breast (increase in the volume of tissue density) that distort the picture of mammography, making it difficult to correct diagnosis.
If you have a mammogram detected any change, do not despair!

These changes are not necessarily malignant.But remember!Early diagnosis will provide an effective treatment!

Mammograms - an important document that needs to be stored, and at the next visit to the doctor to bring previous pictures!