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test is based on characteristic changes in cervical mucus during the menstrual cycle under the influence of estrogens and progestogens.There are a few samples: determination of the amount of mucous secretion, the phenomenon of the pupil, and the tension of the mucus ferning.

number of mucous secretion depends mainly on the estrogenic activity of the organism.The greatest number of his show at ovulation, the smallest - before the onset of menses.The test evaluated qualitatively or in points.

phenomenon pupil based on the change amount of secreted mucus and cervical tone under the influence of steroid hormones.Number of mucous secretion and the diameter of the external os uteri are maximum during ovulation, so the direction of the light beam projecting outer mouth with a drop of mucus appears dark and resembles the pupil.Evaluation was carried out in points on a three-point system: a small dot or stripe - 1 point (+), 0.2-0.25 cm - 2 points (+), 0.3-0.35 cm - 3 points (+ + +).

When old cervical rupture

, erosion, Endocervicitis this test is uncharacteristic.

tension cervical mucus is also dependent on estrogen stimulation, affecting the decrease in viscosity of the mucus, and the appearance of strength.The tension is determined by careful breeding forceps jaws after removing it from the cervical canal.Mucous yarn length measured in inches;test was also evaluated by a three-point system: the thread length 6 cm - 1 point (+) 8.10 cm - 2 points (+) of more than 12 cm - 3 points (+ + +).Maximum length of the string is in the period of ovulation.

fern phenomenon is based on the ability of cervical mucus on drying subjected to crystallization, the intensity of which varies during the menstrual cycle and depends on the hormonal activity of the ovary.

evaluation crystallization mucus dried in air or a flame burner, produced with a microscope at low magnification on a three-point system: fine crystals with a fuzzy pattern in the form of individual stems - 1 point (+) distinct sheet with the clear pattern - 2 points (+ +), crude crystals developing in "fern leaves", where the branches extend at an angle of 90 ° - 3 points (+ + +).The maximum expression of ferning associated with maximum estrogen production in the phase of ovulation.In the luteal phase, this phenomenon gradually disappears cycle before menstruation the mucus crystallization absent - 0 points (-).

Limits the value of the study of the phenomenon of change in the pH of mucus fern (inflammatory disease), as in this case, the crystallization of the picture may be distorted.

Diagnostic value of studies of the properties of cervical mucus increases when used in combination.Cervical Mucus The index is calculated by the sum of points, taking into account the five tests: the phenomenon of the pupil, the phenomenon of the fern, the number of cervical mucus, its tension, and the number of leukocytes.The maximum score for each test - 3 points, minimum - 0 points.

Standards test study of cervical mucus and cervical index at 28-day menstrual cycle

index points points Feature



1 2 3

0 ml

0,1 ml

0,2 ml

0,3 ml


0 1 2


thick sticky


low viscosity








atypical pattern

primary and secondary branches fern

tertiary and quaternary branches fern

Elongation mucus


1 2 3

Less than 1 cm

1-4 cm

5-8 cm

9 cmmore

cellularity mucus (white blood cells)


1 2 3

more than 11 cells

6-10 cells


cells lacking

indicators cervical number from 0 to 8 points indicate low saturation, from 9 to 11 points - on a modest, from 12 to 15 points - high estrogenic saturation.