Salpingography : metrosalpingography , pertubatsiya pipes - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | In Gynecology

salpingography brings together a group of research methods cavity of the uterus and fallopian tubes for the diagnosis of tubal infertility, tumors and malformations of female genital mutilation.

Such methods salpingography as pertubatsiya or kimopertubatsiya use air filled cavity of the uterus, which, in the absence of obstruction, must go through the fallopian tubes.It does not always accurately diagnosed with obstruction of one of the fallopian tubes.Furthermore

purge air, and various uses salpingography administered through the catheter fluid, such as gidrotubatsiya which is used not only for diagnosis, but also for the treatment of fallopian tube obstruction.

separate group of diagnostic methods salpingography up metrosalpingography or hysterosalpingography (HSG) , in which the uterus and fallopian tubes filled with X-ray contrast fluid and then held fluoroscopy.

salpingograficheskimi these methods more accurately determined each fallopian tube patency, tumors and various malformations of in

ternal genital organs of women, diagnosis of female infertility and miscarriage.

addition fluoroscopy in metrosalpingography hysterosalpingography and ultrasound diagnostics can be used that does not cause radiation.

Ultrasonic salpingography instead uses a radiopaque liquid saline, do not cause allergies, which reduces the possible negative consequences.

How to spend salpingography?

Most often spend gidrotubatsiyu to determine tubal patency: the uterus when administered radiopaque substance, and the picture is taken at rentgenustanovke.

metrosalpingography (hysterosalpingography) - a method of X-ray examination of the uterus (hysterography) and fallopian tubes through their artificial contrast.It is used to determine the cause of infertility, with suspected malformation of internal genital organs, submucosal fibroids, endometrial cancer, cancer of the fallopian tubes, and others.

tests are usually performed on the 7-19 th day after the end of menstruation in the position of women for gynecological examination.After treatment of the vagina and cervix with an alcohol solution of iodine is administered endocervical canal uterine cannula through which slow the uterus under fluoroscopic administered 10-12 ml 60-76% solution of the water-soluble radiocontrast agent, the temperature of which is 36-37 °.As the filling of the uterine cavity and fallopian tubes produce X-rays.If the x-ray after 3-5 minutes were observed filling of the fallopian tubes, in 20-25 minutes, making repeated images.On radiographs assess the condition of the cervical canal, uterine position, shape and size of its cavity, the location and patency of the fallopian tubes.

study may be accompanied by short-term fever, and abdominal pain (independently tested).allergic reactions.

metrosalpingography contraindicated in acute or subacute inflammatory processes of genital organs, acute infectious diseases, thrombophlebitis.

Benefits salpingography before laparoscopy

salpingography unlike laparoscopy non-invasive (without instrumental penetration into the abdominal cavity), does not require anesthesia, relatively well tolerated (marked discomfort as the installation of an intrauterine device), no complications.

Disadvantages salpingography before laparoscopy

metrosalpingography does not give 100% certainty of tubal patency.