Urinalysis by Nechiporenko - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | In Urology

Urinalysis by Nechiporenko

- this study allows to assess the state of the kidneys and urinary tract.This analysis is carried out for a more detailed identification of violations detected in the general analysis of urine.Urinalysis by Nechiporenko is often used to monitor the effectiveness of treatment.

For sample Nechiporenko you need a morning urine.It accumulates in the bladder throughout the night, so devoid of diurnal variations of indicators and is more objective.The volume of urine for the full study must be at least 70 ml.

Before you collect material for analysis, you need to conduct a thorough toilet of external genitals.For this purpose, suitable soap solution and boiled water and Frc 0.02% or 0.02-0.1% solution of potassium permanganate solution.Those who forget about such an important rule, often receive inaccurate test results.In them there is an increased number of red blood cells and white blood cells, which complicates diagnosis.To receive urine Prepare a clean, dry, well-washed from

products and disinfectants dishes.

main rule - to take the middle portion of the morning urine.At the beginning and at the end of urination material is not necessary.Make it difficult, but and required quite a bit - 15-25 ml.

It does not touch the body flask, so that the dishes were not included elements of inflammation of the urethra, and external genitalia.The capacity of the urine close the lid and faster wear to the laboratory.

Remember: storage of urine leads to the destruction of its important elements.By the way, deliver analysis to the clinic only need in positive temperatures."Peremorozhennuyu" will need to pass urine again: it appears in the precipitated salt precipitate.They can be interpreted as a manifestation of kidney disease.

Do not forget another rule.it is desirable to renounce the use of drugs before delivery of incontinence.Affect the results can even "harmless" ascorbic acid.But before you cancel the medicine, talk about this with your doctor.