Urinalysis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | In Urology

Urine - a mirror of the body.The simplest and most frequently used - a common, or urinalysis.

When collecting urine for general analysis it is important to follow some rules.It's one of the few analyzes that people collect themselves.In the evening you need to cook a jar.The vessel should be thoroughly washed and scalded with boiling water - to the analysis were not "excessive" bacteria and fungi.To collect the urine needed in the morning.Suffice 100-200 milliliters.Be sure to point filling the jars need to conduct a thorough toilet of genitals, or analysis would be "contaminated."Set aside a day a urine analysis if you monthly.If you are taking any medications, tell your doctor, because some medications affect the analysis of urine.No dietary restrictions, but do not "lean" on mineral waters - they change the response of urine.

shared urinalysis tells us:

colored urine.It should be straw-yellow.If the urine is similar to meat slops, doctor suspects an inflammatory kidney disease.Some drugs in urine

stained pinkish-red color.And if you overeat carrots, beets, strawberries, the urine becomes reddish.

Transparency urine.It must be completely transparent.Turbidity and cereals - evidence of inflammation of the kidneys or urinary tract.But if the urine was clear, but standing a little turbid, it is nothing - so often the case.

reactions urine.It has to be acidic.Neutral or alkaline reaction of urine happens when urinary tract infections and nutrition, poor meat.

density of urine.It is equal to the rate of 1018-1025.If the urine density is increased, the doctor will suspect dehydration, increased blood sugar.By reducing the proportion of it would be to think of kidney inflammation, kidney failure, or that the patient drank too much water.

protein.His urine should be less than 0.033%.More happens in infection, inflammation and immunological diseases, kidney disease, kidney failure or just after a heavy exercise.

bacteria and fungi.They simply should not be

cylinder.They are normal or not, or very little - the unit in the field of view.Otherwise, there is a loss of kidney tissue.

erythrocytes.They also either non-existent or should be isolated in the preparation.If the red blood cells to the 100 in sight, this is called microscopic haematuria and shows immunological and inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, kidney stones, cancer, kidney disease, or severe infection.If erythrocytes in the field of view greater than 100, it is called gross hematuria.When it changes, and the color of urine - it becomes the color of meat slops, and hence, there is an inflammatory kidney disease or bleeding.

leukocytes.Men are allowed to have in the urine 0-3 leukocytes in sight, and women - 0-5.(The same figures are the norm for boys and girls) pyuria - so the increase in the number of leukocytes in urine - indicates inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract, cystitis, prostatitis, immunological kidney damage.