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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Gynecology

In life almost every woman there is a moment when there is a desire to become pregnant.At the same time can povitsya and thought, "if I can quickly get pregnant and give birth?", Particularly among women, whose past women's health to falter in the form of frequent inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, menstrual disorders, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, endocrine disorders and thelike.

How do you know whether you will be able to quickly get pregnant, or have to go to the doctor

If you and your partner's health is all right and no symptoms do not bother if you spend checkups at the gynecologist at-least once a yearif you and your partner do not have bad habits - a chance to get pregnant quickly and even "fly" (get pregnant, take precautions) you have a huge.

you can do initially to assess their ability to quickly get pregnant for some parameters, shown below.

chances of quickly getting pregnant decrease if:

  1. You have irregular menstrual cycles and often menstrual cycle disruptions,
  2. menses with clots or severely painful,
  3. Any abnormal discharge from the genital tract you or partner,
  4. There allocationof the breast,
  5. you a long time drank the pill (took approx),
  6. often headache,
  7. are overweight or excessive weight loss,
  8. you often experience stress and nervous,
  9. you periodically have pains in the lower abdomennot dependent on monthly, or have untreated endocrine disease,
  10. you or a partner the hard work and long working hours, or have bad habits

in all these cases except the last one you and the partner should immediately be examined by a doctor, respectively, gynecologistor urologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, depending on the disturbing symptoms.Prompt medical consultation and the time taken for the treatment of measures will help to get pregnant quickly and not lose time.

Do not delay visit to the doctor if you can not get pregnant for over a year, and after the age of 30 - more than 6 months at a sexual life without contraception.Coitus interruptus is not considered an effective method of contraception, so if you do not become pregnant within a year or two, take precautions interrupted intercourse, the probability of getting pregnant quickly without treatment, you have a very small .

To understand the process of how to get pregnant

in a woman's ovaries from birth laid the immature ovum.Since the beginning of the menstrual cycle (day 1 month - it is one day of the menstrual cycle), one or more eggs under the action of certain hormones begins to mature, the follicle (the bubble in which the maturing egg) grows up to 22-24 mm, and under the influence of a different hormone bursts (occurringovulation), in its place formed corpus luteum, it also produces a variety of hubbub necessary to get pregnant.The slightest hormonal ballansa can lead either to the fact that the egg is not ripen, to the fact that the follicle does not burst or that the corpus luteum will produce enough hormones (failure of the corpus luteum).It, naturally, interfere with getting pregnant.

The sperm after ejaculation fall into the cervical mucus content, and then for them to possible obstacles: if mucus is too thick or too thin, if broken acidity (all of which may be a consequence of inflammatory and other diseases) - the sperm just does not fall into the uterus, pregnantin this case, again, it will not work.

If sperm were in the womb, but there are anatomical pathology of the uterus (womb when bicornuate, when bending of the uterus) to become pregnant quickly estesstvenno way again can not happen.

Let's sperm have been uterus and ended up in the fallopian tubes, where they must odzhidat egg, but hollow tubes narrowed or soldered in consequence of chronic inflammatory diseases of the genital organs - then the sperm will not be able to connect with the egg, or, even worse, the fertilized egg is notcan descend into the uterus and it will attach to the ovaries - develop an ectopic pregnancy that requires emergency interruption.In such cases, pregnancy planning is necessary and laparoscopy with tubal and peritoneal infertility laparoscopy is enough to get pregnant.

or defective sperm and they generally can not get to the egg in time and die quickly.

Or fertilized and ranked in the uterus of the egg can not attach to the endometrium in consequence of endometriosis, adenomyosis or endometrial hyperplasia.

As mentioned above, in order to get pregnant, you need to compound the egg and sperm.But the egg matures only once a month, and to get pregnant, you need to catch the moment.

When to have sex to get pregnant.

To quickly get pregnant, you need to calculate the so-called fertile period - days cycle, the most favorable for conception.It 3-4 days before and 2 days after ovulation.Now we need a little - to determine the day of ovulation.Ovulation menstrual cycle divides into two parts.The length of the first half of the woman's cycle for each individual (but should be the same from month to month in a woman in her), and the length of the second half of the cycle is usually 14 days.When the 28-day menstrual cycle (always think from day 1 month), ovulation often falls on the 14th day from the beginning of menstruation, with a 30-day cycle - 16 minutes.

little to orient and to predict the onset of ovulation can be the graphs of basal temperature, and ovulation tests (tests are sold in pharmacies).

Bad habits prevent pregnant quickly

As soon as there is a desire to get pregnant, the couple is fighting to reconsider their lifestyle and give up alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.All these compounds act on the central nervous system in such a manner that the abnormal functioning of the endocrine system (organs that produce hormones) fails in hormonal balance that is necessary to get pregnant.

How to get pregnant with irregular cycle?

plan your pregnancy at an irregular cycle, or with hormones is quite difficult problems, because in addition to the need to control the arrival of ovulation, you also need to monitor their health.At the stage of planning of pregnancy every woman should live a healthy lifestyle, eat right and maintain hormonal balance.Establish production and natural balance of progesterone and estrogen in the body helps to complex "Time Factor".Biologically active substances in the complex will not only alleviate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and normalize cycle and thus make it possible to identify suitable days for conception.

daily routine to quickly become pregnant

If you want to quickly get pregnant, it is very important to sleep at night and stay awake during the day.The fact that there are a group of hormones, which are produced exactly in the dark during sleep (prolactin, for example), and they affect very much the possibility of pregnancy.

Nutrition, diet to get pregnant quickly

The first couple wishing to get pregnant need isklyucht coffee and other caffeinated products, all products containing preservatives and artificial dyes, soy, as far as possible to limit in the diet of sugar and flour products from white flour.They all increase the burden on the liver, which in turn responds by excessive production of the hormone androgen suppressing ovulation.

Meals should be sballansirovannym on vitamin and mineral composition, food should prevail vegetables, fruits and herbs (especially rich in folic acid, parsley, cabbage, potato), make sure the daily consumption of vegetable oils (vitamins A and E) - all of these vitamins are essential,to get pregnant.

In no case can not give up meat, protein in the diet of those wishing to become pregnant should be mandatory.In addition to the desirable meat consumption of nuts and legumes (peas, beans, but not soy).

Diets "slimming" interfere with getting pregnant!

men whose woman wants to get pregnant, you must completely abandon the beer.Beer, in addition to alcohol, and contains estrogen (similar to Jens sex hormones) substances and reduces the quality of sperm.

Recommendation man

To develop a full-fledged sperm in addition to proper diet and giving up bad habits necessary pendulum movement of eggs and excluding them from overheating.Thus, a man should wear wide pants and trousers, not jeans and narrow melting at least at the time of planning pregnancy, to give this period of saunas and baths.The more a man has sexual intercourse takes place, the more sperm produced as follows.But to conceive, sex life need not more than 1 time per day in the fertile period of a woman (before and after him often as possible).With a small deviation from the norm of semen recommended abstinence 2-4 days before the ovulation in a woman, but no longer (with more prolonged abstinence sperm indicators deteriorate)

Stress interferes with getting pregnant quickly

Stress interferes with getting pregnant, disrupting the proper functioning of the endocrine system.If you want to quickly get pregnant - revise views on life and maximum ogranichte stressful situations and reactions to them his nervous system.It's a vicious circle: the nerves - it is impossible to conceive - the nerves on the fact that it is impossible to conceive, and break it only you can.If necessary, you need to address to the psychotherapist.

Folk remedies to quickly get pregnant

In some cases, effective use of the so-called folk remedies to get pregnant:

If you can not get pregnant, but the doctor has not been accessed, from folk remedies you can only recommend vitamin teas and vitamin feesmedicinal plants.These are widely used folk remedies as upland uterus, red brush, sage, have clear contraindications and every herb is used only when the cause of infertility and appropriate treatment should be carried out only on certain days of the menstrual cycle.What friend or acquaintance helped conceive, for example, upland uterus, does not mean that it will help you get pregnant and instead provoke a breakthrough uterine bleeding (as happens very often).

After complete examination you can ask your doctor to recommend a suitable phytopreparation based on your analysis and contraindications.But just ask the phrase "phytopreparation" rather than "folk remedy to get pregnant", doctors pathologically averse to the words "folk remedy" and phytotherapeutic treatment for gynecological diseases are used widely enough, though in fact they are one and the same.

In no case do not drink sage to become pregnant, if you have a progesterone deficiency (low basal temperature in the 2nd phase of the menstrual cycle, progesterone or low for analysis), that you will only aggravate the situation and alienate the day when you can get pregnant.

not drink upland uterus during menstruation and discard it, if you have liver trouble or during treatment upland uterus you feel heaviness or pain in the right side.As already stated above, any excessive load on the liver prevents pregnant.

strictly follow the doctor's advice and dosages recommended by your doctor.

Kake quickly become pregnant after taking approx

Among women, there is a perception that if you want to quickly get pregnant, you need to take approximately 3 months (oral contraceptives) and it is possible to get pregnant in the next cycle after taking approx.This opinion is true or not true.Yes, there is a method of treatment of anovulation based on the "rebound effect", its meaning is that while receiving ca hormones needed to get pregnant, gradually accumulate in the body, and after receiving the ok the egg begins to rapidly mature, ovulation occurs.BUT: First, not all ok for this suit.Secondly - if you have, and so the ovulation and the reason that you can not get pregnant in the obstruction, such as the fallopian tubes or worse in hormonal disorders - you're just wasting your time, and in the second case - even hurt yourself.In no case do not take approx without consulting a doctor and complete the survey!

How quickly become pregnant after abortion after abortion

woman soon begins to think about how to get pregnant, and it is not in vain.Often, abortion greatly reduce the chances of getting pregnant quickly, but there are advantages and diagnostic infertility after abortion - secondary infertility, that is, once you get pregnant fast is still able, and preventing pregnant sechas reasons came later.Such reasons may include: abortion is wrong (too traumatic or uncontrolled use of hard drugs) or appeared gynecological or endocrine diseases.If you have had an abortion, consult a doctor after 6 months from the first failed attempt to get pregnant.

How quickly get pregnant after a miscarriage

If you have previously lost a pregnancy (a miscarriage), it is an occasion with the responsibility to treat attempts to get pregnant again, and before planning must always undergo a full gynecological examination, as well as consult with an endocrinologist and geneticist, to the misfortune of notagain.Often, miscarriage is a consequence of reasons:

  • first is sexual infection, so before planning is required to identify and treat them.
  • endocrine disorders (if you could get pregnant, it is likely to breach minor, but any endocrine disease progresses during pregnancy and it may end in miscarriage. For example, hypothyroidism to become pregnant, you can, but during pregnancy the need forthyroid hormone - thyroxine, greatly increases the hormone is not enough, proshodit miscarriage
  • genetic disorders in the fetus
  • 2 or more miscarriages -.. reason to be tested for ASF ( antiphospholipid syndrome)

How do I know.that you have become pregnant

If you regularly for each cycle is plotted basal body temperature, to learn about the ensuing pregnancy is quite simple. If the length of the 2-cycle phase (since confirmed ovulation tests ovulation) more than 16 days, basal temperature thus increased, a huge possibilitythat you could get pregnant.

And again on the nerves and stress, it is very important if you want to get pregnant fast.According to my personal statistics, desperate to conceive couples can not get pregnant, even if all the tests in their order (so-called idiopathic cause of infertility).If the doctor wondered why you can not get pregnant - it's time to take up their world.Create a positive attitude (help meditation, auditory training, yoga), repeat to yourself, we all will be well!And all you get!