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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Gynecology

Drug-free treatment of gynecological diseases

Drug-free treatment involves:

  • general massage,
  • massage "neck area»,
  • underwater massage,
  • balneotherapy.

From physiotherapy shows endonasal electrophoresis with vitamin B1, central electroanalgesia 5-6-th day of the menstrual cycle (8-10 sessions).

acupuncture sessions carried out after 1-2 days according to the scheme:

  • 1st session - impact on the AT 51, 23, 28, 56 (constant push needle 8-10 days) or TA every day during the same time- G 14, TR 5, GI January 1, E 36 (toning 5 min);
  • 2nd session: VG January 1, V 11, V 43 (toning 5 min);
  • 3rd session: VG 4, V 2 March (toning up to 5 minutes);
  • 4th session: V 25, V 31, V 33 (toning 5 min);
  • 5th session: VG 2, VG ​​4, F 12, RP 9 (toning up to 5 minutes);
  • 6th session: RPA, MC 6;
  • 7th session: RP 6, VC 4;
  • 8 th session: R 5, R 6, R 12 (dispersion to 30-40 min);
  • 9th session: G 14, E 36 I 10 C (dispersion until 40 min);
  • 10th session: R 7, V 23, V 32 (Tonification z up to 5 minutes).

Treatment depends on the severity of premenstrual syndrome

In milder forms of the disease following a sequence of treatment modalities:

  • aerotherapy;
  • balneotherapy (coniferous, iodine-bromine, valerian, sage bath);
  • gidroaeroionoterapiya;
  • total franklinization;
  • central electroanalgesia, electrosleep;
  • galvanization (anodicheskaya, endonasal).

After 6-8 weeks (break) - total calcium electrophoresis course (on S. B. Vermelho), balneotherapy (pearl, foam, oxygen, nitrogen, radon baths), spa treatment.

In severe form of premenstrual syndrome treatment is carried out in two stages:

  • Stage 1 - the impact on the area of ​​the adrenal deci- microwaves, centimeter range, inductothermy, common quartz;
  • 2nd stage - three treatment courses of physiotherapy identical mild form of premenstrual syndrome.


physiobalneotherapy includes mud, mineral wax, paraffin wax ( "cowards", vaginal swabs), sulfide baths, irrigation.

laser therapy on the abdomen is performed with an infrared laser apparatus "Pattern" and AFDL-2, scanning technique, frequency - 300 pulses / min, the exhibition - 128, the course - 10 sessions.Helium-neon laser (. Wavelength of 0.63 microns, the power density of 100 mW / cm2) is used in the form of the scattered beam on the reflex zones (exposure - 5-10 min ..) or a focused beam through the light intrauterine method.

When concomitant ovarian hypofunction more appropriate to use only helium-neon laser.

Non-pharmacological detoxification

Modern methods of non-drug detoxification are part of complex therapy in the acute period salpinoooforita.

exchange plasmapheresis:

may be performed by discrete and continuous methods.Eksfuzirovannyh reinfusion of erythrocytes was performed using solutions as PLASMA native plasma or components thereof, fresh frozen plasma, dextrans, Ringer's solution.Apply the device PF-05 for exfusion blood.The number of sessions - 3-4 on the course.It is advisable to mix the method with UBI;contraindicated in cardiovascular, respiratory failure, severe hypotension, anemia, hypoproteinemia, violation of hemostasis.

ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI):

performed using "Isolde" MD73M apparatus which allows selection of the spectrum UFO, metered exposure, provides sterile blood collection and return.For Photomodification blood can be used PMK-1 device.The technique of in vitro

UFOK followed autotransfusion: in bottle 500 ml take 50 ml of isotonic sodium chloride solution, 5000 U of heparin;the blood is taken from a vein at the rate of 2-3.5 ml per 1 kg of body weight of the patient.The use of a preservative may glyugitsira tsitroglyukofosfata or - 50 ml of the standard bottle.The amount of heparin administered singly / in front of the operation is also 5000 units.Blood is taken via a peristaltic pump;by passing through a quartz cuvette system, it is exposed to radiation.After earning the right amount when you return (the rate of 30-40 drops / min), the blood is irradiated again and returned to a vein.15-20 minutes irradiation time, the number of sessions UFOK - from 2 to 10 (average 3.0 ± 0.4) at intervals of 3-5 days.More frequent treatments are undesirable because of the short-term immunosuppression prior to immune stimulation and possible accumulation suppressive action at Photomodification autologous blood.

Extracorporeal hemosorbtion (GMR):

done using special portable gemoperfuzionnoy system.Methods include hemodilution in predsorbtsionny period, pharmacological stimulation transcapillary exchange during the actual hemosorption, hemodilution combined with pathogenetic therapy in the near postsorbtsionnom period.GMR duration of 40 to 90 minutes, the volume rate - 60-120 ml / min, the total amount of absorbed blood per session - 4000-18000 ml.Access to the vascular system of the patient is performed catheterization large venous trunks.As hemosorbents use different brands of the nitrogen-containing activated charcoal SKN (spherical carbon).The course of treatment - 2-4 sessions HMS.

Best results are seen after removal of the focus of purulent infection.The method improves hematologic parameters and eliminates endogenous intoxication.


intravenous laser irradiation of blood (VLOK) is used as an immune stimulant in the body with a variety of clinical effects.

Methodology: use any laser apparatus that generates helium-neon laser (wavelength 0.63 microns) with fiberglass mikrosvetovodom (diameter 200-400 mm), introduced into the vein of the patient.The power flux density - from 0.15 to 16 mW / cm2;VLOK exposure - 30-60 minutes, the procedure is carried out daily, the course - 3-5 days.In acute exacerbation of chronic salpingitis and intoxication illustrates the use of a helium-cadmium laser (GCR): Wavelength - 444.6 nm, power density - 130-150 mW / cm2.Irradiation is carried out parallel to the intensive care unit by acting on both inguinal region (the scattered beam), lateral vaginal vault, the outer mouth (focused beam).The exposition of one field exposure of 30-90 seconds.The total procedure time - up to 20-30 minutes (depending on the beam divergence) rate - 15-20 daily sessions.During the dynamic laparoscopy in individual patients good effect is observed when using an ultraviolet laser (wavelength 0.337 m / s directly affected by irradiation of the uterus and appendages).

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