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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Cosmetology And Plastic Surgery

Harmonious plastic lips

Estheticians in their practice often have to perform three-dimensional plastic lips as the young and people with age-related changes of the skin and facial proportions.During the consultation the doctor has to analyze the problem, which turned the patient, to determine how to resolve it, taking into account all the wishes of the patient and agree with the scheduled program.

When viewed lips pay attention to their size, shape, contours, color, a relationship with each other and dentition.The lips should be studied not only alone, but also with the use of dynamic tests (a smile, a grin, a conversation, a tight closing).Lips examine in full face and profile.

The rest of the mouth width equal to 6, the upper teeth and the corners of the mouth are located at the outer edge of the canines.The height of the red border of the upper lip is usually 2/3 of the height of the bottom.The rest are only visible edges of the upper incisors.The dimensions of the teeth, the width of the base of

the nose and Filtrum interrelated.

Filtrum width is 2 central incisors: the wider the incisors, the wider filtrum.

When harmonious smile upper teeth are exposed on 2/3, and the edge of the upper lip repeats the occlusal surface of the teeth.The lower lip reveals the lower teeth only slightly.There is a clear correspondence proboscis curved lines of the upper lip line four upper incisors.The edge of the lower lip with a smile also corresponds to the cutting edge of the upper teeth and repeats it bends.

Excessive shortening of the upper lip with a smile, when the visible gums, called gingival smile.Scarce enough smile reveals teeth and can be a feature of muscular activity, and a consequence of age lip lengthening.Furthermore, when a smile is to be expressed by raising the corners of the lips.Also pay attention to tucking a red border and the formation of horizontal folds on it.The width of a normal smile usually comes to the pupil line.With a smile smooths Filtrum and white roller, which can be contoured intradermal administration of injectable materials.

Where radial wrinkles cross the white roller, it requires a greater filling of injectable material.Research in the profile gives a good idea of ​​the relationship between the lips with a toothbrush and arc between them.Normally, the upper lip slightly protrudes.Excessive nomination ahead of the upper jaw (prognathism), upper lip hangs over the bottom and covers it.Upper lip retraction observed in progeny, the loss of the upper teeth or inadequate their prosthesis, when senile atrophy of the alveolar bone is not replenished.Preload lips and deepening of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth can also talk about the lack of replenishment of height of bite in prosthetics.Such disadvantages must be eliminated in the first place, or when the cosmetic lip correction will be injected into a very large amount of the filler without this cosmetic satisfactory effect is not achieved.

In practice, patients of all age groups often have to increase the volume and height of the upper lip.Reducing the height of the red border with age occurs due to atrophy of its submucosal layer, and because of exposing the red border as a result of extension of the skin of the lips, or atrophy of the alveolar process of the maxilla.Use of unacceptably large amounts of the injection material at the lower lip correction in elderly patients, since this may result in an everting, sagging due to decreased muscle tone.The introduction of filler in the area of ​​the red border is desirable to do deep in the submucosal layer.

Thus camouflaged possible heterogeneity of the implant.Material is desirable to evenly distribute in the submucosal layer, squeezing his during needle movement.Large drops filler easier to migrate, creating irregularities cause the surrounding tissue seal.Injections of gels directly under the mucosa fraught with irregular contours and migration of individual portions.It is unacceptable the introduction of material into the circular muscle, as it is a substrate, providing the movement of the lips.For contouring and white roller Filtrum, on the contrary, it requires intradermal, rather superficial introduction of filler that is easy to control by holding the roller in the pinch between the thumb and forefinger.Injection materials in the submucosal layer of the closing line of the lips leads to a greater increase in the height of the lips, mucous injection under adjacent to the teeth, lip moves away from the teeth, gently twisting it.Too deep penetration of the needle from the inside of a circular wound dangerous artery passing here.

procedure 'Paris lips »

This procedure is proposed by American plastic surgeons.Give a person extra oomph as possible, stressing rollers Filtrum and more clearly marked white roller.White roll (white lip roll) - it is a thin strip of light skin surrounding the outside of the red border of lips.With age, or some congenital pathologies (FAS - fetal alcohol syndrome that develops in the case of active use of alcohol a pregnant woman) these areas are flattened and the lips lose some of their expressiveness.

During the procedure in the problem areas are introduced implants: a thread based on PTFE (about 1 mm in diameter), or injection materials (often dpitelnodeystvuyuschie, such as Artecoll).During the development of techniques appropriate to refer to biodegradable materials based on giapuronovoy acid or collagen.

required volume should be calculated using the pre-injection supplies.Introduction yarns is considered as a surgical technique that requires appropriate conditions for the holding.It is important to remember that in the case of unsatisfactory results thread can be removed, but with the proviso that has passed after the operation is not too long.Otherwise it is very difficult.

As a result, the mouth procedure becomes more expressive, sensual.When using threads or synthetic injectable material effect persists for a long time.

The consultation is convenient to use the cosmetic stick, which can flatten or turn red border, creating the illusion of increasing the lips.Before the mirror with the patient is detailed what the lips departments need to be changed and how: Do you want to increase the proboscis, the side sections of the upper lip, Filtrum arc Cupid (white roll), or an increase in the volume of the lower lip, a correction corners of the mouth?

However, the omission of parts and can be visual illusion that has arisen due to changes in slope of the line between the lips and deepening of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth.The increase in the outermost parts of the upper lip and the elimination of wrinkles in the corners of the mouth visually raises lip corners.

On examination, should be revealed asymmetry of the lips at rest and with a smile.The patient is desirable to point out and explain to her that the asymmetry is poorly full correction and is often the result of the bite pathology or functional asymmetry of brain hemispheres.A clear control over the amount of injected material and pre-lip markings give the opportunity to avoid the asymmetry as a consequence of cosmetic procedures performed.A thorough massage of the lips after the introduction of the filler as well eliminate minor errors.It is desirable otmassirovat lips, pressing them to the dentition and stretched into a smile.


There are several ways to change the shape of the lips.Most often, increase the volume of the upper lip.To increase the volume of a part of the lip injectable fillers are used most frequently.There are many natural and synthetic fillers on the market.The most popular hyaluronic acid derivatives (Resteline, Restylane, Surgiderm etc.) That dissolve after a certain time.With their help it is possible to increase the center or side part of the bay, to emphasize the white roller, edge Filtrum (see. Harmonious plastic lip).Lips increase as well with the help of own tissues.When performing liposuction or other plastic surgery on the lips can be transplanted own fat (lipofilling, lipotransfer, fetgrafting) or strips own tissues (autografting).This results in more stable periods by resorption, however, increasing the equipment complicated.The steady increase provides VY plastic lips.The method is based on the surgical expansion vermilion border, with the seams are hidden inside the mouth.

Shortening upper lip should be the case, if poorly exposed edges of the upper incisors, even with a smile.This operation is also called bull horn (bulhorn) plasticity of the weld shape of a buffalo horn, which is hidden under the base of the nose.

Bull horn plastic shortens the skin of the lips.Thus there is eversion red border and an increase in the lips.

Tension with age the skin of the upper lip, on the other hand leads to exposing the red border and reduce the visual lip.

addition to lip augmentation, sometimes it is necessary to carry out their reduction in congenital or acquired them increase.Increasing the lip can not only cause an excess of injected filler but lips pathological tissue growth in response to even a minimum amount of filler (for example, a biopolymer gel).Excess filler can be removed through a puncture.Overgrown or tissue is removed, preserving the shape of the lips, or a conservative treatment.