Breast Augmentation - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Cosmetology And Plastic Surgery

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first breast augmentation was done using liquid paraffin injections in 1889, and attempts to implant a variety of materials began in 1895.In the first decades of the XX century, attempts were made to use for breast augmentation ivory, glass balls, rubber, ox cartilage, adipose tissue, wool, gutta-percha, polyethylene tape, polyethylene and polyvinyl sponge (including plastic bags), a polyester foam, foam,polyurethane, polyester and teflonsilikonovye dentures.

Such operations lead to negative consequences - the emergence of infections of varying severity until sepsis, tumors, breast deformities, fat necrosis and the development of breast cancer.Implantation of fat does not cause a positive effect, since it is rapidly reabsorbed by the body.Often there is a reaction of transplant rejection, with the development of long-term healing of purulent wounds.

In modern plastic surgery silicone impl

ants of different companies are used for implantation under the breast, for the most part it is the European and American manufacturers that have proved themselves in the field for decades of existence.The implant is a bag (graft shell) made of a silicone elastomer filled with cohesive gel.This viscous gel that does not flow even at break and the prosthesis does not move, ensuring safety of the patient.In one such one silicone implant box.

In fact, they are not only used for breast augmentation of healthy women, but also as a prosthesis when medically necessary to remove the breast (cancer, etc.).

implant There are two versions - round and contour-profile (anatomical shape).When the operation is used, it is more appropriate to the patient, it depends on the individual characteristics of the breast.

Now on the market there are many manufacturers of breast implants.The most important when choosing implants is their safety and reliability that can only confirm the long-term clinical studies, because they show the real likelihood of complications related to the implant.And also it is important pluchit natural result that it was difficult to determine whether or not inside the implants.

This box only implant templates that the doctor tries the patient before surgery.

doctor marker marks the operating area.The dotted line drawn from top to bottom, are made to determine the symmetry.In fact, the incision is made in the lower part of the breast, although the cuts are practiced under the arm and the bottom of the nipple.It also depends on the characteristics of each patient's chest.

arrow indicates it is an area where the implant is placed - in the bottom of the chest under the breast.That is, if, for example, a woman breastfeeds, the implant does not interfere with this.At the bottom, under the breasts, cut border marked by dashes -. About 3-4 cm in this relatively small incision and is gently placed implant.

Before the operation, the patient signs the number of securities in which the designated area of ​​responsibility of the doctor and the patient for the consequences of the operation.

The operating doctor carefully handles his hands on his elbows with special disinfectants.

Assistants plastic surgeon preparing patient on the operating table, fixed arm, connect the respirator and infusion pump - a special electronic device that makes it possible to intravenously administered medicinal products intended for use in a continuous infusion.In this case, a combined anesthesia (+ intravenous anesthesia endotracheal intubation).Doctor treats three operational areas special antiseptic solution.Then wipe the operative field dry cotton swab.

left respirator, the right monitor, recording blood pressure and heart rate of the patient, as well as tissue oxygenation and carbon dioxide.

far from the surgical table is a surgical suction (left) for sucking blood, pus, and other body fluids.It is often used for more complex operations, but this time we will do without him.In the middle of infusion pump, to the right - defibrillator (just in "fire").

few blocks provide anesthesia guarantee a couple of hours of undisturbed sleep during surgery.

Final preparations are completed.

Earlier in operations use a scalpel, but now their place is actively engaged in coalescers, which operate using high-frequency current.This unit has a dual function: it "cuts" the tissue and cauterize it immediately (coagulate), causing the blood to clot, so that the surgeon sees the patient and the surgical wound is not bleeding.

control the unit using the pedals.

strictly on a path marked up before, the surgeon makes an incision in the chest.

doctor mobilizes (otpreparovyvaet) tissue under the breast, not touching her in the thickness of subcutaneous fat.

surgeon should prepare enough space for the implant, no more, no less, so that it tightly fills the space under the breast.Finger reviziruetsya wound checked if there is enough space inside.If necessary, make further cuts inside.
After manipulation of the right breast making incisions on the left chest.Blood quite a bit, because the coalescer immediately after the incision heals wounds.

before placing the implant under the chest, the incision is introduced antiseptic solution for disinfection of fabrics.

then placed in a special section of sizer (try-implant), which through a tube filled with saline.It is necessary to understand exactly what size implant to be used.

After sizer as an example, it is removed, the cavity is treated with antiseptic.Finally, from the package gets implant, it is placed in the same antiseptic solution, which was treated wounds.

important stage of the operation is the installation of the implant formed in the bed.

implant is introduced after the disclosure of the wound.The surgeon carefully pushes his fingers into the implant without damaging the edge of the wound and the surface of the implant.

doctor then checks the validity of the implant, accurate filling them all the walls of the pocket.

Since the second breast the same thing happens.

then injected into the wound drainage tube, it is carried out under the mammary gland, and through it will sanitize the antiseptic solution postoperative postoperative wound.Now you can fix the drain to the skin suture.

After the surgeon examined the symmetry of the breasts, he sutured the wound deep tissue (fascia, subcutaneous tissue), not touching the skin (to avoid the development of rough scars).

Cutaneous wound edges compared intradermal cosmetic suture ligature is very thin.

thread will resolve itself in two and a half months.The wounds are sewn, and then they are sealed strips.

Top imposed aseptic bandage.At the end of the two-hour surgery the patient is put on a compression bra to maintain the shape of the implant in the postoperative period.

This underwear patient will walk another two months - the rehabilitation period.After 2 months it will be able to lead as before active life.

Within 2 weeks the breast looks like.