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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Intimate Surgery

Men have different genitals largest.Most of them are satisfied with the size of his own penis, others tend to think that their symbol of male prowess too small.

About 80% of men suffer from an inferiority complex about its members solely because of the lack of information about the size of the male genital organs.

There are three sizes of the parameter measurement: alone, with a maximum tension and erection.The penis was measured at room temperature, immediately after stripping man to exclude spontaneous contraction of tissue factor in response to cold.For maximum tensile member is pulled over the head.Of course, the size of the penis stretched depends to some tensile force is produced.Measurement should be carried out on the back of the penis, from the pubic area to the edge of the head, the angle between the anterior abdominal wall and the penis must be equal to 90g.

on measurement results has indirect influence age and general health of patients, pathological changes and diseases of the penis, sup

rapubic thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer.In these situations, there is a real and functional shortening of the penis.

If the length of the penis in an extended state is 2.5 times less than the standard deviation of the average length, it fits the definition of micropenis [Aaronson I., 1994].This definition means the penis is not more than 2 cm in length and implies that in the future erect penis length is critical for normal sexual function.

If a man penis length in the stretched or erect not less than 2 cm but not more than 9.5 cm, it has not micropenis and small penis .The value of 9.5 cm should be considered as the lower limit of the average size of the penis.

Based on the generalized literature data, we can conclude that an adult man having a penis in erection 9,5 cm in length and more , can be absolutely sure that he has a penis the size of a statistically average.The penis less 9,5 cm in length should be called small penis.The term micropenis means that the stretched length of the penis is not more than 2 cm.

Some authors mention certain features of the size of the penis in men of different races.Thus, for example, black people penis centimeter on average longer dormant, and erect - comparable in size with the male genitalia and white Caucasian population [Da Ros C, et al, 1994;.Porst H., 1997].According to other authors, the average length of the erect penis of a black man by 2-3 cm longer than that of the white man [Grifin G., 1995].

most small size of the penis in Asians, on average up to 11-12 cm in erection.This fact is taken into account, even in the production of condoms and falloprotezov.

Social aspects of small sexual

member of one of the distinguishing features of modern medicine is to improve the quality of life.And an integral part of this concept is a full sexual function, which depends on the quality of erections, and from the appearance of the genitals.

Masters W. H. and Johnson V. (1966) wrote that "the size of the male organ, both at rest and in a state of erection, in many cultures is a reflection of man's sexual prowess."Representatives of early cultures were quite forthright in expressing his admiration for big dick.

At the end of the twentieth century, an open attitude of public consciousness to the problems of families, men's health and, of course, sexual problems, contributed to the fact that many paramedical, sexually-directed advertising media popularized the idea of ​​increasing the size of the male genital organs, including surgerymeans.Currently in specialized medical and popular literature appears more information about the possibility of increasing the size of the penis in various ways, including surgical intervention.Formed a lot of medical and popular Internet sites, are published entire sections devoted to surgical procedures on the penis.They describe in detail the advantages of these techniques and complications associated with surgery increase the penis.Excessive hype around this topic is heated to certain commercial interests of doctors working in the field of plastic surgery and genital.

Patients wishing to change his penis, the most common people- workers, civil servants, businessmen, etc.Many of them sexual organs are functionally and anatomically perfectly normal.At the same time, some men dissatisfaction with appearance and size of their own penis, can cause feelings of worthlessness or even depression.This fact motivates a man to seek the possibility of increasing the size of its perfectly normal, in terms of the anatomic parameters of the penis.And if the man himself convinced that his penis is too small, no doctors' assurances to the contrary, will have no effect.In the minds of men have dominated the feeling of inferiority and low self-esteem, which often requires the need for treatment by a psychotherapist.However, it does not always produce the desired emotional improvement.The patient is forced to turn to the surgeon.

analogy can be drawn to increase penis size with the effect of increasing the size of the female breast.Schlebush L.i Mahrt I. (1993) have shown that in women after breast augmentation greatly increases the feeling of self-esteem and they got rid of long-term psychological disorders and depression.In this case, if a woman aesthetic reasons exposes itself to the operation of implantation of prostheses or breast liposuction to enhance self-worth and admiration of her other, then why can not a man of the same considerations to decide on the operation of penis enlargement?

In addition, it is known that more than 70% of women, when responding to an anonymous question: "Of the several similar and apparently equally attractive men, but with the sexual organs of different lengths, whatever they prefer," would stop the choice on a man withbig dick.

methods to increase sexual

member for lengthening the penis has long been known for a way to hang a variety of goods, which were used in various cultures.The descriptions and notes of travelers are observing the facts of the ritual process of stretching the penis, carried out by continuous or periodic hanging weights to the genitals of men, since adolescence.This exercise should continue sometimes for life, but it contributed to a significant increase in the length of the penis.

All methods used to increase the size of the penis, can be divided into three groups - vacuum, traction and surgical.The first two groups are inherently non-surgical techniques and are in long-term "training" body tissue tension.

Vacuum device (RD) - consist of two main components: the cylinder with one open end into which the penis and a vacuum pump.Slave operates on the principle of pressure gradient - pump removes air from the cylinder, a vacuum is created in the cylinder, whereby the blood rushes out of the body to the penis, and it grows in size.

Washer external stretching.They represent a variety of extenders for continuous stretching of the penis in length.4-6 months of regular exercise daily may increase penile length from 1.5 to 3 cm (without surgery).However, especially recommended to use these devices following surgical lengthening of the penis.In this case, the effect will be much larger.

Surgery. Features penis elongation surgery using features inherent in fixing the corpora cavernosa of the penis to the pubic ligament supporting articulation.Supporting ligament - the main object of the intervention in increasing the penis surgery.This triangular sail fibrous tissue connected to the deep fascia of Beachwood.Bunch stretches from the white line of the stomach and the upper part of the symphysis along the center line to the center of the penis.Then a bunch of fan diverges laterally bends around the edges and, as it were, covers the base of the penis in its proximal part at the transition in the corpora cavernosa of the penis pendant.

All surgical methods for increasing the penis sizes have several purposes:

Elongation penis, thickening of the penis, combination of elongation and thickening of the penis, FIX erectile deformation correction penis size correction erectile dysfunction with increasing size of the penis,

Indications for surgical penis enhancement

lengthening the penis by means of surgical intervention - not a new topic, as it was previously and further for the treatment of various diseases of the penis.However, only recently, the elongation of the penis was performed as an aesthetic procedure to an anatomically well-formed and well-functioning penis.

Most patients applying to a plastic surgeon for an operation to increase penis size, the age of maturity.This indicates that a surgeon generally not treated youths and adult men who have previously formed an inferiority complex because of the small size of the penis, resulting in them as an adult to a conscious desire to increase your penis.

In most cases, men want to increase the size of the penis for the following reasons:

to enhance visual appeal, to improve the quality of sexual relations, to improve self-esteem, due to the "locker room syndrome", when a man shy about naked in public showers, sauna andetc., considering that he has a small penis.

are the main indication groups for operations to increase penis size:

indications for surgery penis enlargement

Medical indications

Functional indications





Peyronie's disease,

cavernous fibrosis,

effects of trauma,


excess subcutaneous adipose tissue in the womb,


hidden penis,

webbed penis



Medical and functional evidence for the increase are obvious.But it should be emphasized that the latter group (aesthetic indication) is the most numerous and at the same time most controversial.In this group of indications for surgery are patients aesthetic wishes.

in 1986 VDTopolyansky and MVStrukovsky believed that "The ability to consuming hypochondriacal fixation on their genitals is the exclusive domain of men, and absolutely not typical for women."It is this condition and can be treated as penile dysmorphophobia.In other words, penile dysmorphophobia - is dissatisfaction with the appearance of the men, the shape and size of his penis.

penile dysmorphophobia However, as an indication for surgical treatment is not contrary to the principles of aesthetic surgery, which aims to improve the normal body shape.The desire to increase male penis size is one of the main indications for surgical intervention.However, mandatory, we believe that the following conditions:

mental health, if necessary, estimated psychiatrist (any deviation in the psyche is an absolute contraindication for surgery), enough sexual experience, and the presence of a permanent sexual partner, a stable patient's desire to increase the size of the penis, compulsory sexological examination.

surgical methods of penile lengthening

dissection supporting ligaments of the penis - ligamentotomiya (Long operation).

In 1990, a Chinese surgeon Long developed an operation to lengthen the penis - Ligamentotomiyu, which is the basic and most universal method of lengthening the penis.principle of the method is based on the elimination of the physiological curvature of the penis through the intersection of the supporting ligaments and release the corpora cavernosa to the level of their occurrence in the deep arteries and subsequent fixation of the corpora cavernosa in a new position at the level of the supporting ligaments severed.The technique allows to achieve elongation of the penis up to 3-5 cm.

There are several options for operation, depending on the type of access (suprapubic, chrezmoshonochny, subkoronarny), although the main stage (ligamentotomiya) remains unchanged.

implantation of prostheses with a cross-sectional cuts tunica (korporotomii).

It should be emphasized that an isolated implantation of prostheses in the penis cavernous body does not result in an increase in the length of the member.The prostheses are designed to provide body rigidity for successful introjection in men with ED.The principle of the method of lengthening with simultaneous implant is placed in the intracavernosal space prosthesis obviously of greater length and performing cross korporotomy the purpose of lengthening the body.

Implanatatsiya + extension with the total mobilization of the legs of the penis.

effect is achieved by maximizing the removal of the proximal part of the corpora cavernosa due to their full mobilization, anterior displacement and fixation in the symphysis pubis.Such a significant shift of the penis involves the intersection of deep arteries and the actual shutdown hemodynamic mechanism of erection.Blood supply to the corpora cavernosa is performed by the dorsal vascular bundle and the urethra spongy body.

It should be emphasized that the full mobilization of the corpora cavernosa leading to erectile dysfunction (ED), as a result of the inevitable damage to the pudendal nerve and deep cavernous arteries.Therefore, this method is not recommended in the sexual health of men absolutely, without concomitant ED.

uncoupling operation (Perovic operation).

By this method, Sava Perovic, recommends the complete separation body into components - separation of the corpora cavernosa as possible over the entire length of the hanging member of the spongy body and the head, with the full mobilization of the dorsal neurovascular bundle.Between the ends of the corpora cavernosa and the head is then implanted pieces of rib cartilage of the patient or a synthetic implant, taking into account received and pre-measured free-range.lengthening effect is achieved due to the natural elasticity and ability to stretch the urethra spongy body and the elements of the neurovascular bundle.Lengthening the penis is possible to reach up to 3-5 cm

surgical methods thickening of the penis:.

Microsurgical tissue autotransplantation Subcutaneous free autozhira Application deepidermizirovannogo free skin-fat flap Korporotomii with autologous and allograft replacement Application rotate flaps onThe use of pedicle synthetic implant

Microsurgical autotransplantation of tissues.

method of microsurgical autotransplantation fascial-muscle or fascial flap-fat feeding on vascular pedicle is subcutaneous wrapping the penis isolated fragment of the latissimus dorsi muscle with subsequent revascularization (imposition of vascular anastomoses to preserve the blood supply to the graft).

Subcutaneous free autozhira.