Plastics of small and large labia , plastics vagina ( vaginoplasty ) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Intimate Surgery


Greeks were the first in the history of established canons of physical beauty of the body.The famous Venus Killipiga (Prekrasnozadaya) Praxiteles brought us the canons on which the buttocks and thigh recognized divinely beautiful.Despite the fact that no one has seen the canonical sculpture depicting female genitalia, nevertheless the extant monuments of antiquity show neat pubis, slightly swollen labia, carefully conceals all other feminine charms.Perhaps it raises our ideas about the aesthetics of the female external genital organs.Women are often not happy with the size and shape of the labia minora, which can not be covered by large.In addition, the increased size of the labia minora can cause a woman's discomfort and pain during sexual intercourse, hygiene, long distance, sports, etc.

other words, defects in the external genital organs, namely:. Enlarged labia, increased folding hood of the clitoris, clitoral enlargement, etc., not only can deliver the woman pain and discomfort, but also

make her feel ugly, affect her sexuality.Plastic labia will give them attractiveness, improve appearance and provide women with the necessary comfort.

Plastic labia majora - is a surgical procedure aimed at changing the size and shape of labia majora and small, and large.Plastic labia can fix both small and significant shortcomings.

As a result of labial facilitates intimate hygiene disappears discomfort during intercourse, increased sexual sensitivity, enriched forms of sexual activity, women do not have to feel awkward for his kind intimate zone for the sauna.

Operation plastic labia conducted mainly on an outpatient basis.The optimal time for surgery - immediately after the end of menstruation.The operation is performed under local anesthesia.Selection of a particular method of anesthesia depends on the amount required surgery and, based on the psychological mood of women.

Sometimes the problem can be solved by increasing the labia majora by introducing biopolymer gel.However, the effect achieved is maintained usually for 2-3 years, then you want to manipulate the repetition.Therefore, plastic labia most commonly used, in which excised the excess tissue of the labia minora, forming their size and shape, satisfying the aesthetic representation of women.

During surgery for suturing used bioresorbable sutures, in connection with which there is no need for removal of sutures.

Pain and discomfort associated with postoperative edema usually completely resolve within a week of the surgery.As a prevention of occurrence of bleeding is recommended to give up in the first weeks after the plastic from the physical work, heat treatments, and alcohol intake.Resuming sexual activity is already possible in 3-4 weeks after surgery.

Note that the external genitalia have a good blood supply that promotes healing without the formation of visible scars.After about 3 months labia acquire its final form, and you can forget about the problems of the past!Plastic labia, conducted by our experts will help you get rid of problems and enjoy their attractiveness.

Plastic vaginal

birth of a child - a great happiness for a woman and a great test for her body.With the passage of the fetus through the birth canal, especially if the fetus is large, there may be tears of the vaginal walls and muscles of the perineum mothers.There are cases where doctors are compelled to make cuts to prevent unwanted lacerations.The assistance provided by maternity, aimed solely at preserving her life and speedy recovery after childbirth.On the aesthetics do not think at this time.It takes a little time, stretched or torn muscles do not work efficiently on the spot welds coarse scars are formed.As a result, suffers from the aesthetics of the intimate zone, disrupted the work of its functional muscle disharmonizing sexual relations between spouses.Solve problems that arise is designed vaginoplasty.

vaginoplasty or vaginal plastic demand in disorders of sexual life associated with reduced sensitivity to each other's partners.When the vagina increase is made of plastic of the rear wall in combination with surgery on the muscles of the pelvic floor (levatoroplastika).Besides this plastic sheath is carried out for medical reasons during descent and prolapse of the uterus and vaginal walls, incontinence and defecation disorders.In this case, the plastic sheath is designed to restore its layering walls.In time to make the vagina plastic with strengthening vesicovaginal fascia of the bladder and the pelvic floor muscles, relieve you from serious health problems in the future and return the old feeling of sexual life ..

Besides the reasons mentioned above, it includes vaginal plastic surgerydefloration and hymenoplasty.Defloration takes place at the beginning of the sexual life of women during the first coitus.Features hymen tissue may interfere with this process, especially if the woman's age exceeds the 30-year-old milestone.By this time, the hymen "age" of tissue, thicken, lose their elasticity, which causes pain and tramvatichnosti when you try to break them.

Concurrently imperforate hymen may begin to disturb the girl immediately after the start of menstruation, manifested by pain in the abdomen in the menstrual period.This is due to the fact that there is provided a natural flow of blood, which leads to the characteristic symptoms.

In both cases, for medical reasons or the desire of the woman, held deflowering surgically.

Hymenoplasty is to restore the integrity of the hymen.This operation is carried out solely out of respect for moral principles and ethical standards, which are still held by representatives of some cultures and religions.

operations, which includes vaginal plastic, held after a preliminary medical examination, with a fence of analyzes required.In case of need, for example, the presence of inflammatory processes, be sure to undergo a preliminary treatment.The operation takes a fairly short period of time and are conducted under local or general anesthesia.