Penile implants ( falloprotezirovanie ) - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Intimate Surgery

Surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED)

most effective treatment for ED in the world is widely recognized surgical way.Surgical treatment is recommended in cases when erectile dysfunction caused irreversible causes.These include:

  • vascular lesions of the penis Peyronie's disease
  • diabetes
  • effects of radiation exposure or radiation therapy
  • consequences of injuries and operations on the penis, prostate, urethra.

If there is a long-term and permanent erectile dysfunction caused by organic causes listed above, in the present there is no other non-surgical treatments that can get rid of it forever.

most effective ED treatment is prosthetic implantation surgery (falloprotezirovanie).Falloprotezirovanie is the "gold standard" treatment for ED that guarantees the restoration of a harmonious sexual life after surgery in 97-100% of patients.

The principle of operation is based on the reduction of stiffness (elasticity) of the penis and is implantation (implantation) into the corpora caverno

sa of the pair of elastic silicone rods or inflatable cylinders.

known that the ability to achieve and maintain an erection is peculiar to man.In animals, sexual intercourse takes place quickly enough so there is no need to maintain an erection for a long time.At the same time some mammals (walrus, whales, orangutans, dogs) in the penis bone there.It is understood that this feature eliminates the possibility of erectile dysfunction.The same principle of operation and based penile implant.

are the main types of falloprotezov:

  • Semi-rigid prostheses
  • Plastic dentures
  • Function (inflatable) prostheses

Semi falloprotezy
These prostheses are the simplest and least convenient for patients as a result of constant "stretch" and "a permanent state of erection"penile prosthesis implanted on.This complicates the household and social adaptation of the patient, creating a cosmetic discomfort.The main advantage of this type of prostheses is their low cost and prostate implantation.Plastic


These prostheses are multilayer silicone cylinders, which are installed in the middle of the silver wire harnesses providing necessary stiffness and holding of the penis in the desired position.

After engraftment prostheses, to bring in "combat readiness" sexual member of the hand goes up.

And after committing the act he goes down, reducing the cosmetic inconvenience.Thus, the penis has a more natural appearance, while maintaining the ability to have sexual intercourse.

The advantages of this model are mechanical reliability, the inability to breakdown and relatively low price.The main drawback is the constant hardness of the penis after surgery.

Function (inflatable) falloprotezy

These dentures are the most advanced in terms of softness and naturalness of the erection of the penis in the flaccid state.

They consist of inflatable cylinders (implanted in the corpora cavernosa), tank (mounted in the space behind the pubic area) and pressure pump (placed in the scrotum).

All three components are connected by tubes.

To get an erection quite a few times to squeeze the pump in the scrotum.The hardness of the penis ensures the supply of liquid (sterile water) from the reservoir into the cylinders.To remove the erection you need to click on the same pump.

The main advantage of these falloprotezov is their ability to provide the best functional and cosmetic results.

Features postoperative
Before the operation, the patient is carried out very detailed conversation with an explanation of all the advantages and disadvantages of the penile implant.The main thing that you did not have unrealistic expectations, and you have made a reasonable and informed decision.

penile implant operation is very complicated and even jewelry process.You should know that this operation has a lot of features, it requires a great deal of experience in surgery of the penis, a perfect knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body, holding a variety of special operations techniques.Moreover, not all penile implant surgery occur as standard.Emerging during the same operation complexity can be overcome successfully only if the relevant knowledge and experience.Therefore, not all of Urology and Andrology equally well perform penile implant surgery.You need to know who to contact for help in dealing with such a delicate but very important issue, especially when it will focus on the surgical treatment of ED.

operations are conducted in compliance with all necessary requirements for the exclusion of the possibility of wound infection.For the prevention of complications in the postoperative period, especially infectious, all the regulations and instructions of the surgeon must be followed strictly.

first 2-3 days after surgery the patient bed rest is established.Within a week after the surgery, there are minor pain and swelling of the penis.For the prevention of infection in the postoperative period are assigned antibiotics.

After about 2-3 weeks after surgery, you can get back to work.Sexual life is allowed to resume after 6-8 weeks.

Sexual life after surgery has not fundamental differences and runs absolutely fine.Falloprotezom not violate the sensitivity of the penis, do not affect the quality of orgasm and ejaculation.On the other hand, you can carry out repeated sexual acts without the risk of weakening of erection and is not dependent on the duration of the sexual intercourse.And if the sexual partner had not been informed about the presence of your dentures, it may that not even notice!

Disadvantages and complications of penile implant

Operation penile implant, like any surgery, is a surgical risk and is accompanied by certain complications:

  • Most often, an infection or neprizhivlenie falloprotezov (frequency of complications of less than 3%).The risk of an unsuccessful operation is higher in diabetic patients with spinal cord injuries, repeated operations on the penis.
  • falloprotezov need a new operation for its revision or replacement (the frequency of complications of no more than 0.5-1%) If a technical failure.In these cases, the company carries a manufacturer of prostheses to replace them for free.
  • After surgery, most patients the length of the erect penis may be 1 - 1.5 cm shorter than it was in full natural erection.However, if necessary, during penile implant can simultaneously perform an operation lengthening and thickening of the penis.
  • With semi-rigid prosthesis implantation occur cosmetic difficulties associated with the constant presence of the penis in erection.

Operation implant prosthesis into the penis is the final step in the treatment of ED.However, all the dangers and complications of penile implant surgery are minimal, if performed by experienced urologists - andrologists, in compliance with all necessary standards and requirements for such operations.

In the end, the main objective of the operation - the restoration of a harmonious sexual life, justifies all the difficulties and the inevitable costs.

aware that there is currently no incurable erectile dysfunction