Lengthening the penis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Intimate Surgery

All methods used to lengthen the penis, can be divided into three groups - vacuum, traction and surgical.The first two groups are inherently non-surgical (conservative) methods of lengthening the penis and are in long-term "training" body tissue tension.

conservative methods of penile lengthening

device consists of two main components: the cylinder with one open end into which the penis and a vacuum pump.A vacuum unit works on the principle of pressure gradient - the pump cylinder is removed from the air, a vacuum is created in the cylinder, whereby the blood rushes out of the body to the penis, and it grows in size.

external extension devices
This is different extenders for permanent elongation (stretching) of the penis in length.The most famous among them - JES-extender, which is a device for mechanical extension (stretching) of the penis.must be worn up to 6 hours a day for 3-6 months to achieve JES-extender effect, gradually increasing the length of the rod system.Thus, possible to

lengthen the penis 2-3 cm. (No surgery).

Surgical lengthening

Features lengthening of the penis surgically embedded in the peculiarities of fixation of the corpora cavernosa of the penis to the pubic ligament supporting articulation.Supporting ligament - the main object of the intervention in increasing the penis surgery.It is particularly important that the ligament defines the angle between the penis and the abdominal wall at the maximum erection.

Ligamentotomiya - dissection of the suspensory ligament - the most common method of penis elongation.Running in conjunction with the skin plasty around the base of the penis.principle of the method is based on the elimination of the physiological curvature of the penis through the intersection of the supporting ligaments and release the corpora cavernosa to the level of their occurrence in the deep arteries and subsequent fixation of the corpora cavernosa in a new position at the level of the supporting ligaments severed.The technique allows to achieve elongation of the penis up to 3-5 cm. However, this operation increases the penis is basically just relaxed.

There are several options for operation, depending on the type of access (suprapubic, chrezmoshonochny, subkoronarny), although the main stage (ligamentotomiya) remains unchanged.

When isolated ligamentotomii (without skin plasty) is necessary immediately after the operation start constant use JES-extender, otherwise there will be a retraction of the penis (retraction reverse) with a decrease in the original length.

Circular cut tunica shell implanting incision in a biological or synthetic material (korporoplastika).This technique is used only in patients with impaired potency and is complemented by the simultaneous implantation of prostheses in the cavernous body.The prostheses are designed to provide a permanent body rigidity for satisfactory sexual activity.The operation allows you to lengthen the penis by 2-5 cm.

Combined methods of penile lengthening.

To achieve the optimum effect it is more expedient to use ligamentotomiyu while using JES-extender and vacuum devices.Due to the operation fails to lengthen the penis by 2-4 cm and the subsequent wearing of the device in alternation with a vacuum device establishes a positive result of the operation, and contributes to the further extension body.In this case, it is sometimes possible to lengthen the penis, even at 6 cm.