Thickening of the penis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Intimate Surgery

Currently, thickening (increase) of the penis are used several methods - transplantation under the skin free of fat penis leather strips or muscles of the anterior abdominal wall, surgical transplantation of the muscles.

All of these methods to a thickening of the penis, have disadvantages: the unpredictable result, no effect due to resorption entered transplant, significant trauma, after surgery are skin blemishes (scars) in field selection thickens the tissue at high risk for complications, a longer periodhospital stay.

Since 2006, Russia used to thicken the penis completely new and promising method based on the cultivation of the patient's own tissue in the desired area of ​​the body.

principle of operation consists in implanting under the skin of the penis thickening specially prepared a biological matrix based on collagen material together with blood isolated from a patient culture germ cells (fibroblasts) which, in the process of resorption of the matrix it completely replace the patient's own


This method of thickening of the penis was developed and tested in Seoul (Korea) Professor.Kim Jin-Hong and in Belgrade (Serbia) leading genital surgeon Prof. world.Perovic Sava.Therefore, this technique is applied in only a few hospitals - in Korea, Serbia and in Moscow.

Description of the method of thickening the penis

the day of surgery the patient take 50 ml of blood from a vein for the subsequent incubation lab to isolate the cell culture.The culture was applied to the matrix of the desired size.During

simple surgical incision through the skin on the circular edge of the head member, the matrix is ​​fixed under the skin of the penis along its entire length.For a better aesthetic effect when the patient wish to perform circumcision.


Placed on the matrix tissue culture gradually grows through it and the entire matrix is ​​completely dissolved in 3-6 months, but instead under the skin of the penis grows its own connective tissue.The loss of the original volume is achieved not increase by more than 15-20%, and the skin of the penis remains fully sensitive and mobile.

method Advantages:

  • Minor trauma surgery
  • excellent cosmetic and aesthetic result
  • Long-term preservation of the achieved result
  • lack of rough scars on other parts
  • body to increase the amount of used own tissues of the patient
  • stay in the hospital no more2 days
  • ability to perform surgery on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia
  • minimum risk of complications