Endoscopic treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Neurosurgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome - carpal tunnel syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome - a compression of the median nerve in the narrow channel under the transverse carpal ligament, which together with the nerve tendons pass 9.

Endoscopic decompression of the median nerve - a modern, effective treatment is carried out in the event of failure of conservative therapy (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the introduction of hormonal preparations in the form of blockades, muscle relaxants, vitamins), with repeated illness.

Preparation for surgery

For directions to the operation you need to install the diagnosis, physical examination, blood type, DAC electroneuromyography, radiography and ultrasonography wrist.

The operation

Operations on the hand surgeon require high qualifications.In the area of ​​the wrist "meet" the radius and ulna, 8 small bones of the hand, three nerves, muscles tendons, providing movement of five fingers, arteries and veins.

method of pain relief is negotiated individually, taking

into account the patient's wishes, his physical condition and medical need - local, wires, a combination with sedation ...

patient lies on the operating table on your back.On the shoulder cuff applied to bleeding hands.Cut the minimum (1 centimeter) in skin folds in the transverse direction in the projection of carpal tunnel at the wrist.We introduce the dilator and the camera.Among the tendon is released the median nerve.Under the control of the optics is released from compression of the median nerve - bundle is cut.Full or partial resection of the lateral ligament.Individually may conduct neurolysis - excision of the scar tissue around the nerve.The skin is sutured cosmetic seam.Superimposed soft bandage.Gypsum is not required.The wrist should be at rest for several days, and to exercise the fingers begin immediately.

Hospital stay - 1- 2 days.In some cases, and outpatient clinics possible treatment option.The scar is minimal.

scar after endoscopic decompression of the median nerve

After surgery

Improvement occurs immediately, a full recovery will take some time (individually).With long-term disease may develop arthritis and tendovaginitis, irreversible changes in the nerve.In such cases, after the operation improvement may not occur, and even on the contrary may worsen the condition.

rehabilitation period may last for 1 - 3 months alone.

During reabilitetsii used vitamins, anticholinesterase drugs, drugs that improve blood circulation and nerve and tissue trophism, fizioterepiya, physiotherapy, water - mud.

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