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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Neurology

Homeopathy, what is it?

Homeopathy - a particular form of regulating therapy, which aims to influence the processes of self-regulation by specific homeopathic medicines and drugs, chosen strictly individually, taking into account the patient's response.

homeopathy differs from conventional allopathic medicine that:

  • It regards man as a single indivisible system.
  • heals body and soul simultaneously.
  • Homeopathy treats the cause of the disease.
  • It has no effect on harmful bacteria and viruses, and activates the body's own defenses.
  • has fewer deadlocks when the doctor exclaims: "I do not know what to do!"

SEEING A homeopath person should give details about yourself everything from birth, children's problems and to the most seemingly small physiological symptoms (eg, feeling "to hammer a nail" in the right temple with the change in the weather).Selection of drugs is carried out taking into account the individual patient.In homeopathy medicines are selected individually, curing is not a disease, an

d the patient.Since helps only individually tailored medicine physician, and at the same time is very important qualification of the doctor, the ability to choose from many drugs it is suitable to the patient.

Treatment is prescribed by 1.5 - 2 months.After the expiry of this period required readmission to trace the dynamics of changes in the state and, if necessary, to continue treatment.

most effective marital treatment, t. To. Miracle balls not only heal the body but the normalizing power of the person, bring harmony in family relationships.Perfectly amenable to homeopathic treatment of children with "difficult" character.Perhaps the correct behavior problems, improve performance, and so on. D.

Most commonly, repeated similar events, and we do not understand yourself, do not cease to be surprised in our lives.Adult, this method can help to unravel the psychological contradictions tormenting him.

Homeopathic treatment brings peace to the soul of man and makes it possible to change its pattern of behavior, looking at himself from the outside.

basic principle of homeopathy - "like cures like", iedisease can be treated negligibly small doses of those substances which in large doses cause symptoms similar to the symptoms of the disease.For example, a bee sting causes swelling and acute urinary retention, and homeopathic Apis (preparation made from bees) used in the treatment of these symptoms, whatever the cause they were called.

Just like allopathy, homeopathy (with few exceptions) uses medication, taken from the three kingdoms of nature: plants, animals and minerals.In homeopathy, the plant used, minerals, insects, animal selection, chemicals, products bolezni- nosodes (eg, tuberculin own blood, diphtheria toxin, and others.)

doses of homeopathic medicines can be different.They are called "dilution", and there are decimals or hundreds.The decimal dilutions are prepared as follows: one part of drug to 10 parts water is added, mixed and shaken to evenly distribute the active ingredient in solution.It turns out the first decimal dilution.Then one part of this solution was combined with 9 parts of water, shaken and stirred - a second decimal dilution, etc. In preparing the centesimal doses, the same technology, but one part of the substance is added 99 parts water...Minimum dilution is used 3X - the third decimal dilution, the maximum - thousands centesimal dilution.Interestingly, in dilutions over C12 (12th centesimal) have no molecules of the active ingredient, it is only the energy, the "memory" of water.Homeopathic medicines are produced in the form of tinctures, pills, globules or grains, a mixture of highly diluted (dynamized) toxic drugs with a neutral solvent.In addition, the widespread use of homeopathic remedies found and as ointments, suppositories and grinding (opodeldocs).

To prepare tinctures, generally use the parent drug extracts prepared predominantly on alcohol.Grains were prepared from sugar, which is then impregnated with the drug substance.

There are general rules for admission of homeopathic medicines: they should be taken 20-30 minutes before a meal or 30-40 minutes after.The pellets are placed under the tongue, dissolving, no drinking water and swallowing.Another rule of reception of homeopathic remedies is a sharp reduction or abolition of the use of coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages and spices, as they block the action of drugs.

Homeopathic medicines in neurology

EDAS 111 (drops), EDAS 911 (granules) C6 the Coffea, Ignatia C6, Passiflora C6

Take: 1-3 years 2 t.RV 3-4 day 3-7let 3-4 gr., Adult.8-10gr.

irritability, tearfulness, sleep disturbances.

SON (pellets) GS Petersburg Coffea D3, Hyoscyamus D3

1 hour before sleep, before going to bed to repeat, repeat 2-3 times if spillage

Restless sleep in young childrenwith night terrors.

GIPNOSED (granules), RF Passiflora D3, Ignatia D3

The dosage is the same

Soothing, normalizing processes


EDAS 306 (syrup) Ambra C6, Passiflora D2,Pulsatilla C9, Tinct.Valerianae

Children 1-3 years 0.5 tsp.l.2-3 p.in a day.3-15 years: 1 tsp.l.2-3 p.day

irritability, disturbed sleep.Nervous hypersensitivity.The period of adaptation of the child to kindergarten and school.

AHEBPO (pellets) Gomeofarma Ignatia C6, Passiflora C3, Leonurus C3, Hypericum C3, Zincum valerianicum C6

1-3 years old 2g.3 times a day ip 3.4 3.7 years.adults 8-10 g.

asthenoneurotic reaction after severe infection.The analgesic and sedative effect in traumatic brain injury and other nervous system with damage to the nerve fibers.Shown during the hormonal changes.

VALERIANA-compositum (pellets) Gom.Tsentr RF Valeriana D3, Leonurus D3, Passiflora D3, Avena sativa D3, Hyoscyamus C12

The dosage is the same

neurosis-like states, fears, night terrors,insomnia.Asthenic reactions weakness.

VALERIANA-PLUS (granules), RF contains 9 components includingValeriana D3, Leonurus D3, Avena sativa D3, Passiflora D3

The dosage is the same

Indications are the same.Besides heart pain, palpitations unreasonable.

VALERIANAHEL (drops) Germany contains 11 components, includingMelissa of., Ac.picrinicum, Kalium brom., Ammonium brom., Grataegus

Adults 15 cap.3 p.a day, 20 at night drops.

Teenagers and adults with nervousness, neurasthenia, insomnia.The combination of a variety of psychosomatic symptoms.

NEVROSED (pellets) Alcoy Russian Ac.phosphoricum D4, Ignatia D4, Sepia D4, Kalium bromatum D4 Zincum valerianicum D4

Take: 7-14 years 4-6 rp.3 p.in a day.adults 8-10 g.

Neurotic reaction at VSD, hypotension.It is recommended to thin, irritable teenagers at high school load

BELLANDIN (pellets) Alcoy Russian Belladonna C6, Coffea C6, Moschus C6, Nux vomica C6, Pulsatilla C6

The dosage is the same

insomnia, neuroticdisorders, fatigue, depression, a VVD-we, the state of excitation with spasms in hypochondriacs.

capricious (pellets) GS Petersburg Chamomilla C12, C12 Vguonia, Staphisagria C12

3-7let for 3-4 rp.1 p.in a day.7-14 years 4-6 c.1 p.in a day.

personality traits: moody, irritable, indignant, hysterical children

VERNISON (pellets) Materia Medica RF Nux vomica C200, Coffea C200, Belladonna C200

Teenagers and adults for 2 c.1 time at night 7 days, followed by 2 g.1-2 times per week.

insomnia in humans, too busy with work, suffering from gastrointestinal and liver diseases, the excessive use of coffee and stimulants.

POSLEGRIPPIN (granules), Materia Medica of the Russian Federation, Ac.phosphoricum C30, Gelsemium C30, China C30

3-7 years to 2 c.adolescents and adults for 3 c.1 times a day for a week, then once a day one.

Astenonevrotncheskie reactions, increased iststoschaemost, fears after suffering flu and other infections.

geeks (pellets) GS Petersburg Aethusa C6, Ac.phosphoricum C6

7-14 years 4-6 c.3 p.daily, adults 7-10 g.

pupils, students, intellectuals people to relieve fatigue.It activates mental processes, increases vitality.

ANTISTRESS (pellets) GS Petersburg Ignatia C100, Avena sativa C100, Zincum valerianicum C100

Teenagers and adults for 2 c.1 p.5-7 days daily, then 2 rp.1-2 p.in Week.

Consequences worries, sadness, boredom, disappointment in love.The sadness associated with the loss of loved ones.

VERTIGOHEL (drops and tablets) Germany Cocculus D4, Conium D3, Ambra D6, Petroleum D8

1 table.3 p.per day or 10 Cap., dissolved in 100 ml.water.

dizziness, Meniere th, sea and airy illness after TBI, in cerebral sclerosis, migraine with diencephalic component.

KOKKULIN (tablets) France Cocculus C4, C4 Tabacum, Nux vomica C4, Petroleum C4

2 table.3 p.per day, during a trip to Table 2.hour.

Vertigo associated with the smell of gasoline when traveling in public transport, nausea, vomiting.

EDAS 116 (drops) Ac.phosphoricum C6, Conium D7, Arnica C3

Traumatic brain injury with hypotension and vertigo

VIZUS (pellets) GomeofarmaRF Agaricus C12, Euphrasia C3, Gelsemiun C3, Phisostigma C6, Ruta C3

3-5 c.1-2 p.per day for 6 months.

Easing function of the eyes because of the visual load, spasm of accommodation, after a head injury.

EDAS 909 (granules) Gelsemium C3, Spigelia C6, Chamomilla C6

8 pellets 3 times a day

Headaches, Migraines

TSEFALGIN (pellets) Gomeofarma RFSanguinaria C3, Gelsemium C3, Belladonna C3, Rhododendron C3

3-5 c.2-3 p.in a day.

Headaches, migraines, vegetative neurosis, with the deterioration in the weather change.

SPIGELON (tablets) Germany Spigelia D3, Belladonna D3, Bryonia D3, Gelsemium D3, Melilotus of.D3, Natrium carbon.D3

1 table.3 p.in a day.

painkillers for migraine, neuritis, cervical osteochondrosis.

TSEREBRUM compositum (ampoules) Germany 26 components, includingof brain tissue and embryonic tissues

1 ampoule subcutaneously, intramuscularly yl 1-3 p.in Week.

Violation functions of the brain functional and organic nature.Delays in physical and mental development in children.Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease and others.

again repeatability that homeopathy does not treat the disease, but a man, so the drug should only appoint a doctor after a full examination of the patient.