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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Neurology

Physiotherapy - what is it?

Physiotherapy - is treatment with natural and physical factors: heat and cold, ultrasound, electric current, magnetic field, laser, ultraviolet, infrared and other radiation, mud, water, massage, hirudotherapy and others

.physiotherapy undoubted advantage over other treatments - its high performance coupled with safety.It not only requires the use of drugs, but also due to its active role in the body reduces the medication several times by increasing the body's sensitivity to the therapeutic properties of drugs.Physiotherapy helps to minimize possible side effects and unpleasant consequences of both the disease and its treatment, and sometimes would endanger the protective forces of the organism.Physiotherapy wakes internal reserves of the body, strengthens the immune system and thus reduces treatment time, accelerates wound healing and inflammation, stimulates the most important biochemical processes in the body, adjusting the body's natural forces of recovery.Physical t

herapy has been used successfully to treat a variety of diseases of organs and systems of the human body.As an independent process physiotherapy treatments effective in the early stages of the disease.Physiotherapy - a great tool prevention of many diseases.Most often it is used as an additional method in the general course of treatment.

Cryotherapy - one of the areas of physiotherapy, unique method of frost on the body with the help of liquid nitrogen.Cryotherapy has a general activating effect on the body: it stimulates the immune and endocrine systems, has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, decongestant and antispasmodic effects, promotes blood saturation active biological components - endorphins, rejuvenates through increased surface blood flow.Due to the activation of the regulatory systems of the body restores the ability to independently conduct "revision" of existing violations and eliminate them.Applying cryotherapy in the complex therapeutic measures, we can achieve excellent results in the treatment of neuroses and depression, arthritis, psoriasis, warts, eczema, sexual disorders in men and women.During a short session there is an activation of metabolic processes such intensity that the patient loses up to one kilogram weight, opening up the prospect for the treatment of metabolic syndrome.Cosmetic and therapeutic results, even from the first 2-3 procedures are felt immediately - skin regeneration, the cessation of pain in the locomotor system, healthy sleep, mood elevation and etc.

Laser therapy or laser therapy.At the heart of biostimulation laser therapy effects on the human body - the effect of directional light flux (laser) on living tissue.By absorbing light, activate enzymes in the body of the most important biochemical processes, and the cells are updated, restore their livelihoods, included self-regulation mechanisms, the natural forces of the body are mobilized.Under the influence of laser therapy expands capillaries, improves blood microcirculation, tissue nutrition, and all of this together leads to the fact that accelerates the healing process in the affected areas.Laser therapy has beneficial effects on the immune system, reduces blood viscosity, increases lymph flow, reduces cholesterol, analgesic, has antibacterial, antiviral and antiallergic effect.Laser therapy, as well as other methods of physiotherapy, it helps to reduce the time of treatment, to prevent the transition to chronic acute process, and most importantly, achieve a positive effect, minimal doses of drugs.Short sessions of laser therapy that the patient goes to remote periods after treatment, strengthen health: stimulate metabolism, nutrition organs and tissues, reduce the likelihood of early age-related changes, such as menopause in women and impotence in men.

Magnetic via system-wide magnetic field has a healthy effect on the body, each cell which is the final receiver of electromagnetic signals through the activation of compensatory-adaptive mechanisms - the internal reserves of the body.Magnetic therapy improves cerebral blood flow and myocardial oxygen saturation, as a result of normal blood pressure, reduced blood sugar levels, increases immunity, normalizes the activity of internal organs.With the help of the vortex magnetic field stimulates the body's internal biological reserves for active protection against the damaging effects of the environment, has analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect, which contributes to a real improvement of health: improving mood, appetite, sleep, increases efficiency.Physiotherapy using the influence of the magnetic field at the same time the whole body allows influence directly on all body systems, including the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular and lymphatic, as well as in metabolism and redox processes, and others. The normalization of the redox balance doespatients resistant to stress, helps him cope with the disease faster.The therapeutic effect of magnetic therapy effectively manifested in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, chronic inflammation of the digestive system, with calculous forms of pathology of the gallbladder, with hypertension and others.

blood UVR (ultraviolet blood irradiation) (or Photomodification blood fotogemoterapiya)- a light flux physiotherapy influence on the blood when administered waveguide sterile disposable catheter into the vein through the needle.Mechanism fotogemoterapii therapeutic effects based on the activation of the antioxidant system of the blood, increase in the total amount of hemoglobin and increase its affinity for oxygen, bactericidal and antiviral effect.Due to the non-specific stimulation significantly improved the state of immunity.UFO blood stimulates the immune system, improves tissue nutrition in diseases of the internal organs.While working with visible light, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in hemoglobin function, red blood cells and white blood cells, activation of metabolic processes, normalization of acid-base balance, reduce blood viscosity, speed up the resorption of blood clots.In the treatment of purulent wounds blood UFO reduces swelling of tissues, stimulates healing.

Red and infrared great help in treatment of cardiovascular and bronchopulmonary diseases by improving the viscosity and fluidity of blood, restoration of normal microcirculation, activation of redox processes.

Photomodification blood proved to be highly effective in the treatment of diseases such as coronary heart disease, peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, chronic bronchitis, asthma, atherosclerosis, dermatitis, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, sores, burns.It is advisable to carry out a blood Photomodification professional athletes and other people who are experiencing significant physical activity.

Hirudotherapy - a treatment with leeches.She referred to physical therapy because it is absolutely natural non-drug method of treatment and prevention of various diseases.The powerful therapeutic effect of hirudotherapy is achieved by means of three effects that medicinal leeches have both the patient.The first - a reflex action: leech bite through the skin only in the biologically active points (acupuncture points), thus prompting additional reserves of your body's natural ability to resist disease and stress.The second - a biological effect: immediately after being bitten by leeches anesthetize the wound by injecting into the patient salivary gland secretion, containing more than 20 biologically active substances beneficial effect on human health.This enzymes prevent the formation of blood clots, reduce blood sugar and cholesterol, inhibit the development of inflammatory processes, strengthen the body's defenses and restore the body, rejuvenate it, stimulate the production of endorphins.Active enzymes are gaining momentum, and two months later begins to act at the cellular level, and another 8-10 months, the patient can the beneficial effects of hirudotherapy.Third - mechanical effect: the leech sucked out of the body "unnecessary" blood, stagnant, full of toxins and decomposition products, poorly circulating.Mechanical flow unloading great impact on microcirculation in organs and tissues.The basis of the salivary gland secretions of medicinal leeches are anticoagulant - a substance, blood thinning, as well as an enzyme that breaks down excess cholesterol, and they further enhance the therapeutic effect of hirudotherapy, improving microcirculation, cleaning vessels and strengthening the immune system.

Hirudotherapy allows you to work at once on a few areas of concern and to cope not only with the disease, which complains about the patient, but also to those which he does not suspect, at the expense of the complex health-improving effect on all immunocompetent organs (liver, kidney, pancreasgland, adrenal glands, intestine).

Massage - the most physiologic for a human organism improving means, proven long-term practice of treatment and prevention of a wide range of diseases.Massage - a mechanical action with hands or special tools on the surface of the body or a separate body.Massage is used to prevent many diseases for the general strengthening of the body and as an effective therapeutic agent in various fields of medicine, such as orthopedics, internal medicine, neurology, surgery, gynecology and others. Therapeutic massage can be used only on prescription.Massage can be combined with the main treatment or used as an independent method of physiotherapy.

medical type is generall massage improves microcirculation in organs and tissues, and muscle tone, reduces weight, reduces fatigue, raises vitality.Classic therapeutic massage is indicated for diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, endocrine and metabolic disorders, etc.Anti-cellulite massage improves the condition of the skin, promotes the "burning" of fat and increased tissue turgor.Acupressure - is an active influence directly on the sore point with your finger or elbow - quite painful, but very effective for diseases of the nervous, immune and endocrine systems, headaches.Segmental reflex massage allows you to precisely affect the "problem" areas in the body: organs and organ systems.Every organ in the human body corresponds to the projection area, working on that (and not very painful point), it is possible to treat a specific disease.Massaging the back, you can reduce the pain in the wrist, elbow, shoulder joints, affecting the cervical vertebra - to treat the vocal cords, forearm and so on.Periosteum massage - an indispensable addition to the treatment of arthritis, arthrosis, diseases of the spine and joints.The most effective in the periosteum changes in inflammatory processes.Cosmetic massage improves blood circulation, complexion appears blush, smoothed the folds and wrinkles.Manual therapy is indicated for certain diseases of the spine, osteochondrosis, circulatory disorders in the vessels of vertebrobasilar system dorsopathies different origins, scoliosis, etc. The main task of manual therapy -. To relieve pain and restore the mobility of the spine and joints.It can be used in combination with massage or as a separate treatment.

Hardware Modeling shapes using HUBER figure modeling system (lpg figure correction) is unique in that the system is able to simultaneously work on the entire musculoskeletal system of man - a single workouts around 80 muscles, including those that remain unused at the on classical classroomsimulators.Physiotherapy using this technology involves all muscle groups and joints, ligaments, tendons and spine.Pain in the joints, improper distribution of weight, edema, decreased metabolism, premature aging due to incorrect loads, headaches - all this is a consequence of problems with the spine, and the HUBER system today - only technology, comprehensive correcting, and cause and effect bydynamic posture correction (spine).Its action is aimed at rehabilitation and development of the deep back muscles that support the spine peculiar muscular "corset" and providing person not only become a royal, but also a great feeling.This figure modeling effectively.

With the testing system allows you to make an individual training program for each dealing with a gradual increase in load from a simple warm-up intensive general or special power exercises.Techniques for working with the system of correction allow you to combine classes with all the fitness techniques and simulators, and even completely replace them in effectiveness.With equal success on a unique supertrenazhere can engage as the elderly or people have suffered serious illness in need of rehabilitation, and professional athletes preparing for responsible competitions.The system will allow anyone to restore joint mobility, strengthen the muscular system and posture, improve stability and coordination, to simulate beautiful figure through general harmonious development of muscles.After a workout, improves mood, establish the connection between the brain and body, included the additional resources of the body, the body is toned and recuperate not only the physical but also on the psychological level.An additional advantage in this case would be cardio, not once at any age and for any health condition.

Physiotherapy techniques effectively complement the pharmacological component of integrated treatment process, avoids unwanted side effects and achieve stable positive results of treatment.But the key element of a successful diagnostic and treatment process is a physician.Therefore, the procedures should take place only after prior consultation with a specialist - for maximum treatment efficacy and patient safety.

Physiotherapy in neurology

1. Diseases of the peripheral nervous system (neuritis, plexites, neuralgia):
In the acute phase:
UHF to the affected area
DDT and SMT-therapy
UFO segmental areas and fields of the affected limb
In the subacute stage:
ultrasound with hydrocortisone ointment, gel on segmental zones and along the affected nerve
In remission:
ozokerito - and mud
balneotherapy (iodine-bromine, turpentine baths, baths with laurel,
underwater massage shower
hand massage

2. osteochondrosis with neurological manifestations:
When pain syndrome:
UFO segmental and projection zones
DDT or CMT segmental and projection zones
darsonvalization segmental and projection zones
laser therapy on pain area
PMP segmental and pain
zone at the weakening of pain:
electrophoresis vasodilatory and anti-inflammatory action
ozokerite applications on the area of ​​irradiation
massage segmental spinal areas and the affected limb
ultrasound paravertebrally and during
nerve in remission:
ozokerito - and mud
underwater massage shower
balneotherapy (bishofit, turpentine, iodine-bromine baths, baths with laurel
hand massage
dry carbonic bath

3. Multiple Sclerosis:
At 1-2 degrees of gravity of the process:
phonophoresis of hydrocortisone paravertebrally and spinal region
ozokeritovye or mud applications on the same area
magnesium electrophoresis on the same period in the region
coniferous, oxygen baths
massage segmental areas of the spine and extremities

4. disorders of cerebral circulation.