Reflexology , acupuncture , acupuncture in neurology - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Neurology

Reflexology in neurology - one of the methods of treatment of diseases affecting the central nervous system.

Acupuncture in neurology successfully used for the treatment of diseases such as hyperkinesis different nature, cerebral disease, musculoskeletal disorders, sensory and speech centers.

Acupuncture Neurology has a practice of long-term use and waste treatment methods, so in conjunction with other methods of acupuncture is playing an increasingly important role in the treatment of neurological diseases.

Treatment facial hemispasm representing the defeat of the facial nerve resulting in the formation of tumors, aneurysms and vascular lesions.In this case, in neurology reflexology used in combination with anticonvulsants and means improving brain blood circulation.The course of acupuncture in the treatment involves 12-15 sessions conducted daily or every other day.Duration 30 to 60 minutes.Recommended passage 2 - 3 courses spaced 14 - 30 days.

treatment of writer's cramp may also be e

ffective in the use of acupuncture techniques, which offer reflexology in neurology.Writer's cramp - dystonic hyperkinesia arising in the muscles of hands.It contributes to the emergence of diseases such as torsion dystonia, shaking palsy, various diseases of the musculoskeletal system.In the treatment of this disease acupuncture administered with therapeutic measures promoting muscle relaxation.In this case, acupuncture course consists of 10-15 sessions conducted daily or every other day, during a session of 30-60 minutes.As a rule, it is necessary to spend 2-3 courses with intervals of 10-15 days.

Another disease which handles acupuncture in neurology is spasmodic torticollis.Spasmodic torticollis - dystonic hyperkinesia preferentially localized in the muscles of the neck, characterized by the violent turn of the head.

Treatment with acupuncture techniques involves three steps:

  • In the first stage, along with the use of drug treatment, appointed by 10-15 acupuncture sessions, one every 1-2 days, the duration of the session 30-60 minutes.
  • criterion for the transition to the second stage is to achieve clinical benefit from the treatment.The second phase of treatment is to reduce the peripheral factor activity.To do this, along with methods of manual therapy, acupuncture is performed as mikroigloterapii, which is held by three cycles of 3-5 days with intervals of 5 to 7 days.
  • third and longest stage of treatment - a step consolidate the results and its correction.Acupuncture in this case comprises 10-15 sessions with a duration of 25-30 minutes.

with a break of 1.5 - 2 months need to pass the course 3-4 with acupuncture treatment.