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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Neurology

at the level of physiology massage affects all body systems, so it is the result of becoming a general improvement in all functions and relieved of some specific symptoms.Massage also helps to increase self-confidence, to remove emotional blocks, to return the clarity of thought.

massage session at the same time brings relaxation and toning.As if you took a break to restore harmony and well-being and then be ready to return to the earthly world.

Classic massage will quickly lead you into shape, relieve fatigue, vigor and return rabostosposobnost.

for coordinated work of the whole organism requires a healthy circulatory system.Massage makes breathing deeper blood vessels and capillaries dilate, improving circulation, and blood comes more oxygen.Improved blood circulation means that the nutrients are carried throughout the body more efficiently.At the same time the pressure is reduced, slowing the heart rate, body and brain relax and calm down.

Massage stimulates the sebaceous and sweat glands, which

helps moisturize, cleanse and cool the skin.Massage gives an exfoliating effect that makes the skin supple and fresh.Improved circulation helps to bring nutrients to the hair, nails and skin, providing revitalizing effect, relieves headaches and regulates digestion.

most beneficial effect, no doubt, has a massage on the muscular system of the body.By relaxing and stretching muscles constricted and reduce the voltage, massage helps return the body tissues of flexibility, mobility and flexibility.massage techniques to help relieve pain in muscles and improve posture, restoring the natural balance of the muscles.This massage will put in order the feeble flabby muscles from a long downtime.Massage directly affects the lymphatic system, helping the body excrete lactic acid and other chemical wastes that contribute to pain and discomfort in the joints and ligaments.

impossible not to note the beneficial effects of massage in the treatment of the effects of stress, insomnia and depression.Massage is especially useful for people of intellectual labor.Physical muscle relaxation and increased blood flow to the head leads to improved brain function and clarity of thought, retreating irritability and fatigue, and are replaced by attention, concentration, ingenuity and vision.

After a massage tension recedes, with shoulders like a heavy load lifted, the whole body felt an extraordinary lightness.Variables in the mood to meet the changes in hormonal levels.Studies have shown that during a session of stress hormones - such as cortisol - is reduced, and the level of well being hormones - such as oxytocin, - increases significantly, which significantly activates the immune system.

Massage can also affect the body's energy balance.Body and soul reach equilibrium, and can achieve a deep sense of calm, peace and balance.Easy, that is experienced after a massage, it promotes a clearer understanding of its spiritual essence, the vision of the "inner" light.Massage brings peace - some see better prospects in life, to others a sense of humor returned, and all, without exception, become more convenient and comfortable in his own body.

Massage Therapy:

In diseases of the musculoskeletal system (fractures, including intra-articular and vertebral column, sprains, strains, contusions).
In diseases of the joints (polyarthritis, arthritis, arthrosis).
When neuritis upper and lower extremities, facial and trigeminal nerves.
When osteochondrosis - all parts of the spine, including lumbago, sciatica.
When hypertension and hypotension, angina, varicose veins.
Also in various other diseases.
For children - baby massage (from two weeks), including premature babies, get rid of many diseases and serves as an excellent preventive tool.
massage corrects posture disorder, scoliosis, flat feet and neurological diseases, including torticollis and pyramidal insufficiency (hypotonia, hypertonia).
Children held recreational and preventive massage with elements of gymnastics.

Massage cupping

Vakuumterapiya (cupping massage) is a means of beneficial effects on the blood and lymph circulation, improving peripheral blood circulation, lymph and interstitial fluid.improves local and reflex expansion of blood and lymphatic vessels, it has a resolving inflammatory and analgesic effect.On the ground, the application of cans produced local hemorrhages resulting from the disintegration of blood products that are absorbed and stimulate hematopoiesis.Eliminates stagnation phenomenon, increases metabolism and skin respiration, the skin becomes elastic, increases its resistance to temperature and physical stress, improves contractile function of muscles, increases their tone and elasticity.During the first hour after application of cans marked some changes in the blood, lowering blood pressure and slowing heart rate.


■ inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system - bronchitis, pneumonia, pleurisy, pneumonia hypostatic prevention;
■ acute and chronic myositis, neuromyositis, neuralgia, neuritis and perinevrity, neurological manifestations of osteochondrosis.

therapeutic effects can massage:

1. When neurological manifestations of osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine makes sliding massage movements from the waist to the cervical vertebrae.Particular attention is paid to massage paravertbalnyh areas at a distance of 2-ZSM from the spinous processes of the spine.Movement straight while moving up the bank with a force so that the front of the bank "was" skin fold, the downward movement - effortless.

2. When neurological manifestations of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine make a circular motion around a can of the seventh vertebra (to find it, you need to tilt your head, to test the cervical vertebrae, it is the most protruding vertebra).The direction of motion - clockwise without touching of the seventh vertebra, massage time 1-1.5 min.After that, do the massage of trapezoidal muscle from head to shoulders.

3. When neurological manifestations of osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine - the lumbar region, and if the pain radiates to the leg, the leg and the back surface of the popliteal fossa to the gluteal fold and the lower leg to the foot.

4. When scoliosis of the lumbar muscles massaged along the waist.When myositis shoulder and forearm muscle - muscle back of the neck, the back, the muscles of the outer surface of the shoulder and arm.

5. For colds, bronchitis, pneumonia - massage from lower corners of shoulder blades to shoulders (on the back), the lateral surface of the chest, as well as from the xiphoid process of the sternum to the left and right shoulder.Under the influence of canned massage departs sputum, improves breathing, decreased body temperature.After the procedure the patient is necessary to wrap the blanket, to give a glass of tea with lemon or raspberry.

6. Cellulite conduct can massage thigh and buttock muscles.Moving banks circular, zigzag, linear (all kinds of motions at 5 - 6 times).Under the influence of canned massage is a mechanical break of fat cells.

7. In order to enhance immunity in immunocompromised, chronically ill autohemotherapy applied methodology, which is applied to the skin of the buttocks for 30 - 60 seconds banks in large vacuum mode.Massage Course - 10 days.

8. Massage with injuries used in postimmobilizatsionny period to normalize the blood and lymph circulation, pain relief, resorption of edema, tissue repair and regeneration, normalization of redox processes.Massage start doing higher edema places (reflex-distracting), gradually descending to the area adjacent to the injury sites.

Contraindications to the use of canned massage:

1. pulmonary hemorrhage, pulmonary tuberculosis in an active stage, malignant and benign tumors, bleeding diathesis, skin diseases and sudden its sensitivity, blood diseases, rapid depletion of the patient, cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension 3degree.

2. You can not put the banks on the spine, on the heart, kidney and breast cancer in women.

3. You can not massage the area of ​​the popliteal fossa, and inner thighs.

4. Caution: Do not massage the area of ​​the armpit and the inner surface of the shoulder.

- procedures performed in a day;

- duration of the treatment for 5-10 minutes;

- lubricate the skin of the patient emollient cream may use physician recommended anti-inflammatory ointment (do not apply ointments irritant);

- wrap a blanket and give the patient drink a glass of tea with lemon or raspberry.

Acupressure in neurological diseases

diseases combined this group truly are a product of this century.Inconsistency rapidly changing conditions of life, a mad rhythm, the abundance of information, the inertia of psycho-physiological processes leading to the disruption of the body's adaptation to the environment.Hence the ever-increasing number of neuroses.According to WHO, in developed countries, they affect about 15% of people.

Under these conditions, of course, increases and the amount of drugs taken by humans.Here and sedatives, and tranquilizers, and tonic, and anti-depressants.

reasonable restrictions and denial of medication can help methods reflex action.

The group includes various neuroses in clinical manifestations of the disease, especially neurasthenia.

Irritability, fatigue, short temper, anxiety, sleep disturbances, headaches - all symptoms of neurasthenia.These neurotic disorders may be connected with functional disorders of the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems, creating the so-called psychosomatic diseases.

By neurotic manifestations should also include a significant part of the sexual disorders in men and women.

Acupressure should be done in the form of 2-3 courses Polutov-ra-two-week break.The first sessions are held every day, then every other day.With the prevalence of emotional arousal, with frequent changes of mood and sleep disturbance using the brake method.When lethargy, apathy, fear, depression is more effective method of exciting.These two methods can be combined, or pick-average exposure to harmonizing the method of pressing-average power for 1-2 minutes on each point.

Many experiences delivers bed-wetting in children (enuresis).Sometimes these violations occur in the pathology of the urinary tract, or the spine.More often, however, it is a manifestation of neurasthenia.The most effective use tsubo massage - applique beads with periodic massage.

total action points - slow down, the local point (belly, loin, rump) - excite.

Finally, mention that to neurosis and include phenomena such as stuttering, hesitation (logoneurosis), tics, spasms eyelids (blepharospasm).Spot effects enhance the effectiveness of the treatment appointed psychoneurologist.Use common action points and are located on the face, neck and chest.

And some general tips.

in the development of neuroses their place is occupied by unreacted emotions.Imagine that you in insulting terms and unjustly reprimanded boss.At work, you have to hold back, but inside all boils.In other cases, you will discharge in transport, store, or at home with the adoption of valerian and insomnia.Sometimes worse - nitroglycerine, ambulance, anti-depressants.Resentment to the head combined with a sense of guilt in front of home.At work, everything falls out of the hands, homes relations strained.

it possible to avoid the development of neurosis?The task is difficult, but doable.Accumulated negative emotions require a release.

Smart Japanese and here are ahead.Offended by Japanese workers could take a stick and heartily dokolotit rubber double his head.There are other ways of switching the excess emotional energy into the physical.Remember how fiercely rubnl firewood in the famous film character Adriano Celentano to wreak emotional and nervous tension.

Another classic proven way-breaking dishes.

Psychotherapists offer even have a home for this purpose sets cheap dishes.

But the most simple and affordable - jogging up the stairs.Vigorously go up and go down a few floors.You can do 20-30 squats -How can.It is important that there was a physical fatigue, quickened heartbeat and breathing.Then sit back, relax, breathe deeply and evenly.It can be several times to say to himself, or in a low voice: "I am absolutely calm."It helps massages.