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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Other Manipulations

Using Jar therapy has long been known.It is also used in ancient Rome, they were used by Galen and Avicenna.Who is older, he must remember, as soon as bronchitis and pneumonia cans used staging procedure.

The basis of this method is the vacuum effect on the skin receptors, which transmit nerve impulses to the nerve fibers, inerviruyuschie blood and lymphatic vessels, leading to them to expand.That's what we are seeking, removing muscle swelling as osteochondrosis, bringing excess liquid to oxidize fat in cellulite.Another worth mentioning immunological effects (autohaemotherapy effect): the penetration of the blood vessels in the tissue and its immunoglobulin cells that protect our bodies.Therefore, the "bruising" at a moderate kollichestve should not be afraid.

Like any procedure, and can massage procedure has its indications and contraindications:

Indications can massage:

1) low back pain, sciatica is in the stage of exacerbation.
2) Pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy, asthma
3) frozen shoulder, s

pine bending
4) Post-traumatic rehabilitation, mainly after injuries.
5) cellulitis, figure correction.

Contraindications can massage:

1) All diseases in the acute period, including skin diseases.
2) Malignant neoplasms, leukemia.
3) Epilepsy.
4) In the area of ​​spinal hernia.
5) In the area of ​​varicose veins.
6) Hypertensive disease stage 3.
7) Mental illness.
8) increased the pain threshold.

procedure can massage

With horror, I read recommendations of canned massage treatments at home.After all, a simple man in the street does not know the structure of the muscles, the location krovenostnyh and lymph vessels.This can earn a lot of complications.I would like to give you advice: choosing a massage therapist, make sure that it is a medical education and he specialized in massage, and was not by any engineer, an employee who has completed courses in the hope of earning extra ruble.

Referring to the clinic or beauty salon, afraid of an expert who did not really talk to you, puts you directly on the massage table.Therefore, before the procedure the real masseur except question: "And what effect do you expect?", Carefully sort out contraindications.If manipulation is done on the back, be sure to go through a consultation with a neurologist or orthopedist.

procedures for two types of cans used canned massage: glass and rubber.Preference is given to rubber, because they are more ellastichnogo, it is possible to adjust the force of the procedure.Just eliminate the effects of fire, avoiding trouble in the form of burns and so on.It should be noted that the impact of the cans more than by manual massage, and so carry it into effect, not all pain.But the effect is faster due to more thorough treatment of the deep layers of muscles.

On massaged area applied to the oil in much larger quantities than in the simple massage, for a better glide.Before you put the bank, there is a manual heating mashtsy.Next is the manipulation of the movement of blood and lymph.If you experience severe pain, ask the service technician to ease the impact.

For procedures using different oils as professional and non-professional.Standard is commonplace mineral oil.However, for the correction, I like citrus oil based, it depends on the patient's condition in osteochondrosis birch oil ... Duration of the procedure, but an average of 15 minutes in the beginning, then as you get used to a 20 - 25 min.

Possible complications can massage

As I have already said that this manipulation if misused its use is not harmless and fraught with complications in the form of exacerbation of chronic diseases, including sciatica, degenerative disc disease, pustular diseases, occurrence of spinal hernias and theirtrauma and its consequences in the form of paresis and paralysis (complete absence or movement disorders in the limbs), thromboembolism (blood clot separation and blockage of blood vessels).

Many people are concerned about the problem of "bruising".Therefore it is better to do the procedure at the time of year when you do not wear revealing clothes.They quickly and effectively help to cope heparin cream or fresh-water sponge.

must be remembered that in the treatment of degenerative disc disease in varying degrees, there is a moderate exacerbation after 1 - 3 treatments in the form of muscle pain and it's okay.To help in such cases come voltarenovaya ointment, balm ... Dikulja procedure ends.All this will take a couple of sessions.

effect of the treatment of cellulite can be seen after an average of three regular visits.Total Number of procedures for all states to 10.

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