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term "inhalation" originated from the Latin verb «ihalo» - inhale.The story goes inhalation in ancient times.The first mention of the use of inhaled salt particles refers to 180 AD, when the Roman physician and philosopher Galen described the therapeutic effect of sea air in diseases of bronchopulmonary system.In 1858 it was invented in France, the first inhaler which worked through the manual pump.Following was invented in Germany inhaler, who worked for a couple.In 1930, the era of compressor inhaler.In 1945, for aerosol delivery began to use freon.A ultrasonic nebulizers started to appear in 1955.For the first time the term "nebulizer" (from the Latin "nebula" - fog) began to be used in 1972 to refer to "a tool that converts a liquid substance into an aerosol for medical purposes."

In this article we will discuss the most common and affordable types of inhalation, which can be done at home:

1. Inhalation of steam - all of us are familiar with the procedure of childhood, when a person lowers his

head over the pot with steam, covering your head with a towel.Inhalation
2. via aromalampy - for this type of use of inhaled therapeutic and prophylactic essential oils, or mixtures thereof.
3. inhalation via nebulizer. For this type of inhalation device mentioned above is used, in which the therapeutic mixing the components with water and then steam saturated drug substance by inhalation is supplied through a special nozzle, which ensures a more complete delivery of the drug.

It should also be said that all divided by the inhalation temperature regime:

1. Wet inhalation - steam temperature up to 30 ° C
2. warm-wet inhalation - steam temperature up to 40 ° C
3. Steam inhalation - steam temperature up45 ° C

important!Remember that the maximum permissible temperature of the steam inhalation for no more than 52 - 57 ° C. Above this temperature there is a risk of scalding the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract.

At home, I recommend not to exceed the temperature of steam inhalations above 45 degrees C. And for children above 30 degrees C. Generally, in the performance of their own children inhaled, you should start with a pair of comfortable temperature, gradually increasing with good endurance, but40 - 45 ° C.

and another important point: observe the duration and frequency of inhalation.

• For adults: 5-10 minutes 2-3 times a day (in rare cases, such as for example, exacerbation of asthma, inhaled multiplicity can be increased to 4-6 times a day).
• For children: 1-3 minutes 1-2 times a day.

Important!Do not exceed without prescription duration and frequency of inhalation.This applies especially in cases where a medical purpose for inhalation bronchodilators used chemical nature.

Indications inhalation

1. acute respiratory disease, SARS, accompanied by sore throat, cough, etc.
2. Inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract: rhinitis, sinusitis, inflammation in the nasopharynx and oropharynx, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis.
3. Inflammatory diseases of the lower respiratory tract infections: tracheitis, acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma, bronchiectasis.
4. pulmonary tuberculosis
5. cystic fibrosis
6. postoperatively to prevent complications

Contraindications to the use of inhaled

1. Intolerance drug
2. Severe diseases of the cardiovascular system (requires a doctor's consultation)
3. Heavyrespiratory system (requires a doctor's consultation)
4. Passage of purulent sputum
5. Hemoptysis
6. Nasal bleeding at the time of inhalation or anamnestic
7. Increased body temperature at the time of inhalation above 37.5 ° C

Let us examine in detail each of the methods.

Inhalation of steam at home

This kind of inhalation is the most simple and affordable.For its implementation it is necessary to have a pot, water and a towel.Technique of the following:

1. Take a pan 1-1.5 liters
2. Fill with water, bring to a boil
3. Add drug charges
4. Cool to a temperature of 30 ° C (wet inhalation)
5. Bend overCover pan
6. towel head
7. Inhale steam nose (with a cold, infectious diseases nasal) or by mouth (for inflammatory diseases of the larynx, respiratory tract and lungs).

For a more comfortable and productive performance of inhalation, this procedure can be modified:
• Instead of pots to use tea and inhale through the nose
steam kettle • You can also make packing for your "home improvised inhaler": Cardboard paper rolled into a tube (for kettle)or in the form of a cone (for the pan).

Ingalitsii using oil burner

This kind of inhalation is used more as a prophylactic measure in the season of colds and SARS and the initial symptoms of colds.

1. Before starting the procedure, you must ventilate the area.
2. Start inhalation only with the windows closed.
3. inhalation duration from 30 minutes to 2 hours.Aromalampu
4. The water should be added in the process of inhalation to the essential oil is not burnt.
5. The aroma lamp warm water is added.
6. Add the essential oil (or a mixture of essential oils) at the rate of 1-2 drops per 5 ml of water.
7. If you spend the first inhalation, start with 1 drop of essential oil, is gradually increasing.

inhalation via nebulizer nebulizer


1. Rinse the nebulizer fluid reservoir with water before inhalation
2. Pour the medical fluid to a reservoir in the nebulizer
3. Connect the nebulizer to the mains
4. Inspect the unit
5. Prepare a mask for the inhalation - diseases of the nasopharynx or mouthpiece - for inhalation in diseases of the lower respiratory tract (and mask, mouthpiece and must be pretreated)
6. If the drug has been in the refrigerator, it is preferably heated by holding at roomtemperature
7. as the solvent for the drug substance used saline or water for injection in the amount of 2-3 ml (sometimes 5 mL)
8. as drug use only prescribed drugs vrachaom
9. The average time of inhalation 10-15minutes
10. Do not add solution for inhalation oily substances, essential oils, as this can cause damage to the nebulizer

Preparing the patient for inhalation using a nebulizer:

1. Measure the temperature of the body, it must not exceed 37.5° C
2. Whenever possible, since the last meal before the inhalation must be at least 1-1.5 hours
3. Do not smoke for 1 hour before the procedure, and if possible to give up cigarettes for the entire duration of treatment
4. Wear comfortableclothing that does not squeezes neck
5. Wash hands prior to inhalation, blown out the nose.
6. Initiate inhalation, tightly pressed to the face mask or mouthpiece lips tightly clasped
7. Do not talk during inhalation and not be distracted
8. Breathe in slowly and deeply inhaled
9. In the case of coughing, remove the mask orremove the mouthpiece from the mouth, good cough and then continue inhaling

important!After the inhalation procedure, you must treat the nebulizer, mask and mouthpiece, and a fluid reservoir according to the instructions for the inhaler.For some inhalers - processing only soapy water for other permitted use disinfectants or boiling.

Drugs and medications used for inhalation

inhalation of steam:

- Couples boiled potatoes or
oats - decoction of herbs (for example herbal see "Herbs for cough" article)

inhalation withusing the oil burner:

• Fir
• Pine
• Mozzhevelnik
• Eucalyptus
• Rosemary
• Sage
• The mixture of essential oils
• Peppermint
• Chamomile
• Calendula
• Lavender
• Wormwood
• Crimean or Damask rose

for inhalation via nebulizer:

1. Herbal infusions (herbal example, see the article "Herbs for cough»)
2. mineral inhalation:
• Soda: mineral water "Borjomi", "Sairme", "Dilijan»
• Sulphite (hydrogen sulfide)," Essentuki "," Pyatigorsk "," Ekmeri »,« Matsesta »
• Carbonic" Smirnoff "," Slavyanovskaya »
• salt-alkaline," Essentuki №4 "," Essentuki №17"," Narzan "," Arzni »
3. medications chemical nature (when using these drugs for inhalation should consult with your doctor:
• Bronchodilators: salbutamol, fenoterol combined: Flomax, atrovent
• phlegm: ambroxol,ambrogeksal, hypertonic solution, Fluimucil, Pulmozyme
• Antibacterials: Fluimucil antibiotic
• Anti-inflammatory drugs: glucocorticoids: Pulmicort;Cromones: kromogeksal
• Cold preparations: possible use of lidocaine 2% 2ml

Important!During the inhalation, using medicinal herbs and mineral water, enhance the effect of the treatment can be when taken orally 30 minutes prior to the procedure used for inhalation of herbal or mineral water, respectively.

effect of inhaled

inhalation at home is shown as the first signs of the common cold and SARS, as well as on the stage unfolded clinical disease of the respiratory system.With inhalation can be quickly and efficiently "deliver" to the patient's respiratory system organ drug in the most convenient form.All organs of the respiratory system "lined" mucosa, through which penetrates easily atomized in the air with steam drug, thereby easily moistened airway mucous improves expectoration of sputum, bronchial tree is expanded.Depending on what kind of preparation you will add, you can achieve the desired result from inhalation, whether antibacterial, antiseptic, clears his throat, a bronchodilator effect, etc.

Follow the rules of inhalation, consider the indications and contraindications for the procedure, duration and frequency of inhalation.It is advisable to consult with your doctor about what inhalation shown in your case.This is especially important if you are using this procedure for medicinal products of the chemical nature!Be healthy!

doctor phytotherapeutist Akimova NS