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history of acupuncture

In our time the ancient Chinese document was found, which was written about 221 BC.It stated the ancient physicians description 295 biologically active points, among them were 135 paired points and 25 - unpaired.The same document described the rules of treatment, indications and contraindications for acupuncture.

Ancient - Chinese doctors were confident that nature and man are a single entity and, starting from this, they tried to compare the physiological functions of the human body with daily rhythmic cycles and seasons.Putting all the facts, they came to a consensus that within 24 hours the activity of biologically active points is changing, and changing body temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure, the amount of absorption of oxygen to tissues.Consequently, for the treatment of many diseases is necessary to affect specific biological point at different times, so the maximum effect of treatment.

believed that acupuncture was born in China.Chinese doctors invented a map on

which was depicted a man and all biologically active points on it.The principle of acupuncture was the pulse diagnosis, and some other well-known methods of treatment.

Development acupuncture held in close connection with the general medicine.In 1076 in China, there was the first school to train specialists in acupuncture.Future acupuncturists studied acupuncture in special layouts of bronze, with make a hole for the insertion of the needles.They studied the twelve "life vessels", lines and channels that combined acupressure points on the body to the internal organs.At that time, they already knew about the 657 points of the 303 paired and unpaired 51.

In the XVIII century on acupuncture was written around 20 works.In the XIX century, 142 books on acupuncture were created.They described the positive results of this treatment method, as well as its highest efficiency.Its development continued.And in the 50 years of the twentieth century, acupuncture has become popular in European countries.

The Russian scientists engaged in the study of acupuncture VV Korsakov and ES Vyazmensky, but they could not implement this technique in the practice of traditional medicine.For in-depth study of acupuncture in 1950 in China were several Russian professors sent: I. Rusetsky, VT Vogralik, ED Tykochinskaya, MK Usov, and NN Osipova, and in 1957,after their return to Russia, a new item was introduced in the departments of physical therapy and neurology, but taught him long.In 1971, the Ministry of Health of the USSR, it was decided to resume the training of specialists in acupuncture.In late 1978, the subject was introduced into the program for the training of specialists.Within three months the doctors received enough information and knowledge about acupuncture.

Nowadays acupuncture is considered one of the most popular treatment methods of alternative medicine.Acupuncture specialists aware of the biologically active points 700, via which they can treat many diseases.

Indications for acupuncture

For many centuries, during research people have accumulated knowledge about the principles of acupuncture and developed a special reading table to acupuncture, by which each of us is now able to determine what the disease can be cured by this method of reflexology.

With acupuncture, you can get rid of allergic diseases such as hay fever, Kvinve edema, rhinitis and urticaria.The impact of special needles on the necessary acupressure points used to get rid of pain in many organs, such as wandering, sore eyes, chest, throat, stomach, mouth, stomach, anus, hands.Also, acupuncture reduces pain in the joints, jaw, back, neck, ear, external genitals, perineum, in the blades, groin, legs, pelvis, liver, breast, esophagus, bladder, spine, back pain, heart andetc.

Often, acupuncture used to treat gynecological diseases such as adnexitis, vaginitis, vulvitis, dysmenorrhea, infertility and menopausal syndrome.Acupuncture also helps to combat acute respiratory infections, influenza, mumps, and others.

Acupuncture is increasingly began to be applied for the treatment of children.Now it can be used to treat cerebral palsy, delayed speech development, as well as some other pathologies of the nervous system.

When pathologies during pregnancy and childbirth acupuncture is used with great caution.It is used in the treatment of hypogalactia delay discharge of the placenta, weak labor activity, violation of cervical dilatation, toxicity.It is also often used acupuncture began in pathologies of the autonomic nervous system.Positive therapeutic effect observed with Raynaud's syndrome, autonomic polyneuropathy, ganglionevralgiyah ear node, vascular dystonia.

Currently studying acupuncture continues.Now, using this technique it is possible to treat and the pathology of the eye, i.e.blepharitis, glaucoma, dacryocystitis, night blindness, conjunctival itching, cataract, iridocyclitis, keratitis, strabismus, lacrimation, myopia, and choroiditis.

Pain impact on the active points of the teeth and oral cavity were used before.In addition, currently applied method of acupuncture, which allows you to get rid of the nagging toothache
Specialized clinics use acupuncture method for the treatment of dermatological conditions such as warts, dermatitis, skin itch, ringworm, acne, vitiligo, dermatitis, psoriasis, abrasions and eczema.Excellent results are observed during the acupuncture treatments for thrombocytopenia and anemia.Acupuncture can cure azoospermia, orchitis, male infertility, epididymitis, prostatitis, weakening of erection.

For several millennia, acupuncture is used to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal functions of man.

With acupuncture courses can cure scoliosis, gout, deforming arthrosis, periarthritis, osteochondrosis, polyarthritis, etc. The impact on the well-chosen points, helps to recover from some respiratory diseases:. Bronchitis, cough, tracheitis, pneumonia, and pulmonary emphysema.

If acupuncture can help treat some diseases of the peripheral nervous system.A full course of acupuncture treatments help cure diseases such as neuralgia, occipital, glossopharyngeal, trigeminal, tibial, femoral, facial, shoulder, oculomotor, peroneal nerve, intercostal neuralgia, lumbar-sacral, shoulder and neck plex polyneuritis.

Also, acupuncture is considered effective for diseases of the digestive tract.It relieves diarrhea, dysphagia, dyspepsia, constipation, heartburn, hiccups, belching, flatulence, nausea and vomiting.It helps to cope with esophageal spasm, atony of the stomach, gastritis, gastroptosis, gastroenteritis, gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer.The impact of some active points allows you to get rid of cramps and colic in the gut, chronic enteritis, colitis, appendicitis, hemorrhoids.

acupuncture also helps in the treatment of diseases of the liver and gall bladder - such as hepatitis and biliary dyskinesia.By using a combination of acupuncture and other methods of acupuncture can cure diseases of the pancreas, urinary tract and kidneys.

After taking the course of sessions of acupuncture can be to get rid of insomnia, asthenic syndrome, depression, hypochondria, enuresis, phobias, neurasthenia, anxiety, nervous tic, hysteria and other ailments.
One of the biggest problems is a human pathology of the cardiovascular system, but in this case, the use of acupuncture is yielding positive results.Conducting course of acupuncture treatments can cure varicose veins, arrhythmia, angina, soldier's heart, hypertension, atherosclerosis.

is currently working with needles on the active points help in the treatment of ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis.In addition, many patients assigned acupuncture with Laure - pathologies, which include tinnitus, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis, laryngitis, deaf-mutism, nosebleeds, and many other diseases.

But this list of achievements in acupuncture does not end there.When exposed to biologically active points is treated dizziness, hemiplegia, amnesia, impaired function and many closed craniocerebral trauma.Acupuncture also can get rid of the effects of a stroke, torticollis, multiple sclerosis, and so on.Acupuncture allows many patients to get rid of obesity, hyperthyroidism, smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction.You can even list the many diseases that can handle acupuncture.

mechanisms of acupuncture effects on the human body

mechanisms of acupuncture effects are studied for thousands of years.However, until now, doctors have not come to the general opinion, and did not give a precise definition of why it is so effective is the impact on the human body and what is its secret.One of the doctors believe it is the theory of histamine alignment, while others - the theory of hypnosis to acupuncture, and others -.. Theory of thermoelectric, etc. All of these theories are correct in their own way, set forth below describe each of the theories.

Theory of histamine alignment acupuncture

Scientists studying this theory argue that during the procedure of acupuncture nerve impulses chain in the affected tissues of the patient's organs restores normal histidine, which allows you to have a direct effect on the metabolism and blood flow in the capillaries.In reality there histidine derivative alignment.

hypnotic theory of acupuncture

Recently, some doctors came to such conclusion that acupuncture is one of the varieties of psychotherapy, in other words, it is hypnosis.They believe that this kind of change in the state of human consciousness, through which a person's memory is directed to a certain direction, and thus a person is disturbed awareness of information about pain.

To confirm this hypothesis, further studies of the hypnotic effects on humans were conducted.During their conduct revealed that hypnosis slows the rising signals of the body, increasing blood pressure, this is what occurs in normal human response to pain.Therefore, doctors say that acupuncture is an effect of suggestion under anesthesia.

But there are also such data that refute this theory as acupuncture helps people in an unconscious state.Bottom line: if acupuncture therapeutic effect is achieved through stimulation of certain receptors, which are located on the human body, and the nerve fibers of the peripheral nervous system, and hypnosis has nothing to do with it.These data are confirmed by the fact that any anesthetics nullifies the effect of acupuncture.

Theory tissue therapy and normalization of capillary blood flow acupuncture

These theories have appeared recently.Theory tissue therapy is based on the fact that the main influence on the human body arises from the substances that are formed during tissue injury at the site of the puncture needle insertion.These substances include some protein decomposition products and nekrogormony.Scientists say that acupuncture normalizes capillary blood flow, which leads to recovery.

Theory of electric acupuncture

Basically, this theory held by those physicians who prefer electro.His theory, they explain as follows: under the influence of acupuncture needles into active points of a current, which provides a therapeutic effect.The length of the current waveform and its oscillation frequency is proportional to Biotok human body.Consequently, when the current impact on the acupuncture points of a chain reaction that affects all the necessary points.Thermoelectric

acupuncture theory

Most physicians believe that introducing acupuncture needles affects the homeostasis of the human body as the needles penetrate into the electrolyte environment, so there arises the potential energy as a result of temperature differences.

thermoelectric theory consists of two phases.First phase: there is the excitement and fever, in connection with which the blood flow is enhanced.Second phase: the temperature starts to drop and there is braking.Conclusion: while reducing the thermal conductivity of acupuncture needles stimulating effect becomes stronger.

theory of bioelectrical energy and information and acupuncture

This theory approve many doctors as it has a large amount of supporting evidence.

Scientists have long proven that our body is a kind of energy system.In this system are electromagnetic and electrical processes, but they can not only occur in the human body, so they need to interact with the processes occurring in the environment.

Scientists believe that the necessary exchange of energy and information between the macro and the microcosm is done through a specific system that receives and transmits impulses to the brain and signals about all the problems of the electromagnetic field changes in our Earth.

brain gradually handle all the energy and the information on it, entering the body, and then compares them with the data that came from the internal organs.After comparing the brain triggers an adaptive mechanism to compensate for the negative effects of it in the different systems of the body.

theory of the reflex mechanism of acupuncture

This theory is also called the autonomic reflex, it was proposed in 1936 by A. E. Shcherbakov.He argued that while the impact of acupuncture mechanism at the point of a major role for the autonomic nervous system.Even with a small exposure to light or sound start to occur some changes in various body functions.For all reflex reactions meets brain, and helps him in the nervous system.

Based on the foregoing, purposeful reflex pathway has some influence on some of the organs and their functions.In order to determine how the acupuncture treatment, researchers have been necessary to determine the reasons for excitation and inhibition occurs organs.They coped with this problem, it turns out, all of this is controlled by the strength and nature of the impact, evidence of this is the usual pressure on human skin when exposed to light is white trail, and with a strong red.

acupuncture treatment or new opportunities impact on the human body.

Acupuncture - the most effective method of influence on the human body to treat a number of diseases.acupuncture treatment is used for a very long time.Currently, acupuncture techniques as revised and simplified, that the acupuncture treatment by such methods may be carried out at home.The main thing in the treatment - a good knowledge of the exact location of biologically active points of the body, and compliance with certain requirements and regulations governing the treatment of acupuncture.

Before acupuncture treatment at home, you should familiarize yourself with the needles used in acupuncture.Mainly used nine types of needles in acupuncture.The most common - with a rounded end, Pointed, lanceolate and kinzhaloobraznye.Preference in the treatment method of acupuncture is still greater given round.The size of special significance needle has not.Needles used for acupuncture treatments, can be made of various metal, up to the stainless steel.The main requirement for acupuncture treatment instrument - the needle, the needle is a high resistance to oxidation in the soft tissues.

Before starting the acupuncture procedures, a tool (needle), in order to avoid contamination should always be disinfected.Most often use dry heat for such a procedure.