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urethral catheter - a rubber conductor, which is used to evacuate urine from the bladder cavity.In most cases, give a urethral catheter for diagnostic purposes or to monitor the amount of urine during surgery.Although there are times when a urethral catheter is placed in diseases.For example, in acute urinary retention as a result of cancer or adenoma of the prostate, urethral catheter is the only method of active evacuation of urine.Thus, it remains in the bladder cavity to two months, which may threaten the development of decubitus urethra or bladder infection.Therefore, when setting a urethral catheter should be carefully look after him, in order to avoid such complications.

urethral catheter

Terms staging urethral catheter

As already mentioned, the urethral catheter can be in the cavity of the bladder to two months.At the same time, we must remember that this time - this is the maximum term for such treatment because the urethral catheter is put into the cavity of the bladder usually does n

ot last longer than one week.

urethral catheter into the urethra

Care of urethral catheter

For the good functioning of such drainage, and for the comfort of the patient is necessary to achieve a tight connection with a urinary catheter adapter and a urinal.This is achieved by using special clips and rubber adapters.In addition, you need to take care of the easy fixing of the urinal on the human body, because these patients tend to lead an active lifestyle.Fixing the bag must be remembered that it should be no higher than the level of the bladder that can threaten the reverse current of urine from the urinal to the named body.

Securing urethral catheter body

It is generally recommended to use a special belt, which is attached to the bag and down a short distance to the tank lock.Naturally, such a tank fixation is not very convenient for the patient, as the latter is constantly hanging out and interferes with the normal way of life.Patients often go to the trick and shorten the length of the strap, thereby picking up the bag a little higher.This adversely affects the urodynamics and urine passes from the reservoir to the cavity of the bladder, resulting in secondary infection.

addition, periodically into the bladder by a urethral catheter is necessary to introduce a small amount of antiseptic solutions to prevent secondary infection.As these drugs are very chlorhexidine or furatsilina well suited to non-irritating effect on the mucous membrane of the bladder.

Besides preventing secondary infection with urethral catheter care is necessary to prevent pressure sores and urinary tract.This is done by changing the position of a permanent urinary catheter in the urethra.Naturally, such manipulations are not something that is unpleasant and very painful, but despite this, their performance is a must, otherwise the disease can gain a completely different color.

Well, the last thing you need to remember when caring for the urethral catheter, it is the replacement of the latter.It is necessary to carry out about once a week.The reason for this is that frequent replacement of the catheter tends to take the form of the urethra that those same faces bedsores.Of course, changing your own catheter can cause more damage, so this procedure must be performed exclusively a doctor in a medical facility.

Possible complications of staging urethral catheter

very first complication that can be expected in patients with urethral catheter is a urethral rupture during his performances.Therefore, it must be remembered that the catheter should not put any familiar doctor at patient's home, a urologist or surgeon in a medical facility.

second complication that may be expected in patients with urethral catheter - is, of course, infection of the urinary tract.The secondary jet cystitis, which is called kateterassotsiirovannym has a long lingering over.His treatment is complicated by the fact that the catheter while in the cavity of the bladder, constantly irritates him mucosa, promoting the progress of the disease.If at this time to remove the catheter for treatment of cystitis, can exacerbate the underlying pathology.Therefore, you need to take care in advance about the prevention of secondary infection of the bladder.

Perhaps the most severe complication in the formulation of a urethral catheter are bedsores urethral mucosa.They can be diagnosed by a painful sensation in the urethra and the allocation of pus from the urethra by urethral catheter.The treatment of this complication is quite a serious procedure.Requires removal of urethral catheter and epitsistostomy overlay - a special hole in the bladder above the pubes, through which you can carry out the evacuation of urine and administered drugs.

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