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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Intervention In Dentistry

Malocclusion not only promotes psychological discomfort, but still harmful to health.Gum disease, digestive system, caries, pathology of temporomandibular joints, abnormal abrasion of the tooth tissue, biting the lips or cheeks can be consequences of malocclusion.

most common causes of malocclusion are heredity, feeding, sucking pacifiers, upper respiratory tract infection, and as a result, constant mouth breathing, bad habits (such as thumb sucking, pencils).

Earlier bite could be corrected only for children, but now, with the advent of braces it is possible to do and adults.

Indications braces:

1. The anomalies of individual teeth;
2. The anomalies of dentition and occlusion during the forming and formed a permanent occlusion of the teeth;
3. Preparation of the oral cavity to the prosthesis;
4. Improved facial aesthetics, profile correction;
5. Removing impacted (unerupted) teeth in the dental arch;
6. Freestanding movement of teeth.

Contra bracket systems:

1. Poor oral hygiene (lack of skills

twice brushing teeth);
2. Have chalky stains on the enamel of the teeth, cracks;
3. Untreated dental caries;
4. Multiple fillings, artificial crowns;
5. Abuse of sugar products and drinks;
6. Mental illness;
7. Allergy to materials used;
8. Severe somatic diseases.

What multibonding system (braces)?

This is a standard system, which includes a set of brackets, orthodontic bands, arcs, and various additional elements.


braces itself consists of four hooks and a support pad, which is soldered to a special mesh.

Braces are made of stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, composite roofing, sapphire, gold.

Metal Braces - the most durable and affordable, but highly visible to other people.Treatment of metal braces are usually the fastest.

metal braces

less noticeable all around sapphire and sapphire ceramic brackets are constructed from artificial sapphire crystals.Such braces look precious stones, give a smile special charm.

Sapphire braces Ceramic braces


braces Plastic braces come in different colors, even transparent.Because of their low strength of bite correction may be slightly delayed.Among the aesthetic braces the most reliable and robust - ceramic.

Gold braces are usually not made of pure gold, and made of steel, covered with a gold.Generally, they do not cause allergy in a patient.This type of braces are often used in order to emphasize the image of the person or his status.Women choose them as decorations.But everyone has their own concept of beauty.

Types of braces.

now widely used two multibonding system:
1. Vestibular - braces fixed on the vestibular surface of the teeth.This is the most popular and affordable form of braces that are effectively used in the treatment of malocclusion.At the same braces and visible at first deliver discomfort lips and cheeks, are additional retaining elements for the plaque on the teeth.

Braces on the vestibular surface of the teeth

2. Lingual - brackets are fixed to the oral side of crowns of teeth.

Braces on oral

tooth surfaces This system is the most advanced to date is more expensive and time-consuming than the vestibular.

lingual technique Advantages:

1. It does not violate the aesthetics of the face and smile;
2. Reduces the chance of dental caries lesion on the buccal (outer) surface of the teeth;
3. To a lesser extent worsens the state of oral health in comparison with the vestibular technique;
4. Do not change the profile, and the contour of the lips;
5. Lingual braces are completely invisible.

distance between lingual braces is less than that between the vestibular, and wire arc are working with more aggressive, which greatly reduces the duration of the active treatment period.

Individual approach - an important part of orthodontic treatment, so brace system is chosen individually.Throughout the course of orthodontic treatment she needs constant adjustment and tuning.

If you show braces and you decide to install them yourself, then you should know that a competent orthodontist, dental malocclusion correction always begins with a thorough diagnosis of the patient.To do this, be sure to take panoramic pictures of the jaws, the TWG (teleroentgenography), images of the temporomandibular joints, the analysis of plaster models of jaws, the identification of possible causes of defects, and only after a detailed analysis of the orthodontist to determine the most optimal way of correcting malocclusion.

Before installing the brackets necessary to carry out the preparation of the oral cavity, namely to cure tooth decay, produce professional dental cleaning (to remove plaque from the teeth and the stone surface), cover ftorlakom teeth.Keep in mind that when wearing braces professional cleaning of the teeth will need to be done every 3-6 months.And if there is concomitant disease periodontal tissue (gingivitis, periodontitis), prior to the beginning of orthodontic treatment, during and after the necessary supportive care in paradontology doctor.

What you can not do the happy owner braces?

impossible to bite and chew on:
• Chips, cookies, nuts, waffles, bread, chewing gum, becauseThey adhere to the brackets and then difficult to clean.
• Solid drying, bagels, crackers can break or disrupt the arc braces.
• Caramels, toffee, lollipop - contribute to the development of multiple dental caries.
• Apples, carrots, any firm fruits and vegetables, tough meat and any food that requires biting must be cut into small pieces and eat in this form.

also NOT:

• Eat a very cold or hot dishes.Sudden temperature changes can cause peeling of braces, degrade the properties of the arc;
• In the treatment of aesthetic braces should not abuse of coffee, tea, food coloring, braces can be painted.

How to properly care for your teeth, which have braces?

teeth should be brushed necessarily after every meal, with proper technique it takes at least 10 minutes.It's easier to do it in front of a mirror, you can check yourself.

This will require special orthodontic brushes and single-beam, Yorshik.

Orthodontic toothbrush and toothbrush single-beam

Ortododonticheskaya brush has schёtinu a letter «V», which is designed for cleaning braces (below and above them) with wire, thereby facilitates and improves the quality of cleaning teeth.

single-beam brush well cleans braces and the cervical part of the tooth.

Tooth brushes need to be cleaned of the space under the arc.

Using dental Yorshik to clean the space under the arc

We must not forget about the "superflose".In this thread you need to reach between your teeth and clean the side surfaces.

superflosa use to clean between the teeth

Check oral cleaning procedure can rinse rinse with fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel.

Terms braces treatment systems depend on many factors: the state of the periodontal tissue, the patient's age, the complexity of the bite.Typically, this period lasts from 7 months to 2 years, but may take longer.In the course of orthodontic treatment will be necessary to visit your orthodontist on average once a month.

After the correction of dentoalveolar anomalies need to maintain the achieved results for a long time, this removable and non-removable retention devices or retainers may be used.

installation bracket system.

After this preconditioning, oral proceed directly to the gluing braces.On the teeth braces are fastened by means of special dental materials (glass ionomer cements, photocurable or chemical composites).Brackets allow you to move your teeth, for that they need to be activated, but the next visit.

Activation bracket system means bringing it into working condition.The effort to move the bracket tooth receives from the arc attached to it, which combines them into a single system.In the treatment-bracket system, it will require regular activation of the change in position of teeth.She holds the treating orthodontist at least once a month.

arc Change braces.

Doug bracket system is curved in shape right dentition.In the course of treatment requires a periodic change of the arc to change the orthodontic force.

Re-fixing bracket, rings.

Often when wearing braces, they come unstuck, then you must report it to the attending doctor and re-record them.If this is not done on time, you lose time, because even when the labels peeling off one element the whole system stops working.

In the first couple of days after the installation of braces may be discomfort and even pain in the tooth area can be injured cheeks and lips.To make it easier to get used to the brackets at this time they can seal the special dental wax.

Complications of treatment-bracket systems.

If all the doctor's recommendations when using modern braces for the treatment of complications, as a rule, does not arise.

When using older generations of braces may cause tooth decay under the brackets (after removal), the lack of effect of the treatment.

Photo bite correction braces "before and after":

to treatment after treatment with braces braces

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