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teeth Decorating people began to practice in ancient times.In some countries, this decoration himself could afford only royal person.In others, such as the Mayan tribes, all decorated with the teeth and the main decoration was considered the application on the ground off the teeth of small stones of ruby, turquoise, emerald, jade.

In our time in the world, along with body decoration (piercing, tattoos, earrings in your ears) has become a very popular decoration of teeth.This type of jewelry available to everyone and can make an image of an individual, unique, to give a smile special charm.And also can mask small cracks in the enamel, pigmentation, hide small defects of seals.

Today, you can decorate your teeth Skies, sequins, special stickers and even tattoos.Decorating your teeth at any age, but usually it is done by adolescents and young people who want to look original, young girls and older women, in order to attract attention of the opposite sex, as well as the stars of show business.

Skies to decorate teeth

Skies (SKYCE) - are small stones that stick to the teeth.

Skies tooth decorations

Species Skies

most simple and cheap Skys made of ordinary glass, it's more appropriately called rhinestones.You can stick to the teeth and the usual rhinestones for nails or clothes, but a special luster and iridescence of colors at the same time may not be obtained.Ordinary crystals on the teeth are less durable than the specially designed dental Skys.Rhinestones are not designed to find in a moist environment of the oral cavity, they mirror base can quickly come off from the stone and the tooth will remain gray trace.It can be removed without any problems, but spoiled the mood guaranteed.Substrate dental Skies has a special textured surface that allows them to be kept firmly on the teeth and does not peel off.Due to the cheapness of this type of dental jewelery (rhinestones) available for everybody.


rhinestones especially recommended for children who have milk teeth.As they say "cheap and cheerful".With gluing Skies can start dating the child's dentist.In this child the next time will not be scared when you visit the doctor, and he will be an additional incentive for brushing teeth.It is impossible that such a beauty in the mouth was not visible because of the raid.Children become more attentive to the health and cleanliness of your teeth when the mouth have a beautiful stone.And if the child rhinestone peel off, not sorry, and paste the same new audio will be no problems.

More expensive Skys made of rock crystal, Swarovski crystals, precious stones and metals, special medical alloys.More Skys
differ in color, shape, size, the company's products.There are bright Skys for teeth.They have not one, but several shades shimmer in different colors of the rainbow, even without light falling on them, though they themselves are transparent.

Rainbow Skys

Skies can be from 1 to 5 mm in diameter, depending on the type and form.Their shape may be different: hearts, stars, dolphins, droplets of diamonds, squares.All that your heart desires.

Golden pad to decorate teeth

The most common decorations for teeth mounted on the upper teeth.On the medial edge (close to the center) or canines premolars, distal (far from the center) or the medial edge of the second incisors.What better to decorate the tooth is solved individually with a dentist, and the estimated shape and size of the teeth, bite, smile zone in which the teeth fall.Then select the appropriate stone.Then you can try it for a few teeth, to choose the most suitable location.In addition to the healthy tooth Skies can be attached to a ceramic crown or filling.

Twinkles tooth jewelry

A variety of dental decorations are Twinkles - this tiny jewels of white and yellow gold, which can be more decorated with small diamonds, rubies, sapphires.

Species Twinkles

These ornaments look attractive, stylish and sophisticated.Their thickness is less than that of the Skies and rhinestones.They are securely fastened.Safe, as made from non-reactive metals and stones that do not react with saliva and food.According to the Journal of Esthetic Dentistry «Reality now» Twinkles popular in 35 countries.

Twinkles second maxillary incisors

Stick and remove Skies can only be a professional dentist.Inlaying Skies teeth in two ways: with dissection (drilling) of the tooth without it.In the first case the drilled cavity corresponding to the size of the jewelry in the tooth.Further pebble fixed in a hole filling materials.

this way fixed gems.After all, they have a convex shape, and fix them in a different way will not succeed.And if you do not fix them securely and they are lost, it will be a pity to lose a lot of money invested in natural stone.With this fix damaged tissues of the tooth, which in future will not be restored.Now More stones coefficients of thermal expansion and the tooth tissues is not identical.If the gem to consolidate in a living tooth, then under the influence of thermal stimuli (eg, hot drinks, ice cream) will occur pain.Therefore, such ornaments inlaid recommended "dead teeth" (without the nerve), artificial ceramic crowns and veneers.

Without preparation, that is, without harm to the teeth without damaging the enamel, rhinestones glued, Skys and gold trim.Installing dental decoration takes 5-10 minutes.

Once decided on the location and views of decorations you can start to fix it.

1. First you need to clean the tooth selected special highly abrasive toothpaste without fluoride with a brush on the micromotor.
2. Next, in the place where it will be installed Skies, a special gel is applied, 37% phosphoric acid.Thanks to him, in the enamel on the micro level there are pores.
3. Further, these pores are processed adhesive system that will serve as a link between the tooth and the filling material, which is adhered to the Skies.
4. The adhesive will light a special lamp, 10-20 seconds, in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
5. On the surface of the composite material is applied to the photocurable
6. Ready for gluing of decoration (free from dust and grease) is applied to the surface of the filling material to the tooth.Then again illuminates all using the same curing light on both sides of the tooth.
7. Excess composite otpolirovyvayutsya.

installation paste for dental procedure simple and fast, but it requires special materials and skills.For the patient - quick and painless.If you comply with all the technology in the installation, and the recommendation of the doctor's manual, then glued Skys held from 6 months to as long as not to be bored.

first couple of hours and days, and who may feel a foreign body on the tooth.After this time the feeling passes, and the decoration becomes noticeable to its owner.If it is felt on the tooth, or causes discomfort, you should consult your dentist for his corrections.

special care dental jewelry does not require quite the standard method of cleaning teeth 2 times a day.But we should remember that if the next jewelry will constantly accumulate a lot of plaque, it may come off because the material to which it is attached, can not stand the dirt on the teeth.Also, do not chew on that tooth crackers, dried, seeds, this tooth to open bottles, jars.If

decoration tired, take it off no problem.But the removal must be carried out by professional dentist.Decoration is removed from the tooth as well as braces.Then the tooth is ground, polished and covered ftorlakom.Cleaned only material tooth is not damaged

Some decorations may eventually lose brightness and color saturation.Therefore, to correct appearance is necessary.Yes, and preventive dental check-ups every six months are required.

Stickers Tooth jewelry

Those who do not want to shine your teeth, but he wants them to decorate, you can use a simplified version of Skies - stickers on the teeth.This is the cheapest way to decorate their teeth.Stickers are a special film with a pattern on the inside.They are fixed in the same way as Skys but their service life is two to three weeks.

Tattoos to decorate teeth

Teeth Now you can decorate and tattoos.This newfangled western trend and came to Russia and to Ukraine.It was invented to do in Heward Dental Lab.These "legislators" tooth fashion offer their patients to put on the teeth of art masterpieces hand.Tattoos can not be done for children, but the students and adults - please.

on teeth can cause almost any tattoo.If there is a desire to emphasize his personality, on his way to experiment you can try to put the tattoo.For young people, especially creative, tattoo, body piercing, and in addition to other fashion stuff - a great way to stand out from the crowd.

artificial crown tattoo on the front of the upper incisor of the upper jaw

Tattoos on the teeth do not tattoo saloon, and in the office of a professional dentist.Tattoos on teeth tattoos are temporary and can be stored on the day, up to six months, a year, depending on the application technology and the materials used.To figure not erased prematurely, often not advisable to eat hard fruits and vegetables, or a tattoo pattern to deteriorate and lose its meaning.

Tattoos on the teeth are made only by experienced dentists.They are safe and non-toxic;they just make and remove.Tattoos can be done on healthy teeth with a special permanent ink which gently applied to the tooth enamel - the design and style tattoo can be anything.A pattern can be applied only on a pre-made artificial crown.

Tattoo on artificial ceramic crown mandibular molars

Wear dental decoration can not only people with straight and beautiful teeth.If one wants to align the teeth, but do not want to wear metal braces, you have another option - braces with sapphires.Braces are very accurate and are almost invisible, do not cause discomfort in the mouth, and the diction remains normal.

For those who are not too healthy or sensitive teeth, there is another way of decorating - galvanozolota equipment.Dental crowns are made using the method of electroplating.They are very beautiful, exactly fitted to the teeth, and do not cause allergic reactions.

However, the main condition in which the teeth decoration is possible and acceptable - is dental health.Therefore, you should first put in order all your teeth, remove plaque and stones, to make the necessary cleaning and polishing procedures.And only after that you can decorate your teeth with rhinestones (Skies), Twinkle, or in other ways.Tooth jewelry do not require special care.However, they will hold on longer if you take good care of teeth and oral cavity.With good care decoration not only last longer, but also all of your teeth remain healthy and beautiful.

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