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In today's world every person from birth, and almost daily encounters with a variety of drugs.This analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents and antibiotics, as well as other groups of drugs, including - hormones.Hormone pills are perhaps the tool that causes the greatest amount of concern for patients, their relatives and even doctors.Let's try to understand the pros and cons of treatment with hormonal pills.

should be noted that the term "hormones" refers to drugs that recreate the function of specific biologically active substances of the human body - the actual hormone.Hormones produced by the endocrine organs, they include the adrenal glands, pituitary, hypothalamus, thyroid, pancreas, sex and some other glands.These substances come from the prostate into the bloodstream and spread throughout the body, allowing the hormones exert their effect even on the far located parts of the body.Hormones are a kind of signal substances - they allow the body to regulate the actions of all its cells, increasing or

decreasing their activity.Thus, due to hormones millions of cells in our body are combined with each other and are configured to work effectively.

Hormones studying endocrinology - a separate branch of medicine which has recently been substantial progress.This is due to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry has learned to produce a copy of the human body hormones.Hormonal treatments have led to success in treating a number of severe diseases of the endocrine glands, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, adrenal insufficiency, which previously did not respond to treatment, and quickly led to the death of the patient.Furthermore, these drugs are used in treating many diseases not endocrine nature, such as bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and other allergies.Yet the hormones used in healthy people - as a means of protection from unwanted pregnancy.

Hormones have a special strength and speed of action.Sometimes reduction of disease manifestations takes only a few minutes or hours after drug administration.This efficiency can be dangerous in the hands of a person without special knowledge - hormones interfere with the metabolism of the organism and if used improperly can lead to a breach.Another danger from hormonal tablets is that they can reduce the symptoms, but the cause is not clear, it can lead to deterioration of the patient's condition over time.Hormones in the pill have a sufficiently high concentration, and if misused can lead to a kind of overdose, which is also accompanied by severe consequences for the organism (the development of obesity, hypertension, thrombosis, osteoporosis).

Part of medicines in pharmacies without a prescription, you can buy and use without consulting a doctor.This in no way can not be related to hormonal tablets. Hormonal agents are appointed in all situations only physician after a preliminary examination, and under constant supervision. In the case of self-medication are at high risk of severe complications.There are many cases in practice, doctors of almost all specialties, where the use of hormone pills with life threatening self-medication and the health of patients.Therefore, in no case do not use hormones independently.

Types of hormonal drugs

Hormonal pills - this is an extremely diverse group of drugs.Under one called "hormones" combined drugs with different structures, different effects.To date, there is no uniform classification of hormonal drugs.Classification of the chemical structure often used for scientific purposes.All preparations in this case divided into three classes: the substance and the protein structure of the peptide, amino acid preparations, hormones, steroid nature.

To practice it is more convenient to use the classification for the organ principle.In this case, are the following types of hormones: preparations of pituitary hormones, drugs stimulating and depressing thyroid function, hormone drugs parathyroid hormone preparations of the pancreas and synthetic hypoglycemic agents, hormone preparations of the adrenal cortex and other synthetic analogues, preparations of male and female sex hormones,anabolic steroid.Let us briefly touch on concrete most commonly used hormonal drugs.

On latitude of application certainly lead steroids - the hormones of the adrenal cortex .These drugs are effective in the treatment of any type of inflammation and edema.Severe allergic reactions and autoimmune processes (the disease caused by the aggression of immunity against its own tissues) can be completely cured by these drugs.As aids to relieve swelling, redness, pain, steroids are widely used in the treatment.Even if the cause of the disease is unknown, steroids can have at least a temporary effect, removing the unpleasant symptoms.Preparations of this group - prednisone, dexamethasone, and other metipred.If for some reason the patient refuses appointed him steroids - develops a sharp deterioration, progression of the disease.So in asthma may become more frequent asthma attacks, and even develop asthma status, when gas exchange in the lungs drops significantly and there is a threat to the patient's life.When adrenal insufficiency rejection of steroids leads to a sharp drop in blood pressure, develops collapse and the patient may die.Of course, you can not assign themselves such tablets themselves.After all, with the unjustified use of steroids cause the development of obesity on male type (fat accumulates mainly in the abdomen), may be essential hypertension (the pressure rises above 140/90 mmHg) in the blood increases the concentration of sugar and diabetes develops.

the world for the treatment of diabetes using another hormone - insulin (today it is applied only in the form of a solution and injected subcutaneously with a needle).This powerful tool helps to reduce blood sugar levels back to normal and to avoid the serious complications of the disease (blindness, myocardial infarction, gangrene, etc.).The rest of the hypoglycemic drugs other than insulin hormones are not so significant, and efficiency do not possess.Sometimes athletes use insulin as a powerful anabolic hormone - it contributes to weight gain, the absorption of glucose.Such use is dangerous development of hypoglycemic coma - ieblood sugar may fall to 2.2 mmol / l or below.As a result, the person loses consciousness and the brain cells that are so in need of constant normal blood glucose level, begin to die.Even if the aid will come in time and the patient wakes up in the future, it may disturb the loss of memory, intellect, frequent headaches.

in the treatment of thyroid diseases while reducing its functions use hormones triiodothyronine and levothyroxine sodium .With the shortage of these substances in the body develops obesity, arteriosclerosis, anemia, reduced intelligence.At the time appointed by hormone treatment helps to avoid such consequences.If we refuse to accept the right of tablets, even in the young patient's metabolism slows down, postponed overweight increases blood cholesterol levels, there is constant fatigue, fatigue, apathy.Self-applied thyroid hormones is not recommended - if they overdose or unjustified appointment may suffer heart.So likely to develop cardiac arrhythmias, myocardial infarction.

Hormonal contraception (protection against pregnancy) is now recognized as the most reliable.In this case, use the special combination of female hormones that prevent ovulation and therefore conception.Self-appointed tablets at a wrong choice can cause a woman's bleeding, thrombosis of the lower extremities, liver damage.And given the right - get rid of pimples, greasy hair, cysts and some gynecological problems.

So, you see that the hormone preparations are extremely diverse, and their actions are different.Nonetheless, for most people it is hormones and their treatment seems something dangerous and undesirable.Such an attitude towards drugs has developed historically and to date has not always justified by the progress in pharmacology and medicine.But myths about the hormones continue to live in the mass consciousness.Most often, you can encounter the following misleading statements.

Myths and truth about the hormonal pill

Firstly, «hormone pills lead to obesity» .This statement may be true to some extent only with respect to steroid hormones and insulin.It is they who in the case of an overdose may lead to some weight gain.Thus, at the beginning of the female hormonal contraception can add up to 2 kg.In this case, a proper diet is quite effective.As for the other formulations on the weight they do not significantly affect and may even result in some loss of body weight (for example, thyroid hormones).

second myth sounds even worse: «hormones addictive» .Indeed, if administered in a certain hormone, their glands temporarily cease its produce, but after discontinuation of the drug, this function is gradually restored.It is important to slowly undo any hormonal drug, reducing the dose over several weeks under the supervision of medical staff.Quite a different situation, if some iron loses its ability to produce hormones (eg insulin in diabetes mellitus type 1) - in this case to introduce the drug will have for life.

Another myth - «hormone treated only extremely serious diseases» .It is not always so.The hormones used for the treatment of relatively minor illnesses (some thyroid disease) and for the treatment of severe conditions (eg, anaphylactic shock).Even healthy women use hormones - for protection against pregnancy.It turns out that the severity of the disease has nothing to do with the use of such drugs.These are the main myths about hormonal tablets.

How to take hormonal pills

Hormonal pills require a punctual attitude: take them strictly designated hours, try not to skip, do not change the dose and duration of treatment on their own. If a pill is missed - the next time should not take two tablets immediately.In this case, your actions should comply with the instructions for your medicine, they are slightly different, depending on the hormonal drug that you take.Some hormonal tablets should be taken at certain times of the day - L-thyroxine, for example, is taken in the morning and only on an empty stomach to ensure its complete absorption and distribution in the body.

These simple rules will help you and your doctor in the treatment of diseases requiring hormone replacement therapy.

exact information about their disease and medications that will be assigned (including hormones), you can only get from your doctor.Tips acquaintances and medical articles should not be taken as a guide to action.Such information can only be used in consultation with a specialist.Hormonal pills can do more harm than good when unreasonable appointment, even against the background of fairly good health.

Including women who have decided to give preference to hormonal contraception, you must first visit a gynecologist.Such protection has meant a number of contraindications: thromboembolic disease, deep vein thrombosis, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease, complications of diabetes, malignant tumor, severe liver dysfunction, acute viral hepatitis.Further specific formulation at the desired concentration of active ingredients (female hormones) will depend on the age of the patient, its bad habits, a proposed future pregnancies and more.

drugs for treatment of diseases of the adrenal, thyroid, pancreas always picks endocrinologist, based on your analysis on hormones and symptoms.Self can not treat such diseases.In that case, if the doctor has already appointed a drug, you should not stop taking the hormones under the influence of, for example, the above myths.Correctly chosen treatment will help maintain your health and protect yourself from serious complications in the future.

Thus, the correct application of prescribed hormone pills is quite safe and effective.

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