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He does not sleep at night and tortured during the day, there suddenly, seizures can be prolonged, severe, often accompanied by dyspnea and chest pain.In this article, we will focus on coughing and its treatment.

Cough accompanied by a variety of respiratory diseases and, along with the temperature, general weakness and broken, causing considerable discomfort.But at the same time, cough - is a natural defense mechanism to clear mucus from airway and microbes.Therefore, in most cases, it is necessary to make a speedy recovery cough as efficient as possible.But, unfortunately, sometimes there are situations when the cough is dangerous and must be eliminated.

cough treatment should be carried out in accordance with the type of cough.Let us examine this issue in greater detail.

Medicinal expectorants

For wet cough , usually cough with colds, recommended products, thinning phlegm (mucolytics) and facilitate its removal (expectorant).Anyway, their use leads to the relief of cough, and after the course o

f treatment - to its cessation.Currently, there are a large number of combined drugs with both that and another effect.For example:

Mukaltin (Mukaltin, Mukaltin-Lect) - a drug based on Althea drug is applied inside, 50-100 mg before meals 3-4 times a day.The course of treatment - 7-14 days.Children can dissolve the tablet in 1/3 cup warm water.Mukaltin contraindicated if you are hypersensitive drug for stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers.

Bromhexine (Bromhexine bromhexine-ratiopharm bromhexine-Akri®, Vero Bromhexine bromhexine-Rusfar bromhexine-Egis bromhexine-Fereyn® bromhexine-UBF bromhexine 8 Kashnol) - is used in, for 1-Table 2.3-4 times per day;children 3 to 5 years - 0,002 g, from 6 to 14 years - 0,004 g 3 times a day.Rate - from 4 to 28 days.Contraindicated during pregnancy and in children under 3 years.

Ambroksol (Ambrobene, AmbroGEKSAL®, Ambroxol, Ambroxol Vramed, Ambroxol retard Ambroxol-Verte, Ambroxol-Vial, Ambroxol-Richter, Ambroxol-Teva, Ambroxol-Hemofarm, Ambrolan®, Ambrosan®, Ambrosol, Bronhoksol, Bronhorus®, Deflegmin, Drops Bronhovern®, Lazolangin, Mucosolvan®, Maddox, Mukobron, Neo-bronchodilator, Remebroks, Suprema-Kof, Fervex cough Flavamed®, Haliksol®) - dosage individually, depending on the age and body weight.At home, the applied syrup and inhalation.

Karbotsistein (Bronkatar®, Bronhobos, Karbotsistein, Libeksin Muko®, Mucodyne, Mukopront, Mukosol, Flyuditek®) - is used inside.Adults - 2 capsules.or 15 ml (3 tsp.) 5% syrup 3 times a day;after improvement - 1 caps.or 10 ml (2 hrs. spoons) 5% syrup 3 times a day.Children aged 2 to 5 years in 2.5-5 ml (1 / 2-1 tsp.) 2.5% syrup 4 times per day, 5 to 12 years - 10 ml 2.5% Syrup (2 hours.spoons) 4 times per day.
Contraindications: hypersensitivity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, kidney dysfunction, acute glomerulonephritis, cystitis, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Acetylcysteine ​​ (N-AC-ratiopharm, N-acetylcysteine, Atsestin, acetyl cysteine, acetyl cysteine, acetylcysteine ​​solution for inhalation 20% ATSTS®, ATSTS® Long Weeks Active EkspektoMed, Mukobene, Mukomist, Mukoneks, the AD-Hratiopharm, Fluimutsil®, Ekzomyuk 200) - individual dose of the drug.Inside, adults - 400-600 mg / day in 2-3 divided doses.Single dose for children varies with age and is calculated in accordance with the table in the instruction.

Folk remedies for cough relief and herbal medicines cough cough

facilitate, in addition to drugs, helps dieting and the use of traditional medicine.The milk helps relieve bronchial spasm, so ill a variety of milk porridge can be recommended, as well as drinks with milk.Well-known remedy for cough is grated radish with vegetable oil.Grapes has a healing and expectorant, so the use of grape juice may be a useful tool when you cough.The tea can add pureed with lemon rind, mixed with honey.

herbal remedies also play a role in treatment of cough.Not coincidentally, plant teas are part of many common cough medicines.For example:

• extract of ivy leaves - Gedeliks.
• Plantain - Bronhin, Stoptussin-Fito, Evkabal, Thoracic collection № 2.
• Marshmallow - Altemiks, Thoracic collection number 1, Mukaltin.
• Oregano - Thoracic collection number 1, Bronhin.
• Thyme - Evkabal, Stoptussin-Fito, Pertussin.
• Combined herbal preparations - Kofol®, Dr. Mom, trunks, Broncho-Suprema.

recipes of traditional medicine for the treatment of cough at home very much.Here are just some of them.

• Take: marshmallow (root) - 40 g, licorice (root) - 25 g, mother and stepmother (Leaves) - 20 g of fennel (fruits) - 15 g in a thermos put 2 tablespoons of the mixture,pour a glass of boiled water, 10-12 hours, strain.Drink 1 / 4-1 / 3 cup 3-5 times a day.
• Hot milk mixed with alkaline mineral water (1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cup of mineral water) or honey (1 teaspoon of honey in a glass of hot milk).Take 1 cup three times a day.
• Cranberry juice with honey.Take three times a day for 1 tablespoon.
• A tablespoon of leaves mother and stepmother, pour a glass of boiled water, half an hour and filtered.Take a tablespoon 5-6 times a day.

cough medicine

If the cough is dry, painful, without sputum, interferes with normal sleep and poorly tolerated ill, then it will treat cold preparations most preferred.It's different groups of drugs, but their common feature is the suppression of the cough reflex.Examples of such drugs are:

butamirata (butamirata citrate Codelac® Neo Omnitus, Panatus®, Panatus® Forte Sinekod®, Stoptussin) - the dose is calculated according to age.For example, the drug Sinekod: inside before a meal (preferably).Drops: children from 2 months.up to 1 year - 10 drops four times a day, 1-3 years - 15 drops four times a day, over 3 years - 25 drops four times a day.Syrup (metered enclosed graduated measuring spoon): children from 3 to 6 years old - 5 ml 3 times a day, 6-12 years - 10 ml three times a day, 12 years and older - 15 ml 3 times a day;adults - 15 ml 4 times per day.

In the application, the following side effects: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, skin rashes, allergic reactions.In this situation requires removal of the drug.The drug is contraindicated: in pregnancy and lactation, in severe renal insufficiency, myasthenia.During the period of treatment is not recommended the use of alcohol as well as drugs which depress the nervous system (tranquilizers, sleeping pills).Duration of treatment
derivatives butamirata is 4 days.If during this time the cough persists, seek medical advice.

glaucine (Bronholitin®, Bronhitusen® Vramed, Bronhotsin®, Bronhoton, Bronholin sage) - the dose selected according to age.For example, bronholitin: taken orally, after meals.Adults and children over 10 years - 10 ml 3-4 times a day.Children 3 to 10 years - 5 ml 3 times per day.

In the application, the following side effects: general weakness, dizziness, nausea, low blood pressure, allergic phenomena.In this situation requires removal of the drug.
Each trade has its own form of the drug contraindications.Therefore, before applying you must read the instructions carefully.General contraindications are: myocardial infarction, hypotension, cough.

Libeksin (Libeksin®, Libeksin Muko®) - is used inside is not liquid (to avoid cavity mucosal anesthesia of the mouth).Adults average dose is 100 mg 3-4 times a day (1 tab. 3-4 times a day).Kids average dose is determined depending on the age and body weight - 25-50 mg 3-4 times a day (1 / 4-1 / 2 Table 3-4 times a day.).The maximum single dose for children - 50 mg (1/2 tab.), For adults - 300 mg (Table 3.).The maximum daily dose for children - 200 mg (2 table.) For adults - 900 mg (see Table 9.).Duration antitussive action libeksin is 3-4 hours.

Possible side effects when using this drug: allergic reaction, dry mouth or throat, stomach pain, a tendency to constipation, nausea, fatigue.Libeksin is contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding.

All drugs that suppress the cough reflex, absolutely contraindicated in the presence of sputum, as sputum may cause congestion in the bronchi with the development of purulent process.

cough medicine during pregnancy

The safest way to treat cough during pregnancy are inhaled.Inhalation can be done with pairs of boiled potatoes, with a decoction of sage, chamomile, mother and stepmother.The duration of inhalation to 10 minutes.Relieve a cough will help tea with lime, plantain, licorice.A good effect has the warm milk with an alkaline mineral water or with honey.For drugs for cough permitted during pregnancy include: Bronchipret, Gedeliks, Gerbion, Mukaltin, Dr. Theiss, Dr. IOM.

cough medicine for children

as traditional medicine almost all recipes can be used for a child, with the exception of those for which the little patient has an allergic reaction.

From medicines in children drug Gedeliks allowed from one year to three years - Bronholitin, Libeksin (dose drugs listed above).As an expectorant and mucus thinning agents may use ACC, Karbotsistein, Ambroxol, bromhexine, Mukaltin, marshmallow root, licorice, solutan, Pertussin, Codelac PHYTO and Dr. IOM.The dose is chosen according to age, weight of the child.

But coughing is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance.By this symptom disappears mass diseases from infections to lung cancer, however, with prolonged coughing or other worrisome symptoms, be sure to consult a doctor.

situations when you need to seek emergency medical care:

• coughing fits can not win at home.
• When wheezing.
• With a sharp rise in temperature with normal or moderately elevated temperature.
• If you have pain in the chest, worse cough.
• When the fetid sputum yellow-green color.
• When you cough, which, in spite of the treatment lasts for more than three weeks.

The medical institution you will be provided with timely assistance that will prevent many serious complications that are typical of respiratory diseases.

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