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Breast milk is the most valuable product for the child in the first years of life.The role of breastfeeding is difficult to overestimate.At present, many women consciously approach the issue of baby food and try to support and prolong lactation for a long period of time.Nevertheless, sooner or later, before the majority of mothers there is a question on the termination of breastfeeding because of employment or health problems.Prolonged breastfeeding is contraindicated in osteoporosis.Hyperprolactinemia a history by itself is not a contraindication to breastfeeding, but if a woman has revealed pituitary adenoma, then it must necessarily during pregnancy and lactation is observed by an endocrinologist.Breastfeeding can lead to a significant increase in tumors that require cessation of lactation.

From the perspective of an endocrinologist, lactation should go natural and complete involution phase.Breastfeeding Terms individual.To reduce the risk of type 1 diabetes in a child, it must be fed with breast mi

lk until at least 9 months.And in order to reduce the risk of osteoporosis in women in the future, lactation should be completed around the age of the baby 1 year 3-6 months.Continued breastfeeding is possible only under the condition of good nutrition and medical support.

Lactation - is a natural process, which has a positive effect on hormonal health of the woman.Especially useful for all stages of breast-feeding were physiological.However, the number of pregnancies, childbirth and lactation duration of life is directly proportional to affect the frequency of detection microadenomas without pituitary hormonal activity, due to the fact that pregnancy and lactation cause hypertrophy hormonal cells.These conditions make high demands to the glands of internal secretion.Microadenomas no signs of growth and the activity does not require treatment.

In some cases, women do not even begin to feed the baby after birth, but milk from them is the same.In this situation, of course, should be as soon as possible to inhibit lactation.I would like to stop the time of formation of milk was painless as possible.There are a number of measures and means to stop lactation.It is a natural and gradual weaning, and herbal and medicinal preparations.In this article, we will focus in detail on each method.

Gradual weaning

Breastfeeding - it's a natural process with its successive stages of formation and lactation to involution.Natural extinction of breastfeeding occurs gradually and seldom begins before the moment when the child is less than a year and two months.To determine that the lactation involution has already started, it is possible as breast - they are not filled with milk, and remain soft throughout the day.If the baby is not breastfed, the milk becomes less, although the child's needs grow.Mother feels physical fatigue after each feeding.Weaning will take place during this period of the least painful for the mother and for the baby.

But often enough the woman is forced to stop breast-feeding before coming lactation involution.In that case, if the child is big enough (at least 9-11 months) the method of gradual weaning helps mother and child enough to easily pass lactation ceases.Gradual weaning takes 2-3 months.Every two weeks the number of feedings is reduced at once.By the end of the period is only feeding before going to sleep at night.Then cleaned and the reception of milk.The method is the least painful for the mother and for the child, because there is a gradual burnout milk in terms of psychological comfort.

Simultaneous weaning

However, most women do not have a few months to stop breastfeeding.Then
weaning takes place simultaneously.Unfortunately, neither the child nor the mother are not fully prepared for such a drastic change.In order to distract the baby during weaning at 2-3 days are advised to take it to the family, that is to make sure that the child did not see my mother.Of course, this method can be very stressful for the child, for whom weaning combined with the "loss" of the mother.In any case, in addition to psychological experiences, the process is accompanied by a simultaneous excommunication for the mother and a strong physical discomfort.Tides milk continues, chest subjected to strong tension, pain appears.Sometimes it can develop mastitis.To reduce hyperextension recommend drag the chest - for example, an elastic bandage or tight bra.From the second day, you can gradually express milk, but only until the disappearance of pain in his chest.If you express milk for long, the tides will continue for a long time.And if you do it right, it is usually 3-5 days, the milk ceases to remain.These days, women should limit themselves strongly in the liquid, especially in warm and hot (soup, tea).You can use camphor oil.It is recommended in the form of compresses or oral, you can also massage the breast using this oil.This method is advised by experienced obstetricians, as he actively and successfully used in Soviet times.Also, in the first days after weaning can be applied cold cabbage leaves to the glands, changing them every hour.
Sometimes it makes sense to use herbal or drugs.

Herbal to stop lactation

Reception herbal medicines refers to methods not only to traditional medicine.Many natural substances from medicinal plants, studies show, have a very effective and persistent therapeutic effect.Herbal teas are gentle enough for the body, but still better than before using them to consult with a specialist.
Herbal teas, which are used during the termination of lactation, have the following properties: diuretic, anti-inflammatory, sedative.
get rid of excess fluid, which helps stop the tides, to help cranberry leaf, horsetail, corn silk, elfwort, basil ordinary, bearberry.
Salvia officinalis, belladonna, peppermint will have anti-inflammatory effect and reduce the amount of milk.
calmly relive stress possible with ling, herb Cudweed, valerian root.
By using the following recipes herbal infusions are recommended.
Infusion number 1: 10 g of crushed sage leaves pour 300 ml boiling water.Let stand for about an hour, drain.Take half a cup three times a day.
Infusion number 2: 10 g of peppermint leaves pour 500 ml boiling water.Let stand for about an hour, drain.Take half a cup three times a day.
Infusion number 3: 10 g of leaves of bilberry pour 300 ml of boiling water.Take half a cup three times a day.

Medications suppress lactation

Braking mature lactation may be required if you need to separate the child from the breast for whatever reason.These reasons can be personal and medical.Drug weaning shown only in rare cases.Since breastfeeding is a natural process, and to complete it no medicines do not need a woman.Useful for mother and child - a gradual weaning, and not a one.Medications are and contraindications and side effects.Also, do not expect that after taking the pill, even if it is quite expensive, the same day the milk stops.Most likely everything will be quite difficult.Moreover, since the adoption of the child of the drug can not be applied to the chest once. A child's feelings about the abrupt weaning greatly degrade the condition of the mother.

real scope of the means to suppress lactation - these are cases of abortion at later date, stillbirth, very heavy purulent mastitis with a tendency to generalize, cases of severe disease from the mother (tuberculosis, HIV, oncopathology, heart failure) and child (phenylketonuria,galactosemia).So, it is clear that a healthy child healthy mother no medicines, especially for the hormonal inhibition of lactation is not needed.

most aggressive method of lactation suppression is the use of drugs having hormonal nature or have an impact on the synthesis of hormones in the female body.These drugs should be administered only by the attending physician in a personal consultation, as have a number of side effects and contraindications.

One of the most used drugs for a long time this area is levodopa.The drug has a dopaminergic activity.Its use to suppress lactation is today considered obsolete.Previously it was administered 2 times per day to 0.5 g capsules for 10 days.The drug carries heavy.Nausea, loss of appetite, headache, sweating, dizziness, fainting, heart disruptions.Levodopa is contraindicated in hypertension, endocrine disorders, kidney and liver failure.

Currently gynecologists, obstetricians and other specialists doctors for lactation suppression selected female sex hormones (estrogens and progestins), sometimes in conjunction with the male sex hormones, as well as inhibitors of prolactin production.

hormones to prevent lactation

Female hormones - estrogens are contraindicated in hyperplastic processes in the mammary gland tumors, genitals, menstrual disorders in the past, increased hair growth on the face and body, hypertension, diabetes, venous diseases, liver and kidneys.Most of the commonly used drugs of this group sinestrol as tablets or injections ethinylestradiol (mikrofollin).Usually estrogen lactation suppression is carried out within 5-7 days.Side effects from drugs expressed enough.A woman may face a nausea, vomiting, headache, edema.

Because androgens can be used testosterone propionate in the form of an oily solution for injection.Its use is possible only in conjunction with estrogens to enhance their effect.

In some cases, your doctor may recommend progestins to suppress lactation.These hormones are produced in the second phase of the menstrual cycle and during pregnancy.Contraindications and side effects similar to estrogen-progestogen.At the same time much easier transferred progestins.The most commonly used norethisterone (Norkolut).Its reception is shown for 10 days, three days at a daily dose of 20 mg and then 15 mg for four days and then two days at a daily dose of 10 mg.Sometimes it may be used in adequate doses of other progestogens, including dydrogesterone (Duphaston).

inhibitors of prolactin

products most reasonable for lactation suppression globally recognized as medicines that affect the production of the hormone stimulates the production of milk in women - prolactin.This hormone is synthesized in the brain in the pituitary.On the quantity to effectively affect bromocriptine (Parlodel) and cabergoline (Dostinex).

bromocriptine ergot alkaloids is a derivative.Its effect is a sharp decrease in the secretion of prolactin by the pituitary gland due to the interaction with the receptors of the central organs of the endocrine system.Bromocriptine is used for suppression of lactation normal for two weeks of 1 tablet (2.5 mg), 2 times a day.Drug treatment is often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fatigue.Sometimes it marked drop in blood pressure with a sharp change of posture (orthostatic hypotension).Occasionally there may be a orthostatic hypotension.Do not use this bromocriptine with severe heart disease, severe hypertension, hypersensitivity to ergot alkaloids.It is necessary to regularly measure the tonometer pressure, especially in the first days of therapy.Do not take bromocriptine and other ergot drugs simultaneously.

Particular attention should be given to synthetic drugs from the group ergolines - cabergoline.This material is sold under the tradename Dostinex (0.5 mg tablets).Dostinex is different from other drugs to reduce lactation extremely fast, strong and long lasting.Already 3 hours after taking the pill in the blood decreases prolactin, lactation begins to decelerate.Even after a single application of a certain effect lasts for 2-4 weeks.To suppress lactation Dostinex is appointed doctor poltabletki every 12 hours for two days (1 mg per course).To prevent lactation take medication at a dose of 1 mg immediately after birth.
contraindications to the drug are liver or kidney failure, hypertension, pregnancy, hypersensitivity to ergot alkaloids, puerperal psychosis or in the past or other mental illness, gastrointestinal bleeding, gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, Raynaud's syndrome.
Sometimes a woman may not be aware that it has some of these diseases (such as gastritis or peptic ulcer disease).This confirms the importance of screening by a doctor before using the drug.Side effects of Dostinex is usually not too pronounced.However, the drug can cause the following conditions: dizziness, dyspepsia, abdominal pain, gastritis, constipation, breast tenderness, hot flushes in the face, reducing the pressure, headache, nausea, general weakness, depression.In case of overdose or excessive sensitivity to the drug likely to develop impaired consciousness, hallucinations, psychosis.

Before prescribing any drug is recommended to exclude pregnancy.Breastfeeding mothers often lack the menstrual cycle, but it does not mean that spontaneous ovulation and pregnancy can not come.Sometimes a woman is aware of a new pregnancy and that in order to preserve decides (sometimes controversial) to suppress lactation.In this case, use is forbidden Dostinex.Moreover conception contraindicated within 1 month after taking the pill.It is important to remember that breast-feeding should be discontinued immediately after the application of the first dose of medication.Dostinex affect the ability to drive and for all activities that require concentration.Remembering these side effects, do not take Dostinex in its sole discretion.Only a few cases of suppression of lactation require such a serious intervention, and consequently the risk would be justified only in these cases.

In the case of medical necessity suppress lactation today doctors are choosing inhibitors of prolactin secretion (cabergoline, since it more efficient and easier to bear or bromkreptin).In the presence of contraindications or intolerance to these drugs is possible to use of sex steroids.What exactly choose - gynecologist decides, based on the survey data and ultrasound examination of the genitals.Fewer side effects from progestogens.Androgens are rarely used.Their function is that when used estrogen dose will be less and therefore, less side effects.

discharge from the breasts could be 3 years after the last breastfeeding, as well as after any pregnancy than she had not finished.Usually milk droplets released when you squeeze the nipple.The spontaneous leakage of milk should be completed within 3-6 months after weaning.If the selection does not meet these deadlines, you should be examined by an endocrinologist.Sometimes it may require treatment (Skien syndrome, prolactinoma, hypothyroidism).Reduce the selection can be, reducing the stimulation of the areola (the rigid tight underwear, excessive exposure during sex, samopalpatsiya nipple).It is necessary to reduce the intake of foods that promote lactation.Primarily - beer.

In conclusion, we emphasize the importance of the mother and child after the termination of lactation.To avoid mistakes, it is necessary to consult with your doctor about the need for and the possibility of suppressing the formation of milk, together choose the most appropriate way.Termination of lactation - is a natural phase of breastfeeding, which can and should in most cases be made without serious problems.Remember that the health of the mother, including the "female", and the child's health at risk when unreasonable medical interventions in the inhibition of breast-feeding.

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