Late eubiotichesky dinner - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment .MF .

August 12, 2017 17:52 | Diet And Health Food

To restore populations bifidum and lactobacillus in the intestine at dysbacteriosis well-proven method that has been known for about 3000 years.Since bifidum and lactobacillus not breathe and eat fiber, and pathogenic and opportunistic flora breathes and eats protein, then we use the method "Late eubiotichesky dinner."Correct eubiotichesky dinner - it's normal microflora supply guarantee relaxation of all body systems, including the brain, the guarantee of adequate morning emptying the large intestine, and as a result - the guarantee of health.

Day colon is supplied with blood by a residual principle, becausewe are active, working, and blood primarily provided actively working organs - brain, muscles, stomach (after eating).Breakfast, lunch, dinner - it is the food for myself, and the only cellulose is digested by microflora of the large intestine - ieWe feed it live in us beneficial microorganisms.Therefore, to use cellulose unwise day.Better - at night, when it is resting, relaxed before going to bed

.All the blood goes to the intestine.On its (crude fiber - cellulose) digestion will be allocated a huge amount of bile, because the body perceives it as unpalatable food.

Late dinner, rich in fiber for half an hour before bedtime, when in front of 8-10 hours of rest - the perfect meal.In addition, all the organs a rest, ieall the blood goes to the active body - the colon, which will go to the digestion of cellulose.And it is accompanied by the perfect light falling asleep, becausethe blood goes to the large intestine.And in his sleep in an unconscious state will feedback signals.During the night work of microorganisms (bifidobacteria lacto-Baker) colon entire colon is packed with high-quality stool - in the morning to get the perfect chair that will bring more and all the toxins.The whole day will be a great feeling.

30 minutes before bedtime (if we go to bed at 23-00 then eat 22-30) eat fiber - cereal, meal with one or two teaspoons of rye bran, bran with lactic acid products (yogurt, acidophilus).Turnip - the champion on the content of crude fiber.Steamed turnip quickly moves through the intestines.Net turnip - heavy food, will stand in the intestines day.Guy turnip - 10 hours soak in water, peel and finely chop or grate is.All fibrous roots are rich in fiber: radish, rhubarb, beet fodder, Jerusalem artichokes, mushrooms, everything volonistye fruits and vegetables, herbs - rape, cabbage, alfalfa, paste (sugar-free cake that depressed seeds), all dark grains - buckwheat, millet, oats, barley.Bran.Carrots, but overgrown, rough, fibrous, not sweet-crisp.

number of fiber should be increased gradually over 6 months bringing the volume to normal dinner - the number is placed in a two-folded palms.

Get amazing effect - after 6 months you have correctly populated gut microorganisms necessary, and the digestive and immune systems work much better.