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August 12, 2017 17:52 | Phytotherapy

Herbal medicine is widely used in all diseases of the heart.Do not be afraid of the loud statements, because the first thing that patients take yourself for pain and discomfort in the chest, rapid heart rate, or just under stress, so it is the tincture of valerian, hawthorn, motherwort, peony or Corvalol (part of peppermint).And the doctor (I among them) to their patients repeatedly "nakapyvali» 10-20 drops of one of these liqueurs at the reception.In the old days at the pharmacy can be purchased ready-mixed tinctures called Morozov drops, which included: 50 ml korvalola + 25 ml of tincture of valerian + 25 ml of tincture of hawthorn fruit + 25 ml of tincture of Leonurus + (unless contraindicated), 25 ml of tincture of a peony.

In this article I want to tell the wider application of herbs in diseases of the heart.But first, let's define at what diseases will use herbal medicine:

• When coronary heart disease (angina)
1. Angina
2. Acute coronary syndrome
• When postinfarction cardiosclerosis
1. Without prejudice to the rhythm of the heart
2.In violation
3. heart rhythm with chronic heart failure
• When myocarditis
• In chronic heart failure (CHF):
1. CHF 1A stage
2. CHF 1B stage
3. CHF 2A stage
4. CHF 2B - 3stage

This classification of heart disease is conditional.It listed as zaboleaniya wearing chronic (angina, congestive heart failure) or acute pathology requiring emergency treatment in the profile hospital (acute coronary syndrome, cardiac arrhythmias, decompensated heart failure, myocarditis).In all these cases, treatment should be comprehensive, that is made up of the chemical nature of drugs (nitrates, antiarrhythmics, cardiac glycosides, antibiotics or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, diuretics, etc.) and herbal remedies, dietary supplements, homeopathic remedies, etc.

Herbal medicine is a complementary treatment for chronic diseases without signs of decompensation may be used in combination therapy with essential drugs chemical nature of an exacerbation of disease or prevention courses 1-2 times a year.As for the acute pathology, herbal medicine can be connected after stabilization, usually after discharge from the hospital.

Herbs and fees for heart disease:

• protivoskleroticheskim action: Helichrysum, calendula, flax, seaweed, rose
• Sedation: periwinkle, hawthorn, mint, motherwort, cyanosis, cudweed, fennel, hops, skullcap
•Cardiac action: hawthorn, adonis, lily of the valley, foxglove, motherwort
• vasodilator action: periwinkle, vzdutoplodnika, mint, chamomile, cudweed, fennel
• analgesic effect: valerian, peony, motherwort, feverweed, cyanosis
• cholesterol-lowering effect of: Helichrysum,calendula, flax, seaweed, rose
• Diuretic action: cranberries, oregano, madder, juniper, mint, kidney tea, knotweed, fennel, horsetail
• Antioxidant action: immortelle, nettle, larch, buckthorn, Piech

What herbs andcharges are used as brewing, dosage, duration of treatment, when it is possible to repeat the course?At the Department of herbal medicine People's Friendship University offered the following treatment algorithm:

When coronary heart disease:

• Collect (c):
warty birch kidneys 10,0
Flowers immortelle sandy 30,0
fruits of horse chestnut 10,0
Cones red clover 50
inflorescences camomile 25,0
hop cones ordinary 25,0
preparation: Pour 2 c collecting 200 ml of boiling water.Infuse in a thermos for 30 minutes.Take during the day.Duration Hour 1 month.

• Collect (c) with increased excitability:
warty birch kidneys 10,0
Flowers immortelle sandy 30,0
fruits of horse chestnut 10,0
Cones red clover 5,0
inflorescences camomile 25,0
Hop cones ordinary25,0
mint leaves 2,0
valerian root 5,0
inflorescences of hops 1,0
roots of cyanosis 5,0
preparation: Pour 2 c collecting 200 ml of boiling water.Infuse in a thermos for 30 minutes.Take during the day.Duration Hour 1 month.

• With fitodieticheskoy purpose it is recommended to add in food products:
1. Strawberries
2. Sorbus aucuparia
3. Grapes
4. Watermelon
5. Melon
6. carrot
7. Artichoke planting
8. Garlic
10. Dill
11. Tarragon
12. Soy
13. Saskatoon
14. Honeysuckle

At postinfarction cardiosclerosis:

• Collect (c):
herb Astragalus sherstistotsvetkovogo 15,0
Flowers immortelle sandy 25,0
Grass loosestrife 5,0
Grass motherwort five-blade 10,0
herb horsetail 50,0
roots of Baikal skullcap 5,0
preparation: Pour 2 c collecting 200 ml of boiling water.Infuse in a thermos for 30 minutes.Take during the day.Duration Hour 1 month.
• Poseydonol 1 capsule 3 times daily with meals.Duration Hour 1 month.
• Superantitox 1 capsule in the morning and evening meals.Duration Hour 1 month.
• Fitonovosed 20 drops in the morning and evening.Duration Hour 1 month.
• With fitodieticheskoy purpose it is recommended to enter into the diet products:
1. Strawberry timber
2. Dill smelly
3. Garlic
4. Black currant
5. Raspberry obyaknovennaya
6. carrot
7. Rowan ordinary
8. Apricots
9. Luke
10. Beans
11. Grapes

means of traditional medicine in cardiosclerosis:

• Collect (c):
Shoots 40,0
mistletoe leaves and inflorescences calendula 30,0
grass and wheat grass rhizomes 30,0
rhizome 30,0
herb valerian 30,0
herb thyme 30,0
Grass Melissa 30,0
preparation: Pour 10.0 g of collecting 1.0 liters of cold boiled water.Insist during the night.Morning, add 5 tablespoons of honey and put on low heat, bring to a boil and boil for about half a minute more.When the broth has cooled - drain.Take 100.0 ml every 3 hours (to drink at least 0.5 liters per day).Before each reception in the broth add a few drops of lemon juice.Duration Hour 3 months.

• Collection of (tablespoons):
rhizomes of couch grass 2 tbsp
hazel leaves 2 tbsp
herb stevia 2 tbsp
Preparation: The resulting mixture of plants pour 1.0 liter of boiling water, leave for 2 hours.Take a 30-50 ml during the day.Duration Hour 10 days.

When myocarditis:

• Collect (c):
mountain arnica flowers 10,0
herb Astragalus sherstistotsvetkovogo 15,0
Leaves nettle 15,0
Grass Melissa officinalis 10,0
leaves plantain 20,0
Rootscinquefoil 5,0
Flowers meadowsweet 20,0
Grass yarrow 10,0
preparation: Pour 2 c collecting 200 ml of boiling water.Infuse in a thermos for 30 minutes.Take 60 ml 3 times per day.Duration Hour 1-3 months.
• Rotokan 5 ml 3 times daily before meals for 50 ml of water.Duration of reception up to 1 month.
• Sanguirythrine 0,005 3 times a day after eating a course of 3-8 weeks.
• PHYTORIA 60 drops 3 times a day.Duration of reception up to 1 month.
• In the morning, it is desirable to use diuretic fee (brusniver, elekasol, diuretic №2).Duration of reception up to 1 month.
• In the evening, take a tincture of a peony on 10-40 drops before going to bed at 50 ml of water.Duration of reception up to 1 month.

In chronic heart failure:

• Collect (c):
birch leaves 10,0
herb St. John's wort 10,0
Grass yarrow 10,0
Flowers black elderberry 10,0
Leaves of nettle 10,0
flowers of hawthorn 200
Flowers Helichrysum 20,0
preparation: 0.5 Pour tea collecting 200 ml boiling water spoons.Infuse in a thermos for 30 minutes.Take 1/3 cup 3 times a day after meals.After 2 weeks, the doctor should carry out the correction component collection with the addition (if necessary)
Valerian root 20,0
Chamomile flowers 20,0
fennel seeds 20,0

can add other plants, taking into account the underlying disease:
sweet flag root 10,0
kidneys birch 80,0
Flowers Helichrysum
30,0 80,0
hawthorn flowers Flowers black elderberry 30.0
marjoram 30.0
herb St. John's wort 20,0
marigold flowers 20,0
Corn silk 30.0
linden flowers 40,0
leaf peppermint leaf plantain 30,0
Grass motherwort 50,0
herb horsetail 50,0

• Useful for constipation appointment of a mixture consisting of the following components (c):
Prunes pitted 300,0
Figs 300,0
leaf senna 100,0-150,0
preparation: Mince (or blender) components of the mixture, store in a glass jar in the refrigerator.Take at bedtime, gradually increasing from 0.5 to 1.5 teaspoon tablespoon 1/3 cup of warm water.
entire course of treatment herbal remedies for chronic heart failure, long-lasting, but not less than 6 months!

Contraindications treat heart disease herbs

Herbal medicine is contraindicated if:

1. The patient has an allergic reaction to the components of the charges.
2. The patient has an allergic reaction, the treatment appeared to phytotherapeutic drugs.
3. As the only therapy for life-threatening conditions, such as increased frequency of angina attacks, increase in swelling, increased shortness of breath with exertion, dyspnea at rest connection, etc.

Herbal medicine can be used, but with caution:

1. With self-treatment, but the therapy drugs chemical nature: nitrates, antiarrhythmic drugs, cardiac glycosides, antibiotics or NSAIDs, diuretics, etc.
2. With the deterioration of general condition: quickening strokes, build-up of edema, increased dyspnea with exertion, dyspnea at rest accession, etc.Medical supervision is necessary and possible to change the tactics of the patient.
3. During pregnancy and breastfeeding.Now the "younger" heart disease, and pregnancy can occur at any age up to menopause.In particular, there is a disease leading to heart attacks in a young age (for example, antiphospholipid syndrome) and congenital or more pozdno- diagnosed cardiac disease leading to congestive heart failure, myocarditis or arising after the transferred bacterial or viral diseases.Pregnant and lactating women medication should be selected strictly individually!


What effect might achieve in the treatment and why it is so important and traditional treatment prescribed by a doctor?Treatment of diseases of the heart should be complex:

1. Modification of avoidable risk factors:
- Quitting smoking
- Weight loss
- Compliance with a balanced diet with limited animal fats
- Regular physical activity: At least 30 minutes a day 5-7once a week for
outdoors - Limit consumption of salt (not dosalivat)
- blood pressure Control
- Control cholesterol and its fractions
- Control blood sugar

2. Admission medicines chemical nature: nitrates, antiarrhythmics, cardiacglycosides, antibiotics or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antihypertensives, diuretics, cholesterol-lowering, drugs potassium, magnesium, etc.)

3. Adjuvant therapy: phytotherapy, homeopathy, physiotherapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc. *
*These methods of treatment are not mandatory, but can significantly improve the overall condition and prognosis of the disease.

I believe that all of these treatments with proper appointment will lead to a positive result.I like to prescribe herbal medicine in patients with cardiac disease, since all heart diseases require a long and sometimes life-long treatment, and herbal treatments can be carried out rates up to several months, practically without fear of complications.Of course, be treated with drugs based on herbs, it is necessary under the supervision of a doctor, that at any moment it was possible to quickly correct treatment.

Adding herbal medicine for basic treatment helps to quickly achieve the following objectives:

• slowing attacks
angina • Improved exercise tolerance (better tolerability)
• Fighting hypoxia myocardial
• Normalization of sleep and mental and emotional state
• Normalization of heart rate, preventionepisodes of arrhythmia
• Normalization of blood pressure
• Strengthening the diuretic action of diuretics chemical nature
• Improving the vitamin and mineral status of the body
• Normalization
immunity • Reduced intoxication syndrome in inflammatory diseases

But do not use herbal medicine as a single agent in diseases of the heart.In rare cases, if not heart disease is chronic, such as after suffering myocarditis, herbal medicine can be as a single treatment, and then only after consulting a doctor and therapist cardiologist.In all other cases, you should take your doctor prescribed medication.Self cancellation chemical nature of the drug leads to the development of life-threatening!

doctor phytotherapeutist Akimova NS